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Samsung UK

When it comes to premium quality mobile technology, it’s hard to go past Samsung. Samsung has had a strong presence in the UK for some time now, and now have shopfront presence to mirror that. Samsung UK does very well with mobile carriers, who experience a dominant amount of device sales from Samsung, especially Samsung Galaxy models. Join us as we explore Samsung help, mobile phones, warranty periods and conditions, UK shops and a look at Samsung history in general.

Samsung UK

Samsung’s journey began in Taegu, Korea in 1938 with Lee Byung-Chull, and actually the company actually began as a grocery trading store. The now world famous Samsung then expanded into textiles, among other things, and didn’t venture into the electronics sphere until 1969. Jump to the 2000s and Samsung has begun their iconic Galaxy series and becomes a fixture of the mobile production market. Nowadays, it’s safe to say that Samsung is a key player on the UK mobile scene.

Samsung UK shops

Samsung’s UK shops are referred to as Samsung Experience Stores and offer an opportunity for you to try their latest gadgets. Futuristic and open plan - the greys and blues of the Samsung’s flagship store on London’s Oxford Street is reminiscent of Samsung’s overall design ethos. Sleek modern and mostly monochromatic colours are a common occurrence.

Not only can you try out Samsung’s products in their UK stores, but you can also seek advice and repairs. Samsung offers repairs on devices like mobiles, smart watches and tablets, among other things.

Samsung phones

It’s no secret that Samsung are one of the biggest mobile manufacturers on the market today. The giant competes with brands like Apple or Huawei, and the battle of Android vs iOS phone operating systems rages on as well. But what can you expect from Samsung’s phones?

Sales trends tell us that two of the most sold mobile phones of all time are Samsung Galaxy models, namely the Samsung Galaxy S II with at least 40 million units sold and the Samsung Galaxy S III with around 40 million units sold. You can find both of these hugely successful smartphone models refurbished, or you can opt for a Samsung Galaxy though any of the main mobile phone providers, like O2, EE or Vodafone for instance.

Samsung’s long awaited Galaxy flip is now ready to be purchased and has 5G capability to take you into the modern age. It’s worth noting here that although the UK 5G network may seem like something off in the distance for some, 5G is now live in most of the UK’s largest metropolitan centres and even smaller mobile phone providers will start offering 5G contracts in 2020 and 2021.

#withgalaxyIf you’re a photography buff and you want a phone that will help you to showcase your artistic talents, then it’s worth checking out Samsung’s #withgalaxy photo and video series featuring moments captured with Samsung Galaxy phones. Make sure you know that your camera will be good enough to capture your most precious moments.

Samsung warranty

When you pay for a premium quality device, it’s reasonable to expect that there will be some kind of warranty included in the transaction. Samsung offers warranties but the time period and conditions are dependant on what type of product you can purchased. You can find a list of product warranty information below, and if you have further questions it’s worth asking Samsung in store or via their live chat.

  • Smartphones: A warranty period of 24 months applies, including services like repairs performed in a Samsung Support Centre or Samsung experience store or an authorised partner and arrange a courier to pick up the device. Make sure your device has been backed up and is updated with the latest software prior to repair.
  • Tablet: Repair can be completed in a Samsung Support Centre, Samsung Experience Store, through an authorised partner or by contacting Samsung where we can arrange a courier to pick up and return your device. You’ll need to ensure your device has been updated with the latest software prior to repair and is fully backed up just in case.
  • Chargers: A warranty period of 12 months covers most Samsung made chargers. Usually your charger will be exchanged via post.
  • Batteries: A warranty period of 12 months covers most Samsung batteries. Contact the Samsung Experience store or Samsung Support center for assistance.
  • Earphones: A warranty period of 6 months is available for Samsung earphones and an exchange of these can be performed via post.
  • Gear 360: A warranty of 12 months and a courier to pick up and repair your device comes as standard.
  • Gear VR: A warranty of 24 months and a courier to pick up and repair your device comes as standard.
  • Gear IconX: A warranty of 12 months and a courier to pick up and repair your device comes with this product.
  • Gear Smart Watch: A warrant of 24 months comes with this product, including repair to be completed in a Samsung Support Centre or Samsung Experience Store, through an authorised partner or by contacting Samsung where we can arrange a courier to pick up and return your device.
  • Galaxy Buds: A warranty of 12 months and a courier to pick up and repair your device comes as standard with this product.

Samsung repair

If your precious Samsung is in need of repair you can look to its manufacturer for support. If your screen is broken and needs to be repaired then you can repair your mobile phone screen and ensure a high quality standard by using official Samsung parts. However, be mindful of the fact that a cracked screen is not included in your Samsung warranty most likely the repairs will cost you money.

So how do you go about getting a Samsung phone screen repair? You can do so in store at any Samsung Support Centre. If you’d like to have someone come to your door you can two different options. The first option is to use Samsung’s postal service for repairs where your phone (or tablet) can be collected by a courier on a date of your choosing. Samsung will then inspect it and send you a quote for the cost of the repair. Once your phone is repaired it will be posted back to you. The second option is to have a dedicated workshop worker come to you to fix your phone (or tablet) screen in the convenience of your home across selected locations across the country.

Samsung help: Contact customer support

Customers want to be supported, and Samsung help offers support to their customers via various different channels. To find the best way to get in touch with Samsung, take a look at the different categories included below.


If you’d like to chat to a Samsung expert over the phone you’ll be glad to know that you can reach them 7 days a week. If you’re after general support you can reach Samsung on 0333 000 0333, but make sure you call between 8am and 10pm.

It’s worth noting that Samsung shop enquiries have their own contact number. If you’re after the Samsung Shop and want to discuss new or existing orders you can reach them between 8am and 10pm 7 days per week on 0330 726 7467. If your enquiry is for the Samsung Business shop, you can call the same phone number but you’ll only be able to receive assistance between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.


For general support enquiries you can fill out the digital form on the Samsung website. Keep in mind that you will need to wait for a response if you choose to email them so patience is key. If you’re after a more immediate response, it might be best to head to social media or even give Samsung a call.

Live chat

If speedy customer support is your cup of tea then why not opt for Samsung’s live chat function? First, head to the Samsung UK website ( and select the topic of your live chat. You will see the following options to choose from:

  • Phones, wearables and accessories
  • TV, home cinema and BLU ray
  • Home appliances
  • Tablets
  • Notebooks and PC
  • Cameras, camcorders and lenses
  • Hubs and sensors

Via social media

If you’d like a response from Samsung online, their customer support team operates across both Facebook and Twitter. You can Tweet Samsung 7 days per week between 9am and 9pm, or you can jump on Facebook messenger and message Samsung 7 days per week between 9am and 9pm.

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