Revolut Metal Card Review - What is it & is it worth it?

Revolut Metal Card

Revolut Metal is a high-end debit card offered by the leading UK digital bank. It boasts a premium metal card, which feels and looks every bit as luxurious as Revolut claim. In addition, Metal card customers unlock exclusive features and benefits not found with other Revolut accounts.

Selectra looks at the Revolut Metal card and its features to help you decide if it is worth having and to see if it lives up the hype.

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What is a Revolut Metal card

A Revolut Metal card is the high-end version of the standard Revolut account. It comes with a whole host of exclusive features and benefits not found with other Revolut accounts. Cardholders pay a fee to be a Metal customer which it automatically deducts from their Revolut account balance each month.

Besides some great features, which we have covered below, Revolut Metal customers receive an exclusive 18g metal debit card, crafted from a single sheet of reinforced steel, which will turn some heads when you present it in the shop. The Revolut Metal debit card is contactless and comes in a choice of five colours - black, silver, space grey, gold, and rose gold.

Metal debit cards are extremely popular at the moment, seen as a status symbol by some - the debit card equivalent of having an iPhone.

Read more about Revolut and its full range of accounts and features.

What are the benefits of having a Revolut Metal card?

In addition to a fancy contactless metal debit card, Revolut Metal card customers also unlock some exclusive features such as:

  • Free worldwide ATM withdrawals - Up to £600 per month
  • Overseas medical insurance
  • Delayed flight and baggage insurance
  • Priority customer support
  • Access to 5 Cryptocurrencies
  • Disposable virtual cards
  • LoungeKey Pass access
  • Cashback on all purchases
  • Access to a concierge

How much is a Revolut Metal card?

A Revolut Metal card costs £12.99 per month, which it deducts from your Revolut account automatically. You receive a discount if you pay upfront for a full year, which costs £120.

£12.99 may seem like a lot to pay each month for a bank account. However, when compared to other banks’ premium accounts or packaged accounts, Revolut comes out cheaper, with other banks charging a high monthly fee or requesting a specific amount of money to be deposited into the account each month, which Revolut does not.


To provide an accurate review of Revolut Metal, we upgraded our own standard Revolut account to a Metal card to see exactly what the fuss was all about. We will go into the details of opening a new Revolut Metal card or upgrading from a Standard or Revolut Premium account later on.

Before we opened our Metal card, we looked at some reviews and opinions from existing Revolut Metal cardholders to see what the consensus was and if it was worth the £12.99 per month price tag.

Trustpilot Reviews

On review site Trustpilot, customers have rated Revolut 4.5/5, with 91% of reviewers rating it as Great or Excellent.

Since I joined Revolut, its been the best service a student could ask for. It’s easy and tracks all your spending and even provide budgets tracks and trading forum. I have never talked about a banking service like this and cause I love it so much I upgraded to the premium metal card. I got all my family members to sign up and have an account as well. Revolut is the best in Europe and its handy to have when travelling.
- Precious Ukalikpe. Trustpilot.

Reviews left by customers who have a Metal card have praised it for its features and benefits, especially amongst those who travel or go on holiday frequently and benefit from free ATM withdrawals worldwide and receive cashback each time they spend with their Metal card.

I travel a lot and I have [been] using Revolut for few years now, I love it, I just got the Metal plan and so far has been the best choice. The app is amazing.
- Salvatore Costanza. Trustpilot.
Absolutely love Revolut! Using the Metal plan and it's so good, getting cashback, sending money, totally recommended!
- Anna Vlaseva. Trustpilot.


Revolut Metal card customers unlock some great features not found with its other accounts. Some people may be swayed to open or upgrade to a Metal card purely to receive the exclusive 18g metal debit card, and let us tell you, it is a very nice debit card. It feels premium because of its added weight, and its minimalistic design makes you feel like your shopping with a card designed by Elon Musk.

However, a pretty debit card is just one selling point and Revolut packs a whole host of features and benefits into Revolut Metal to give it its WOW factor.

What is a Disposable Virtual Card?Revolut Metal customers have access to virtual and disposable virtual cards. You can create a virtual card instantly within the Revolut app where it will issue you with virtual debit card details, such as a card number and expiry date, which you can use to shop online.
With disposable virtual cards, once you have made your purchase, the card details change automatically (useful for one-off purchases), and a new set of card details takes its place. Whereas, with virtual cards, the card details do not change (useful for repeat online subscriptions).

How to apply for a Revolut Metal card

It is fast and easy to apply for a Revolut Metal card, and even faster if you are already a Revolut customer with a Standard or You account.

If you are not yet a Revolut customer, you can apply for a Metal card via the Revolut app.

  1. Visit the Revolut website.
  2. Enter your mobile phone number.
  3. Revolut will text you a personal invite to download the Revolut app for free.
  4. Click the link and download the app from the App Store, or Google Play Store.
  5. Open the app and enter the same mobile number you used on the website.
  6. It will prompt you to create a password and verify your mobile phone number.
  7. Enter your name, date of birth, address and email.
  8. Your account will open with a free standard account. You will then need to upgrade to Metal to complete the process.

Upgrade to a Revolut Metal card

If you have just opened a new account or you are an existing Revolut customer and wish to upgrade to a Revolut Metal card, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the Revolut app
  2. Tap ‘Dashboard’ on the bottom right tab
  3. At the top of the Dashboard screen, tap ‘Upgrade’
  4. Select ‘Revolut Metal’
  5. Select if you wish to pay monthly or pay upfront for a year
  6. Confirm your upgrade

Your account will be upgraded immediately and you can then visit the ‘Cards’ tab to order your new metal card in a choice of five colours - Gold, Rose Gold, Black, Silver, or Space Grey.

Revolut Metal customers can order up to two active metal debit cards. Both cards can be used in unison and you can freeze your extra card within the app when you aren’t using it.

Can you cancel Revolut Metal?

You can cancel your Revolut Metal account within the Revolut app or by writing to Revolut at Revolut, 4th Floor, 7 Westferry Circus, The Columbus Building, London, E14 4HD.

A Revolut Metal account is for a minimum of 12 months. If you cancel before 12 months have passed, you will be charged for the remainder of your subscription period.

Revolut Metal Card vs Revolut Premium

In addition to Metal, Revolut also offers a mid-tier plan called Revolut Premium. A Revolut Premium account comes with many exclusive features also found with Revolut Metal. However, you do not receive:

  • Revolut Metal Debit Card
  • Cashback on purchases
  • Concierge access

Revolut Premium customers receive the following benefits:

  • Exclusive Revolut Premium plastic debit card in a choice of five colours
  • Overseas Medical Insurance
  • Delayed baggage and delayed flight insurance
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Access to 5 Cryptocurrencies
  • Disposable Virtual Cards
  • LoungeLey Access

Revolut Premium costs £6.99 / month or £70 for the year when paid upfront.

Is it worth it?

A Revolut Metal card offers a lot of features in return for quite a modest monthly fee. When you take each feature you receive for being a Metal customer and assign it an individual price tag, you quickly see that £12.99 per month is a bargain.

Fancy debit cards and features will not sway everyone, as some would be happy with a simple free account, but Revolut Metal is not aiming itself towards these people. Instead, it boldly takes aim at those who want more from their bank account, those who value extras and perks and appreciate a premium experience, and it does so with a very well-designed product at an affordable monthly price that makes it accessible to most people.

Revolut Premium is an alternative mid-tier account that may satisfy those who are happy to pay for their banking to receive some extras but aren’t as bothered by cashback and metal cards. Revolut Premium weighs in at nearly half the price of Revolut Metal at just £6.99 per month.

The £6 price difference between Revolut Premium and Revolut Metal gives you cashback on purchases, a metal debit card, and access to a concierge service. Depending on how much you value these features, that £6 may be the deciding factor on whether you opt for Revolut Metal or Revolut Premium. However, we can’t emphasise enough just how fancy that Revolut Metal debit card feels in your hand.

We would disagree that Revolut Metal is solely aimed at travellers because, even though they benefit from some great features, Revolut as a whole is aimed at bringing together people from all over the world with an easy to use, global bank account. Revolut Metal definitely builds on this, but that isn’t to say you can’t set off on your travels with a free standard Revolut account.

To sum up, if you want to receive some excellent perks and benefits with your bank account, with the added touch of a premium experience, a Revolut Metal card is the way to go. If you can’t justify the price tag or only need a few features, then give Revolut Premium a look.

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