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Addlestone Water: Services, Hardness & Rates

Have you just moved to Addlestone and have queries about your water? You will be able to find who handles the Addlestone water supply as well as wastewater services in the information below. Additionally, we have tips on how to combat Addlestone water hardness, along with some great money-saving tips so that you can get more out of the water in your home.

Addlestone Water Supplier

Addlestone water is supplied by Affinity Water. Here are the contact details for your Addlestone water supplier:

Addlestone Water Supply Contact
Water Company Phone Number Opening Times
Affinity Water - Metered Supply 0345 357 2401 Mon to Fri 8am to 6pm, Sat 8am to 2pm
Water Company Phone Number Opening Times
Affinity Water - Unmetered Supply 0345 357 2402 Mon to Fri 8am to 6pm, Sat 8am to 2pm

Addlestone sewerage and wastewater is handled by a seperate company, Thames Water. Here are Addlestone sewerage and wastewater contact details:

Addlestone Wastewater Contact
Water Company Phone Number Opening Times
Thames Water 0800 316 9800 24/7/365

Be aware that calls to numbers starting with 03 may be charged at local rates by your phone company.

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Where does Addlestone water come from?

Affinity water gains 60% of its supplies from underground chalk aquifers. When the aquifer's supply lowers in the summer months this is then supplemented with alternative water sources such as boreholes until rainwater sufficiently restocks the aquifers. Your water will always go through an extensive testing and filtration process to ensure its safety before it reaches your home.

Water Rates Addlestone

The type of water rates that apply to your Addlestone home will vary depending on if the property has a water meter or not. The simplest way to find out which one applies to you is by taking a look at a water bill. Homes that have metered water rates will have a meter number listed on their bills. If you cannot see the meter number, often the account number will start with UC for unmetered customer or MC for metered customer.

Alternately if you do not have a bill available, you can check around your home to see if you can find a water meter. These would usually be located either in a small box in the ground in your garden or the vicinity of the water stop tap. If you find a water meter in either of these locations, then your home will have metered rates.

If you have a water meter, it is very important that you give your water provider regular water meter readings. Your provider will bill you according to your exact usage, and so failing to provide this data could mean that they will give you higher estimated bills. Submitting a meter reading is very simple, and can be done either via their website, your account, by giving them a call, or via their app.

Homes that are not metered won't have metered rates, but they will have a rateable value of the home instead. The rateable value takes into account factors such as property size, location, and the availability of local services to create a usage value that is then applied to your bill.

The average water rates Addlestone water residents are being charged result in an average water bill of around £417 a year. This amount combines both water supply and sewerage costs.

If you need help deciding if a water meter is the right choice for you, or are looking to save on your water bills, then check out these simple water meter and water rates guides to get started.

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Addlestone Water Hardness

Addlestone's water hardness is rated as hard water. While rainwater itself is soft, water hardness can change through the water cycle. Simply put, the more minerals your water contains, the harder it will be rated.

Addlestone water's hard rating means that the water in your home is likely to lead to scaling in kettles, sinks, dishwashers and toilets. Here are some things you can do to mitigate hard water furring or scaling.

  1. Baths, sinks and toilets - Use an acidic sanitiser to clean susceptible surfaces and clear limescale deposits.
  2. Kettles - Do not overfill your kettle with water in. Make sure that you clean your kettle by half-filling and adding two tablespoons of white vinegar, leaving it for four hours in order to loosen scale build-up. Rinse and repeat to remove scale.
  3. Dishwashers - Take advantage of the built-in water softener. Make sure you regularly top off it off with dishwasher salt in the appropriate compartment.
  4. Clothing - Liquid detergents should be used over powder detergents due to them being generally more effective at resisting water hardness. Additionally, you should clean your washing machine by adding baking soda and white vinegar directly into the drum and setting it to a hot wash. Make sure to wipe down the drum thoroughly afterwards.

Can you drink the water in Addlestone?

Absolutely! Addlestone water has been rated at 99.96% in overall mean zonal compliance by The UK Drinking Water Inspectorate. This means that your water is perfectly safe to drink without the need to further boil or filter your water after the tap.

Your waters taste or smell can sometimes change. If you notice that your Addlestone water seems a little different, this may be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Chlorination in safe volumes helps to remove harmful contaminants from your water.
  2. Plumbing such as pipes and taps can influence your waters taste.
  3. Seasonal changes in water characteristics can add water with an earthy smell or taste. As the source of your water can change through the seasons, so too each location has a unique mineral composition, which can change the taste of your water.

If you have questions about your water's taste, smell or appearance, you should not hesitate to contact Affinity Water.

Addlestone Water Problems

Water problems can come in many forms. It is important that you know what to do and who to contact should you be affected by disruptions so that you can get your home back on track as soon as possible.

  1. If you are near a computer, go to the "report a leak" section of the Affinity Water or Thames Water websites and fill out the online form. There are "In your area" sections on the website that will also allow you to check for known issues and the estimated time of repair completion.
  2. Or, reach out to them on one of their social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Addlestone No Water

If you have no water in your home, you need to find out if the issue is to do with your home plumbing or an Affinity Water outage impacting Addlestone.

  1. Ask your neighbours whether they have the same issue as you. If they have a similar issue, then there is likely a supply fault. If they don't, then the issue may lay with your property, and so a plumber is your next step.
  2. Check that your stop tap is open. If this is closed, turning it to the open position should allow water to resume flowing.
  3. Check the "In Your Area" sections of the Affinity Water website for any information explaining why you have no water.
  4. If you have no water, is it only no cold water or no hot water? If you have cold water but no hot water, the issue will be with your home plumbing and not the water company.

    If there is no cold water, not even a trickle, then you need to contact Affinity Water for assistance.

Addlestone Water Discolouration

If the water in your home is discoloured, the issue might be a Affinity Water issue impacting Addlestone.

  1. Changes to the colour of the water in Addlestone may happen after a burst pipe has been repaired.
  2. Or, Affinity Water could have been carrying out upgrade work on the pipes in Addlestone.
  3. Water Discolouration is not harmful and can often be cleared by running the cold water tap until it becomes clear.
  4. If there is no improvement after trying this, you can contact Affinity Water for assistance.

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