Affinity Water Pay Bill: How do you want to pay?

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There are many ways to pay your Affinity Water bill. We’ve broken down all the different ways to pay Affinity Water so that you can find the best Affinity Water pay bill method for you.

How To Pay the Affinity Water Bill

Paying the water bill, although supposedly easy, can get a bit complicated with all the different options available. With the Affinity Water pay bill options, you have a lot of different methods to choose from so it's important to find the right one for your financial situation. So before you get started, you need to know what payment methods there are.

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Affinity Water Pay Bill Methods

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There are six different Affinity Water pay bill options for you to choose from. You can change your payment method at any time, but it’s best to set up your preferred Affinity Water pay bill method when you are moving into your home for the first time.

Affinity Water Pay Bill Method How It Works
Direct Debit Affinity Water direct debit means your Affinity Water bill is taken from your bank account.
Pay Online You can make one-off Affinity Water payments online with your credit or debit card.
Pay by Telephone Call the 24 hour Affinity Water pay bill number to make a payment over the phone with your credit or debit card.
Pay by Bank Transfer Make Affinity Water one-off payments from your bank account, either by phone, internet, or at your branch.
Cheque Payments Affinity Water pay bill by cheque is as simple as writing your cheque and posting it to Affinity Water.
Installment Payments Split your bill into affordable installments taken at regular intervals so you don’t have a single big bill to pay.

Affinity Water Pay Bill by Direct Debit

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By setting up an Affinity Water direct debit, you can make sure you pay your bill on time and without the hassle of remembering to make the payment when you receive the bill. Affinity Water takes your bill from your bank account at the payment interval you choose.

To set up Affinity Water direct debit, log in to your Affinity Water account and follow the instructions.

Alternatively, you can contact Affinity Water and set up the direct debit over the phone. When setting up your direct debit, you can choose how often Affinity Water takes your direct debit:

  • Monthly
  • Every six months
  • Annually

Affinity Water Pay Bill Online

To make a one-off online payment to Affinity Water, you can do so without logging in to your Affinity Water account. To make the payment, you will need to have your:

  1. Affinity Water customer number
  2. Your postcode
  3. An email address

As long as you have this information, and have your credit or debit card information handy, you can make a one-off Affinity Water payment to pay your bill or top-up your Affinity Water account.

Which cards do Affinity Water accept? Affinity Water pay bill online accepts all credit and debit cards, except American Express. You should also remember Affinity Water pay bill online payments may take up to 24 hours to appear on your account.

Affinity Water Pay Bill by Telephone


Customers who want to make a one-off payment and prefer to make the Affinity Water payment over the telephone can do so by calling the Affinity Water automated phone number on 0345 357 2400. When you call, you will need to know your Affinity Water customer number to make a payment by telephone.

Please remember this number is an automated system. For customers who don’t enjoy using automated phone systems, we recommend using an alternative Affinity Water pay bill method, such as the Affinity Water pay bill online or a bank transfer.

Affinity Water Pay Bill by Bank Transfer

Affinity Water pay bill by bank transfer is quick and easy. You can choose to make the payment by:

  • Telephone banking
  • Online banking
  • At your bank branch

You will need to send your payment to the Affinity Water bank account, and you will need to quote your customer number in the transfer concept/description for the payment to credit your account.

You can pay from a UK bank account with the sort code and account number, or you can pay from an overseas bank account with the IBAN and SWIFT/BIC code.

To pay from a UK bank account, you will need this Affinity Water account number and sort code:

Account Number Sort Code
80542903 20-05-03

They recently changed the Affinity Water sort code from 20-74-09. Your payments will still go through. However, we recommend you make the transfer to the new and correct sort code for your future payments.

To pay from an overseas bank account, you will need this Affinity Water IBAN and SWIFT/BIC code:

GB19 BARC 20050380542903 BARCGB22

They recently changed the Affinity Water sort code from GB79 BARC 20740980542903. We recommend you make the transfer to the new and correct IBAN to avoid your Affinity Water overseas transfer getting lost.

Affinity Water Pay Bill by Cheque

When you make a payment to Affinity Water by cheque, it can take time for the cheque to arrive at Affinity Water and clear. Please make sure you make your cheque payments in a timely manner to avoid late payment letters.

It is also very important to write your Affinity Water customer number on the back of your cheque and include the payment slip from your bill with your cheque payment.

You should send your cheque and payment slip to Affinity Water at:

Affinity Water Ltd
Tamblin Way
AL10 9EZ

Never send a post-dated cheque to Affinity Water as they will not accept it, nor should you send cash in the post.

Affinity Water Pay Bill by Installment Payments

You can split your annual Affinity Water bill into affordable payments that fit your budget. They can split payments into:

  • Weekly installments
  • Monthly installments
  • Two annual installments

When you choose to make monthly installments, you can choose the date of the month you would like to pay your Affinity Water bill. The dates you can choose are:

  • 1st of each month
  • 8th of each month
  • 15th of each month
  • 22nd of each month

With a payment plan, you also have several Affinity Water pay bill options to choose from, such as:

  • Payment giro book
  • PayPoint payment card
  • Online
  • Telephone
  • Standing Order

To set up an Affinity Water pay bill installment plan, you can go to the Affinity Water payment plan page of their website and choose how you would like to set up your Affinity Water payment plan.

You will need to have your Affinity Water customer number to set up a payment plan.

Affinity Water Pay Bill Payment Card

Payment cards

An Affinity Water payment card allows you to pay your bill in cash at any Paypoint outlet, meaning you can pay your Affinity Water bill when you do your shopping or at any other time.

You can request an Affinity Water pay bill payment card when you set up your Affinity Water payment plan, or if you need a new Affinity Water payment card, you can contact Affinity Water to request a new payment card.

Affinity Water Pay Final Bill

When you move home, you should check to see if your water provider is the same or not. If you move to another property in the same region that is supplied by Affinity Water, you don't have to worry about a final bill, you will just need to let them know you are moving. Check out our Affinity Water Moving House guide for more details.

If you've moved into a property that is supplied by Affinity Water, you will need to set up your bill. If you've moved into a house and the water supply has been switched off, check out our No Water in House guide to find out what to do.

Struggling with Affinity Water Pay Bill

Sometimes our finances can be tight and paying your Affinity Water bill might be difficult.

Water meters can save you money! If you are living alone or in a small household, you could benefit from a traditional or a smart water meter. Check out our guide on UK Water Meters to find out about if a water meter would help you out.

Affinity Water has some great options for customers who are struggling with paying the Affinity Water bill. These options include the following:

Payment Help How It Works
Payment Plan A payment plan lets you split your bill into affordable payments.
WaterSure Tariff The WaterSure Tariff helps vulnerable and high water consumption customers. Your charges are capped, so additional water usage is not chargeable. You will need to have a water meter to be eligible, and meet a few other requirements.
Low Income Fixed Tariff Customers who earn less than £16,385 per year, or are claiming certain benefits are eligible for the Low Income Fixed Tariff. This will cap your clean water bill at £103.70 (2021/22)
WaterDirect Tariff You are eligible for the WaterDirect tariff if you are already in arrears with your Affinity Water bill and are unable to pay your current bill. You will also need to receive certain benefits that will allow the DWP to take a weekly payment from your benefits before you receive them.

Affinity Water Pay Bill Problems

It’s awkward when we have a problem with our water bills. Either there’s a mistake on the bill or you feel like you’re being charged too much so it’s important to make sure you're paying the correct rates. Unfortunately, you can’t switch water suppliers, so you would need to get in contact with Affinity Water.

If you have a problem, you should first call their main contact number. For unmetered customers, call 0345 357 2402, and for metered customers, call 0345 357 2401.

If your problem turns into a complaint, you should allow Anglian Water to help fix it for you. If you continue to have no luck, you should raise the issue with the Consumer Council for Water (CCW).

Don't take your complaint to Ofwat! If you have a complaint or an ongoing dispute with a water complaint, do not take your complaint to the water regulator Ofwat as they will be unable to help you. Ofwat only deals with complaints about anti-competitive behaviour. If you have a complaint, the correct body is the CCW.

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