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Energy Center of Wisconsin

The Energy Centre of Wisconsin was a leading source of energy-efficient information. Through research, workshops and training programmes, it sought to provide education on saving energy. Its library was publicly available and contained extensive resources on everything to do with energy and using it more efficiently.

What was the ECW?

The Energy Center of Wisconsin (ECW) was a non-profit organisation founded in 1989. It was a leading source of energy-efficient information in the United States of America. In 2015, it was rebranded to Seventhwave, which is the name it goes by today.

By providing leading research, education and information, the Center aimed to find ways to make households and businesses of all sizes use energy in more efficient ways, in order to keep energy bills low and help the environment.

As well as conducting its own research, the Energy Center of Wisconsin worked with government organisations, businesses, research and advocacy groups, and gas and electricity providers to further promote energy efficiency.

How did ECW find ways to be more energy efficient?

There were a number of ways the Energy Center of Wisconsin worked to find ways to save energy and be more energy-efficient:

  1. Technology research and evaluation - the Center used to evaluate new energy-efficient technologies to see how effective they were and if they were practical for everyday use. It also tested new versions of existing technology to see if the updates and new additions to the product/technology were useful.
  2. Program evaluation - through tried and tested methods, the ECW helped gauge how well energy-efficient programmes were working and performing.
  3. Programme planning and design - another way the company promoted energy efficiency was by helping people choose between energy-efficient technologies, as well as exploring how to encourage people to use these technologies. It also helped people and businesses get the most cost-benefit out of the technologies and programmes,
  4. Marketing and implementation - in order to make the use of energy-efficient technologies more widespread, the Energy Center of Wisconsin studied how to market them to targeted audiences in order to expand their popularity and use.


To further promote energy efficiency, the Energy Center of Wisconsin also held regular workshops for businesses and individuals to attend. These workshops had a variety of purposes, including:

  • Presenting ECW research
  • Training workshops to teach people how to use energy-efficient techniques and technologies
  • Networking to build partnerships between stakeholders interested in saving energy
  • Forum style workshops where attendees could discuss ideas and opportunities


As well as evaluating existing energy-efficient programmes, ECW also ran its own programmes. These were designed to teach attendees how to practically apply energy-saving techniques and discuss ideas on how to be more energy-efficient.

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Resources: publications and library

The ECW also provided a large amount of energy related resources. All of the final reports from its research reports were made public, as well as case studies and materials from its workshops. As a research facility, it also published approved journal papers.

Additionally, it published a wide variety of information in different formats to engage different audiences, such as newsletters, magazine and newspaper articles, videos and various informational materials.

All of these publications could be accessed through the Energy Center of Wisconsin online library. This was one of the top reference points for energy professionals with more than 4,000 energy-related publications, including books, research papers, energy trade journals, material covering industry codes and standards, policy, environmental issues and renewable energy sources.

Sharing energy-efficient ideas

As part of pushing for greater energy efficiency, the Energy Center of Wisconsin was always open to new ideas, potential research projects, technologies and training programmes.

If you had an idea to share, you could fill out a project proposal form or get in touch with the Center through one of the following contact methods:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (608) 238-4601
  • FAX: (608) 238-8733
  • Write to: Energy Center of Wisconsin, 595 Science Drive, Madison, WI 53711-1060

To contact the new version of the Center, Seventhwave, call (608) 210 7100.

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