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Together Energy Login: Account & Meter Readings

Together Energy login

With the Together Energy online account, customers can manage their tariff, submit meter readings and view their energy bills. Find out how to access this useful service with our step-by-step Together Energy login guide, including what to do if you experience login issues and how new customers can register for an account.

Together Energy login

The Together Energy account login process is very straightforward. Here we take you through all the steps.

 The first step is to access the Together Energy Login page. You can do this in two different ways:
  • Google it - Type into Google “Together Energy”. The first result should be titled “Together Energy - One of the UK’s fastest growing energy companies”. Click on it. The link will take you to the provider's homepage. Click on “Login”, located on the top right-hand corner of the screen and you will be taken to the Together Energy account login page.

  • Access the login page directly - If you want to access the Together Energy login page now, click on the link below to get there directly. To save time in the future, save this page in your favourites bar so you always have it at hand.

 Enter your email and password - When you are on the Together energy login page, type in the email address and password that correspond to your account. Unless you’re a new user, you should already have a username and password set up. Registering your Together Energy account takes place during the three-week switching process.

 Hit the green Log In button - if you entered all of your details correctly, you should now have logged into your Together Energy account.

Are you a Bristol Energy customer? Even though Together Energy took on Bristol Energy customers in September 2020, you can still access the Bristol Energy login page to manage your account.

Problems logging in?

Two of the most common Together Energy login problems customers experience are forgetting their password or email address. Let's find out how to resolve each of these quickly to get you logged into your online account.

 Forgotten your password?

STEP 1: If you’ve forgotten your password, click on the blue “Forgotten Password” button located on the Together Energy login page.

STEP 2: You’ll be taken to a page where you can reset your password. Enter your email address and check the box next to “I am not a robot”.

STEP 3: Click on the green “Send Reset Email” button.

STEP 4: Open your email account and find the last email you received from Together Energy. Open it and click on the link that allows you to choose another password. You will now be able to set a new password for your Together Energy account and be able to login to the portal.

Remember that passwords are case sensitive! If you are sure you have written both details correctly and you still cannot log in, contact the Together Energy Customer Support Team on 0333 150 1699 (Monday to Friday: 8am to 5pm) or email

How efficient is the Together Energy customer service team? Head to our dedicated Together Energy reviews page to see if they answer the phone/reply to emails quickly, and are able to answer customers' questions.

 Forgotten your email address?

STEP 1: If you’ve forgotten the email address associated with your Together Energy account, or both your email address and your password, click on the blue “Can't remember login details” button located on the Together Energy login page.

STEP 2: You’ll be taken to another page where you can request a reminder of your login details. Enter an email address at which Together Energy can contact you and type your message.

If you need immediate access to your Together Energy account and can’t wait for a reply to your email, call the customer services team on 333 150 1699 (Monday to Friday: 8am to 5pm).

Don’t know what to write in the message box? Modify the template below as appropriate, then copy and paste it.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I’m a Together Energy Customer but I have forgotten my login details: email address and password. Please send me an email reminder of these details.

Many kind regards,

[Your full name]

Set up a Together Energy account

Before you can login to your Together Energy portal, you must register for an online account. After you have decided you want to make the switch to the supplier and signed up for a tariff, you will receive an email from Together Energy. This will contain your Together Energy account login details and a link to register your account.

Once you have logged in for the first time using these details, we suggest you change your password to something you find easier to remember. This can be done via your online account.

What can I do once I've logged in?


Once you have completed the Together Energy login process and have access to your online account, there are a number of activities you can perform, such as viewing your bills and submitting meter readings

View bills

The Together Energy account lets you view all past bills so you can compare your energy usage from month to month. There are three pages to your Together Energy bill. Broadly, the first contains actual expenditure on gas and electricity, the second page details your corresponding consumption of energy, and the third page details the features of your tariff and a personal projection of your future consumption over the subsequent 12 months.

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 Bill page 1: key information

1. Start and end meter readings for gas and electricity. These are used for the relevant billing period, regardless of whether the meter readings are real or estimated.

2. Total spend for the billing period. This will match the dates of your meter reads. It summarises your consumption (in kWh), your unit rate and standing charges (in pence per kWh) for the relevant billing period.

3. Account Balance. This is the overall balance on your Together Energy account. Remember, a “negative” sign before the balance actually means you are in credit and have overpaid your bill, for example, - £50 means your account is in credit by £50 so you've paid £50 more than the energy you've used. No negative sign means that your account is in debit. So if it shows as £20, your account is in debit by £20 and you owe Together Energy money.

 Bill page 2: key information

1. Final electricity and final gas and meter readings for each energy type. These are the ones used for the relevant billing period, regardless of whether the readings are real or estimated. You also get a breakdown of your consumption charges, unit rates, and standing charge.

2. The total number of payments made since the start of your tariff. You’ll also see the total amount paid, including the details of any refunds or credits that you’ve received.

3. Your final bill summarises what you have paid during the billing period. This includes your spend on energy, standing charges and VAT. If you left Together Energy before the end of your fixed term, here you may see an early exit fee. Finally, you’ll see your account balance, accurate as of the date of the billing period.

 Bill page 3: key information

1. Making a complaint. If you wish to complain about the service you’ve received from Together Energy, you’ll find how to do that here with their three-step procedure. This culminates into an escalation to the Energy Ombudsman if you cannot reach a satisfactory resolution with Together Energy.

2. Your tariff gives you details about your Together Energy meter, be it a standard credit meter, smart meter or PAYG meter. This section also details your tariff: its name, type, payment methods, standing charge, unit rate, tariff end date and early exit fees.

3. Your projected spend for the next 12 months. This is your estimated annual consumption for electricity and gas for the following year. The figure is based on the meter readings you’ve submitted.

How much energy do you use? Calculate your average energy usage per year with Selectra's handy energy consumption tool. This will give you something to compare your energy bills to and let you know if you are using more or less energy than expected.

Submit meter readings

Customers with regular meters will need to submit regular meter readings. This can be done any time online once you have completed the Together Energy login process.

Submitting Together Emergy meter readings regularly is very important as it ensures your bills are based on your actual energy consumption, not an estimated amount. Bills based on estimated readings can mean you are overcharged - so pay for more energy than you use - or undercharged. If you are consistently undercharged, you will be in debt to your provider and could end up having to pay a large amount of money when your actual energy usage is calculated.

Not sure how to read your meter? Check out our meter reading guide for some top tips.

Make payments

The Together Energy account also lets you pay for your bills and edit any direct debit settings. Having this ability online saves time as you don't need to contact Together Energy customer service to fulfil these actions.

Mobile app

Unfortunately, there is no Together Energy mobile app currently available. Customers can only use the online portal to access their account. The provider's website is mobile-friendly, so you can perform the Together Energy login process on your mobile and access your account, however, it is easier to navigate with a desktop or tablet.

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