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Together Energy - Customer Reviews, Login, Contact & Tariffs

Information about Together Energy

Name  Together Energy

Headquarters  Clydebank, Scotland

Founded  2016

Customers  10,000

Together Energy puts trust before everything else. They want to provide a premium service with no additional charges and want to incentivise customers rather than penalising them for their loyalty. The company was set up by Geoff Gunther and Paul Richards who have been managing Concord Energy and who have more than 40 years of experience in the energy industry.


Reducing your energy bills is great. Finding a trustworthy company can be difficult.

Together Energy claims to be a company that their customers can trust. On their website, they say that they aim to cut through the confusion and are a transparent company who deal with their customers in plain English. Selectra wanted to put that to the test.

On Trustpilot the company has reasonable ratings, from 931 reviews their overall score was 60%. What’s really interesting is that 44% of these reviews rated them excellent and 34% said they were terrible. Customers seem to be completely divided between people who feel they have been offered excellent customer service and those who think that the customer service is awful.

So what's the truth behind this mixture of positive and negative reviews?

A further investigation reveals that the customers who were positive about their dealings with Together Energy praised the fact that the company has no automated telephone diallers. This meant that they could get through to a real person quicker than with many of the big six suppliers. In fact, one customer agent in particular was mentioned more than once, with customers saying that he was polite and efficient.

Spoke to Kevin Scott who was quick, professional, informative and seemed to be human ( a rare thing these days).

Customers who were unhappy with the service complained that there were many problems with the online portal which meant that they were forced to submit their meter readings by email. They said that often these meter readings were not received or lost meaning that they ended up paying estimated or incorrect bills. We believe that an energy company online portal should be fast to access and easy to use, so hopefully this is something that Together Energy will get sorted sooner rather than later.

Although they claim to try and resolve all queries within 8 hours, many customers complained about a general lack of response to problems, especially by email.

E-mails go totally ignored and unanswered and it’s a lottery as to whether a phone call is answered.

It seems very much the luck of the draw whether you receive good service from Together Energy or not.

This is something fairly typical that Selectra often sees with new suppliers. They launch full of promises but lack the training and expertise to really provide good service. Or, sometimes they start off well, only to be overwhelmed by too many new customers and steadily go downhill until they take action to rectify the situation.

Together Energy Reviews

Together Energy is struggling to communicate with customers

At the moment we would recommend waiting to see if this supplier can sort out its hit or miss customer service. There are many small independent suppliers with low prices who have great customer service that you could switch to without any problems. Perhaps with time they will get their act together, and maybe the customer service standards will start to balance out the low prices. At the moment we'd rather sit on the fence and wait and see. It is always wise to get well-informed and take your time to compare tariffs to find out about the cheapest and most reliable companies before you make the switch.

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Prices and Tariffs

Various tariffs, different prices in the different regions and variations in personal use can make figuring out the best deal on a tariff a nightmare.

Together Energy has a pledge to make its billing simple and easy to understand.

Together energy price

Together Energy won't raise your price more than 5% without telling you at the end of a fixed tariff

They also have a promise to never increase their prices by more than 5% at the end of a fixed deal, without informing customers beforehand.

This is a great promise. However, don't forget, they have promised never to raise prices without informing you, not to never raise their prices.

This is important as many customers find themselves with substantial bill hikes when their fixed tariff ends and they are moved immediately onto a variable tariff without warning.

We would recommend that you should always keep in mind when your fixed tariffs are going to end so that you can shop around and find a better deal. You can often save hundreds of pounds just by switching at the end of your contract.

Once you're on a tariff you would need to stay with them for the period of the fix rate contact unless you're willing to pay the 30 pound exit fee as they DO charge exit fees. This means that if you change your mind or see a better deal, it will be more costly for you to switch supplier. This is designed to deter customers from switching if another supplier offers a better deal.

Together Energy Brexit Protect

Together Energy have a special Brexit Tariff

One very interesting unique tariff that Together Energy has is called “Brexit Protect” which is a three-year fixed tariff. This tariff is designed to protect consumers from any significant prices changes due to Brexit. It isn't very common to find three year fixed tariffs and it could be a good deal for customers who are concerned about instability in the energy market with Brexit looming in the next few years. The prices on this tariff are slightly higher than on their shorter contracts, but customers may benefit if Brexit impacts prices negatively.

Below you can see the tariff label information (TLI) for Together Energy's standard variable tariff:

Standard variable TLI
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Standing Charge per day TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Standing Charge per day TCR
Northern Scotland 12.673p £392.86 22.78p 15.36p 2.695p £336.88 13.86p 12.50p
Southern Scotland 12.074p £374.29 19.77p 14.40p 2.655p £331.88 13.66p 12.31p
North East EN 12.12p £375.72 20.34 14.51p 2.635p £329.38 13.84p 12.25p
North West EN 12.251p £379.78 18.18p 14.39p 2.699p £337.38 13.69p 12.49p
Yorkshire 11.828p £366.67 20.03p 14.19p 2.619p £327.38 13.73p 12.18p
Merseyside & N Wales 13.053p £404.64 18.62p 15.54p 2.746p £343.25 13.76p 12.69p
East Midlands 12.141p £376.37 18.35 14.30p 2.635p £329.38 13.84p 12.25p
West Midlands 12.291p £381.02 19.04p 14.53p 2.685p £335.63 13.66p 12.43p
East EN 12.238p £379.38 19.19p 14.50p 2.609p £326.13 13.65p 12.13p
South Wales 12.714p £394.13 19.34p 14.99p 2.677p £334.63 13.69p 12.41p
London 11.803p £365.89 18.97p 14.04p 2.766p £345.75 13.65p 12.76p
South East EN 12.66p £392.46 19.40p 14.94p 2.832p £354.00 13.81p 13.04p
South West EN 13.13p £407.03 20.25p 15.51p 2.856p £357.00 13.88p 13.15p

Last Updated: April 2018

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Account Login

If you would like to login to your Together Energy online account to manage your account without having to speak to someone over the phone, then you can do so by clicking below.The portal is just one of the ways that you can manage your energy usage more effectively with the company. Various services are available in the online portal such as:

  • Manage your account
  • Monitor energy usage
  • Option to set up a direct debit
  • Check your balance

All you have to do to access your account is click on the link and then enter your username and password on the screen that appears. If you have forgotten your password it is easy to retrieve it by following the onscreen instructions.

Login to your account

Energy Mix

There is currently no energy mix data for Together Energy. However, by law all suppliers are obliged to publish this information annually so this information should shortly be made available.

Smart Meters

Smart meters are the future.

Finding out if your energy company installs smart meters is an important question customers need to ask if they are moving supplier.

Together Energy does support smart meter technology, but it is not available for all customers in all regions at the moment. While having a smart meter isn't currently compulsory, the company is planning to roll out smart meters for all customers shortly to conform with new legislation. To find out if smart meters are available in your area it is best to give them a call.

Smart meters show you how much energy you are using on a digital display. They also send meter readings to your energy supplier; so they can save you time as you don’t have to send them manually.

Smart meters are worth having for customers to take control of how much they are spending and save money on their gas and electricity bills. There are very few downsides to the meters - if you want to find out what they are then check out our ultimate guide to smart meters and get informed.


If you'd like to contact Together Energy for general enquiries or regarding one of their tariffs or offers, you can use the phone number provided below.

Remember, in the case of Together Energy it can sometimes be difficult to get a response by email so it definitely isn't the quickest way to get a response. Together Energy also have a Twitter and Facebook page and customers may get a faster response by contacting them on their social media pages.

To get a better idea about what they have to offer you, you can visit Together Energy’s website to browse the tariffs that they currently have available. Alternatively you can click here to go straight to their quotes page and get an estimate based on your usage and postcode.

Remember, in order to get a real comparison of how much you could save, give us a call or click here to compare energy tariffs.

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