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Together Energy is Scotland’s young but fastest growing energy company, supplying over 60,000 customers across the UK. However, it has poor customer reviews and lacks some of the extra services many other medium and big suppliers offer, such as smart meters, warm home discount and a mobile app. Keep reading to see if it tariffs, prices and other services make up for it.

Electricity: Coal, natural gas, nuclear, renewable, other  Cheaper than big energy suppliers
Fuel mix score:  Competitive tariff options
Domestic market: Scotland, England and Wales  No smart meters
Customers: 60,000  Poor customer reviews
Selectra score: ★★  Reports of delayed refunds and final bills

Who are Together Energy?

Together Energy Limited is a small Scottish gas and electricity supplier. Founded in 2016 in Clydebank, Scotland, it initially only supplied energy to domestic suppliers in Scotland, but has now extended its business and offers energy tariffs to households in England and Wales too.

Claiming to be “unequivocally, Scotland’s fastest growing energy company”, Together Energy has quickly built up its customer base, now supplying energy to around 60,000 customers.

It has also grown the Together Energy brand with two subsidiary companies: Together Energy Supply Ltd (formerly Azacca Energy Ltd) and Together Energy Retail Ltd (formerly Eddington Energy Supply Ltd).

Who is the CEO of Together Energy?

Former British Gas executive Paul Richards is the CEO of Together Energy. As a co-founder of the energy provider, he has been a part of the company since the very beginning.

Who took over Together Energy?

Together Energy Ltd is still trading, meaning no other energy supplier has taken over the company. However, in December 2018 Together Energy took over fellow UK provider OneSelect after it ceased trading. This saw its customer base grow significantly as it gained all OneSelect’s 36,000 domestic customers.

You don't have to stay with Together Energy!Former OneSelect customers are free to switch energy suppliers at any time, so don't settle for an energy provider you didn't choose. Call us today on 02039 360059 to compare tariffs, get a personal quote and make the switch to a better supplier for you.

In the news

Together Energy Limited has continually made the news for all the wrong reasons, including finacial problems and poor customer service.

 Together Energy's financial losses rise (June 2019)

The Clydebank Post reported on Together Energy’s poor financial results for the year ended 31 August 2018. It highlighted the supplier’s losses of around £7 million. The newspaper hinted that the supplier’s very existence is threatened unless it manages to: obtain additional funding, meets its cash flow projections and continues to receive support from its wholesale trading partner.

Despite the losses, boss Paul Richards, maintained that Together Energy was now “on the road to profitability”. Richards defends his optimistic come-back due to 80% of its customers having been registered on its three-year fixed term deals. He also cites the growing benefits expected from its £1.8 million investment in its internal billing system.

 Energy customer refunded credit after switching providers (May 2019)

The Express reported an embarrassing incident for Together Energy customer service. Mr Hobbins joined as a Together Energy customer in Spring 2018 and accumulated a substantial credit due to his family’s high monthly spend of around £40 a month in energy. Despite switching supplier to Shell, Together Energy failed to provide him with a final bill.

With the help of The Express newspaper, Hobbins finally received what he wanted, a Together Energy final bill with a refund of £300. Unfortanetly, he is not the only customer to report this problem, as you will see in the reviews section below.


speech bubbles

In its first year of trading, Together Energy built up a loyal customer base and initially received positive reviews. However, Together Energy reviews soon took a turn for the worse.

Bad reviews started pouring in after Together Energy took over OneSelect, with complaints about the supplier refusing to refund customer overpayments soaring.

Unfortunately, customer reviews remain largely negative. The main themes for customer dissatisfaction focus on the poor Together Energy customer service, inaccurate bills and long delays in receiving final bills and refunds.

For more detail on these poor reviews and Together Energy complaints, give our Together Energy reviews page a read. Here we also compare the supplier’s prices to other providers to see if it is good value for money.

Together Energy portal

Together Energy offers all customers an online portal where they can manage their energy tariff, submit meter readings, view past bills and even pay their energy bills.

The Together Energy account can be easily accessed from the providers website. Learn more about the portal, including how to log in, set up and account, in our dedicated Together Energy login guide.

Are you a Bristol Energy customer? Even though Together Energy took on Bristol Energy customers in September 2020, you can still access the Bristol Energy login page to manage your account.

Tariffs and prices

There are currently six Together Energy tariffs to choose from. While this might change in name and details over time, the core of the tariffs will stay more or less the same: Five are fixed-rate tariffs and one is a variable tariff. The fixed-rate tariffs are distinguished by contract length, e.g. one, two or three years. Below we have outlined the tariffs that are currently available (April 2020):

  1. Green Together Fixed April21 - Fixed rates for 12 months, £30 exit fee per fuel.
  2. Green Together Fixed April21 v3 - Fixed rates for 12 months, £30 exit fee per fuel..
  3. Together Fixed March21 Exclusive - Fixed rates for 12 months, £30 exit fee per fuel..
  4. Green Brexit Protect 25 Month April22 - Fixed rates for 25 months, £40 exit fee per fuel..
  5. Brexit Protect 36 Month April23 - Fixed rates for 36 months, £50 exit fee per fuel..
  6. Freedom Variable - Variable tariff.

Economy 7 tariffs

On an Economy 7 tariff, you pay less for the electricity you consume during the off-peak time (typically from 11pm to 8am) and more during on-peak time (during the day). All Together Energy tariffs can be taken out as Economy 7 tariffs. If you have a Together Energy Economy 7 tariff, you will have two unit rates for electricty, a day rate and a night rate. The table below gives a few examples using charges for a household in london.

Together Energy Economy 7 rates
Tariff E7 Standing Charge (p/day) E7 Day Unit Rate (p/KWh) E7 Night Unit Rate (p/KWh)
Green Together Fixed April21 23.988 13.519 9.141
Green Brexit Protect 25 Month April22 24.430 13.552 9.480
Freedom Variable 21.905 14.667 14.667

If you are interested in taking out a Together Energy Economy 7 tariff, you will need an Economy 7 meter.

Prices compared to the market

How do the prices of Together Energy tariffs compare to other suppliers? We use the Ofgem price cap as a benchmark to compare variable tariff prices. At £1087.65 (for a household in London using a medium amount of enegry), it is well under the £1179 price cap. While, this is a reasonable price, and cheaper than the prices of most larger and medium-sized companies, it is not the cheapest price offered by small energy providers.

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In the table below we have compared the price of the Together Energy variable tariff to the standard, variable tariffs offered by other large, medium and small suppliers for a household in London using a medium amount of energy.

Energy provider
Annual cost of standard variable tariff
Together Energy

*Correct as of April 2020

Fuel Mix

A supplier’s fuel mix is the ratio of different fuels or energy sources that it uses to generate electricty. This is an important figure as it allows us to assess the supplier's green to non-green ratio of fuel sources and compare it to its competitors, as well as to the national average.

Unfortunately for Together Energy, its fuel mix is very disappointing. Most of its energy still comes from natural gas and only a small percentage (8.9%) comes from green sources. This is well below the UK national average of 32.8%, and even more disappointing considering most UK suppliers are working hard to source more and more energy from renewables - some have even reached the 100% goal!.

March 2018 to April 2019 was actually the first year Together Energy made its fuel mix public. Its previous failure to disclose this information was a legal violation of the Electricity (Fuel Mix Disclosure) Regulations 2005. This requirement, otherwise known as the Fuel Mix Disclosure (FMD) means that all UK suppliers must disclose this data to their customers annually.

Does Together Energy supply smart meters?

Together Energy does not currently install or support smart meters. This means that if you have a smart meter and move to Together Energy, your meter will lose its smart abilities and you will have to submit manual meter readings.

There is no mention of Together Energy smart meters on the supplier’s website, so we do not know any of its plans concerning starting to supply the new meters to its customers. Considering the government’s current roll out scheme, we would be surprised if the supplier is not made to at least support smart meters in the near future.

Social champion in Scotland

As well as being an energy supplier, Together Energy Ltd is heralded as a social champion in Scotland. This includes the supplier helping local residents and its own staff move up the social mobility ladder.

world in hands

1. Recruitment from underprivileged backgrounds

The Scottish-based supplier claims to recruit over 90% of its staff from the poorest 10% of postcodes in Scotland. More specifically, over 65% of its staff have been recruited from charities focused on supporting 16 to 25-year-olds who were not in education, employment or training.

2. A real living wage

Together Energy is committed to paying its staff, regardless of age, the top bracket of the National Living Wage (NLW). Helping its employees to avoid low wages indirectly helps them avoid fuel poverty, so we commend the supplier for looking after its staff in this way.

3. Sponsored apprenticeships

The energy supplier currently has members of its staff enrolled in a graduate levy apprenticeship, studying for a BA (Hons) in Business Administration from the University of Strathclyde.

4. Street League

Together Energy has partnered up with UK-wide charity Street League which uses sport to support 16 to 24 year-olds who are unemployed and progressing into education or employment. The energy supplier gives participants the opportunity to learn about new positions which are being recruited for at the company.

Interested candidates are guaranteed an interview. If successful, they would receive support and training to help them progress in their new role.

How can I contact Together Energy?

There are a number of ways to contact Together Energy if you need to get in touch with the supplier. In the table below we have listed all of the Together Energy contact details. Choose which is most convenient for you and best suits your query.

Together Energy contact number (customer service) 333 150 1699 (Mon-Thur:9am-6pm; Fri:9am-5pm)
Together Energy contact number (sales and renewals) 0141 370 4617 (Mon-Fri:9am-5pm)
Email address
Together Energy address Together Energy, Erskine House, North Avenue,
Clydebank, Scotland, G81 2DR

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The Together Energy complaints process is not the most efficent. The supplier recieves a lot of complaints! If you need to place a complaint, you can do so via one of the following Together Energy contact methods:

  • Together Energy phone number: 0333 150 1699
  • Together Energy Email adress:
  • Postal address: Together Energy, Erskine House, North Avenue, Clydebank, Scotland, G81 2DR

Moving house

Together Energy customers moving house need to follow the steps outlined below.

  • Take a final Together Energy meter reading and submit them to the company in your preferred way (email or online). Provide your forwarding contact details and details of the energy supplier at your new address.
  • Together Energy will then provide you with a final bill stating how much you owe the supplier, or how much they owe you! If you are in credit, the company states it will refund you the full amount within 10 working days (although there are reports of this taking much longer).

If your refund is more than £599, Together Energy will request proof in the form of photos showing your meter reading and meter serial number. These can be sent to

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