Definitive Change of Address Checklist 2021

Moving house checklist

Moving home is a huge milestone. You deserve the messages of congratulations you will be receiving as it’s a big step. You’ll need to know who to notify of your change of address, when and how. Keep track of the pointers in this Change of Address Guide and you’ll have peace of mind that no one who needs to know is left out.

Change of Address: Plan Ahead

Security and stability are important to you, so your methodical planning will be a huge asset to you. Plan ahead. Note down what you need to do: two months, six weeks, four weeks, two weeks and one week before you move home. At each stage, you’ll need to carry out certain formalities before the next stage arrives. Some of these include the following:

These are just three of many things you need to remember. Need help keeping track of them all?

1. Vehicle-Related

DVLA Change of Address

A change of address on driving licence records should be done as soon as possible. The process of changing driving licence address can be done on the DVLA website, free of charge. They will send you an updated licence to your new home in around two to four weeks. If you apply for it online, you should receive it within one week. If it still hasn’t arrived after three weeks, you’ll want to contact DVLA.

Change address on v5 Vehicle Log Book

Remember to update your V5 change of address for your vehicle tax. This isn’t something you'd want to forget. Not only could you get a hefty fine, but your important documents may continue to be sent to your old address, including your vehicle tax reminder letter (V11) and any vehicle tax refunds. You’ll want to update your V5C log book as soon as your change of address is officially confirmed. A V5 change of address can be done either online or by post to: DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BA.

  • A fine of up to £1000 is what you can expect if you don’t inform the DVLA via a V5 change of address.
  • You can still drive while you wait for your new documents to be sent to you.
  • If you have to tax your vehicle in the following 4 weeks, do it either:
  •    - Online before sending the DVLA your V5C book, or    - Post Office: Note that you may tax your vehicle and update your address details at the same time.
  • Up to six weeks is how long the change of address on V5 log books can take from the time you make the application.
  • Write your new address in:
  •    - Section 3 if you have a new style log book.    - Section 6 if you have the older style log book.
  • If you’ve lost your log book and need to change your address, either:
  •    - Download and complete the application for a log book (V62).    - Send it to DVLA with a cheque or postal order for £25 made payable to: DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1DD
  • You must have a UK address to apply for a replacement log book.

Car Insurance and Breakdown Cover

Car Insurance - Your car insurer should be told of your change of address for in order to process your insurance payments in the event of a road traffic accident. Your insurance premium go up or down depending on where your new home is located. Head to your car insurer’s website and update your new address or give them a call to update them by phone.

Vehicle Breakdown Cover - If you have separate breakdown cover with a different company to your car insurer, you should inform them aswell of your new address. They may need to adjust their rate based on the longer or shorter distance they'll have to cover when taking you and car back home in the event of a breakdown.

Direct Debit for Vehicle Tax

If you pay for your vehicle tax by Direct Debit, you need to tell DVLA when you change address. You can do this either by:

  • Phone: Tel 0300 790 6802
  • Email: DVLA email service
  • Post: Vehicle Customer Services, DVLA, Swansea SA99 1AR

Note: It may take 4 - 6 weeks to process updates to direct debit information for vehicle tax purposes.

  • Parking Facilities at Your New Address:
  • Does the new place have free parking?
  • Do you need a resident parking permit?
  • If in any doubt, contact the relevant local authority and find this out.

2. Mobile Phone, Internet and TV

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If you’ll also have a landline at your new home, inform the phone company since you may be able to keep the same number. If they won't let you do this and you were unhappy with their service and prices anyway, now would be a good time to switch provider. It’s actually very common for home movers like you to switch phone provider and save lots of money.

TV and Broadband

Repair man with gift box containing new broadband service

If you’ll be transferring your TV and Broadband packages to your new address, your provider can set you up at your new home once you inform them of the move in date. At a convenient date and time, they'll arrive at your new home and install fibre optic broadband, a new TV and router or anything else you need to get surfing quickly on the internet and enjoying some Netflix and Chill!

If you felt your broadband and TV bills were unusually high at your old address, you'll want to switch to a better deal when you move home. Check out your TV and broadband options. These include Sky TV packages and the cheapest broadband deals in 2019. The money you'll save will be better spent on treating yourself to some personal TLC!

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TV Licence Change Address

Your TV licence won't be valid when you move to a new property so you will have to change this information on the TV Licensing website. The “TV licence moving house” process can be done up to 3 months in advance of your move. You can change your TV license online for free.

You could be prosecuted and be fined £1,000 if you watch, record or download programmes illegally at your home. If you don’t already have a TV licence, then you need to get one!

If you already had one at your old address, don’t assume that it will “move with you” to your new home....It won’t. You’ll need to update your details so that the TV licencing authority can ensure you are correctly licensed at your new house. Find your licence number here.

3. Employment and Tax


Your employer or their HR department will need to update your contact details to send you any correspondence regarding your contract. Also, your employer can anticipate covering your position or workload in the event that you may need time off to move into your new home.

Payroll department certainly needs to be updated to ensure there are no complications in paying you your wages or sending you your pay slips.

Entitled to Time Off Work For Moving House? Employees don’t have any specific right to time off for reasons such as moving house. But your company may just offer this.
Check your company’s handbook and employment contract to determine your personal entitlement. Some employers allow additional days off (paid or unpaid) for special occasions such as moving house, a wedding or honeymoon.
Use your holiday allowance if you’re not entitled to extra time off.


HM Revenue and Customs will update your personal record for the purposes of income tax, national insurance, tax credits, government benefits and pension services. Head to the official UK Government website to update your new address. You’ll need to sign in using Government Gateway.

Do You run a Charity? If you manage a charity that’s registered at your old address, HMRC also needs to update their charity records with your new address. If registered with the Charity Commission, they’ll need to know as well. Ensure you know how to update the details of your charity.

4. Money


Informing your bank about your change of address should be towards the top of your priority list. Preferable as close as possible to your move date. Not only will they change your billing address for any payments you make, but doing so can also protect you from identity fraud. If your bank continues to send your bank statements to your old address, the incoming homeowners who replaced you may just throw them in the bin, perhaps a public bin. Regardless of where it ends up, it could get into the wrong hands.


Your place of residence is an important factor for proving your identity and forgetting to update this information might put you at risk of identity theft. Don’t delay in changing your new address for banking purposes. Do it quickly by logging into your bank’s online account. Alternatively, visit your local branch to do this in person.

Premium Bonds

Have you invested in any Premium Bonds? If so, ensure you that you've invested in, receive any potential winnings so that you can spend it as you please. You can do this on their website if you're registered.


Are you on a private pension plan? Update your contact data by phoning or emailing your pension provider. Are you on a State Pension? Contact them on the 's pension page.

Loan Companies

If you have taken out any loans, the loan provider needs to know about your change of address and the date that you'll be moving. You’ll want to be in-the-know of any changes in interest rates so that you can adjust your finances accordingly.

Save yourself any nasty surprises. Contact your loan providers and credit card companies directly either by phone or by email to tell them you’ll be relocating.

Your Council Tax Due Date Your legal obligation to pay council tax starts promptly from the day you move into your new home. Don’t just wait for the ‘new occupier’ letter to arrive after you have moved.
You’ll be mistaken if you think that you can drag out paying the council tax and be billed pro rata for the days remaining of the payable month. That won’t happen. Instead, the council will backdate your council tax bill from the move in date. So you’ll just be delaying the inescapable!

5. Local Authorities

Electoral Roll

If you want to vote for your favorite candidate at the next election, you must submit another registration with the updated address details. Scroll to the step-by-step instructions on changing your address details to this.

Department of Work and Pensions

Don’t let your government benefits get frozen if you’re currently receiving them. Change your address details at the Department of Work and Pensions by calling their helpline. Who you'll need to tell depends on which benefits you get. You’ll need to report your change to more than one organisation if you get more than one benefit:

6. Utilities

Gas and Electricity

You can’t always transfer your gas and electricity service to your new home. To ensure you move into your new comfy home with heating and hot running water, ensure you have a new supply service in place. Moving home is another great opportunity to shop around for a better deal on your gas and electricity supply.

Moving? Selectra could help you set up your energy account.

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Selectra receives commission from selected partner providers on sales of products and/or services.

Good To Know:

  • If you’re new home is a new build, know how your electric and gas connection will be set up.
  • Give your old energy supplier at least 48 hours prior notice before the move date so that they can calculate your last bill.
  • If you leave your supplier before the end of your term, they may charge you an exit fee. Call them to find out how much they charge, if anything.
  • A couple of days before you move out is a good time to defrost your freezer. During this time, don’t buy any perishable foods which have to be refrigerated.


Tell your water provider that you won't be using water after the move out date. Similar to your old energy provider, you’ll want to give them at least 24 hours notice so they may calculate your final bill. Do this quickly online.

7. Subscriptions

Login to your online bank account and bring up a list of all the recurring payments that come out of your account. Although you may have already updated your “billing address” at your bank, any organisations that you are subscribed to should know of your change of address so that they can continue your subscription.

These are some of the most common organisations people subscribe to that require notification of a change of address:

  • Gym or sports club
  • Amazon or other e-commerce sites
  • Paperback magazine editions
  • Netflix / streaming services

8. Healthcare

European flag and medical supplies case with blue cross

If you or any of your household members are ill, you won’t want the red-tape of bureaucracy to stop you from getting the care you need. Informing the right organisations means that your medical information can be accessed quickly by the doctors attending you.


Of course you’ll want to continue receiving correspondence from the NHS at your new address when related to medical conditions. However, you definitely don't want the sensitive health status of any of your family members being leaked at your old address when new homeowners have replaced you.

Also, if you’re awaiting the results of a test, you’ll need to be alert to the next step you’ll need to take. That could be hindered if you’re wasting time trying to track down that all-important letter that never arrived. Complete the NHS form for change of address once you move home.

Travel Insurance

Holidays are a great time to strengthen bonds with your family and friends while you chill out. If any of you fall ill during your travels, getting medical assistance that can get quick access to your medical records from back home can be a race against the clock. Find out what travel insurance you need in Europe.

Any allergies or conditions need to be made known to the doctor who’ll be attending you. That’s why your EHIC card details must be updated before moving or travelling out of the UK. You’ll get state-funded healthcare within the EEA (European Economic Area) with peace of mind knowing that they will have all the correct information to treat you.

If you have an annual travel insurance policy, they must be kept updated of any travelling out of the UK. Check your policy before you travel.

  • Notify Your Private Clinics
  • You may be receiving care from private clinics and establishments, so notify these groups as well:
  • Your dentist
  • Your physician
  • Your optician
  • Your paediatrician

9. Home Insurance

Insurers take many things into account when calculating your insurance premium. These include the year your house was built, its size and location. If you move into an area that they consider less 'risky' then your contents insurance premium is likely to go down. This could save you significant cash.

Also, your home insurer will need to know where they should send you your bills. To inform them of a change of address, log into your account online or call them. Find out here how your home insurance works.

Bonus Top Tips

Redirect the Royal Mail

If you’ve followed this checklist, you’ll have the most important things covered. However, there’s always the chance that you’ve missed an important person or organisation. That’s when setting up a postal redirect can be a life saver. It also gives you some time to make the changes if you’ve not done so before moving out of your old place.

A Royal Mail Redirect means that any post delivered to your old address will be redirected and delivered to your new address. Note that you can apply for it up to 3 months before the move out date. The redirect takes 10 days to implement. Just remember that the redirect is only temporary. It won't last forever so it shouldn't be a substitute for following this change of address checklist. You can set up a redirect with Royal Mail on their website.

Inform Friends and Family

Don’t waste your time informing every friend and family member individually about your change of address. Instead, emailing them all at once. Follow these 2 simple steps to do this:

STEP 1: Create Change of Address Cards

“Change of address cards” are a great way to let everyone you know that you've moved and now have a new address. You can design and customise them for free on your computer, which you can then attach in the email you’ll be sending out. Find out here how to create a change of address card for free.

STEP 2: Send Out a Mass Email

Copy and paste all of the email addresses of the friends and family your want to inform into the “To:” section of your email. All of them will then be able to reply in a single mail chain which is easier to retrieve when searching your email inbox. It’s also a great way to let them send you “congratulations” messages and to anticipate what to write in a new home card! Check out these 3 ways to send mass emails in a flash!

HM Passport Office

You don’t need to change your address in the passport document after moving to a new home. As such, you won’t need to contact HM Passport Office about this. If and when your passport expires and a new one is made, it will be updated with your up-to-date permanent address.

Moving out of your old place and moving into a better home is the start of many great things for you. With this handy checklist on your smartphone, you can expect a very smooth transition into your new haven of peace. The easiest home move is the one that is planned in advance. So get planning!

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