Post Office Slashes Broadband Prices to Record Low

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Post Office broadband prices have been slashed to a record low. By low, we’re talking nearly 50% off! This is across the Post Office broadband fibre and ADSL deals. This is a limited time offer so if you’re thinking about switching provider read this quick update on how to grab these bargains and what you will get.

Post Office broadband has UK’s cheapest broadband product

The Post Office broadband ADSL deal is the cheapest around at the moment. If your contract has ended or is about to, this is definitely one to consider. Don’t forget that switching is easy and free (as long as your contract has ended). We’re going to provide all the specs and figures you need, as well as Post Office broadband reviews so you can compare its service yourself.

Why are the Post Office internet deals so cheap?

The Post Office internet deals that we are seeing are a sign of the times. A recent global study showed that the average price of broadband has fallen by nearly 20% since the end of 2018. Consumers are now fully enjoying this trend of plans getting cheaper while speeds keep increasing.

Furthermore, Britain ranks fifth out of Western Europe countries for the cheapest broadband deals. This makes sense as practically everyone is connected in Britain these days and our consumers expect a lot from providers. This isn’t to say ours is currently the fastest though.

However, with the huge nation-wide full fibre project underway, this is set to change in the coming years. In the meantime, grab yourself a bargain as providers try and outcompete each other on price.

With prices falling and new providers entering the market all the time, providers simply have to provide better deals. If your contract is ending it is always wise to shop around and make sure you are getting good value for money.

You may wish to upgrade your broadband speeds and this could even work out cheaper than what you’re currently paying.

What are the Post Office broadband fibre and ADSL deals?

The cost of Post Office broadband fibre and ADSL deals has been slashed by nearly 50%. Keep in mind that all of these offers end on the 31st of March 2020.

On top of the discounts, there is no line rental fee or activation cost (if you already have your own landline set up). Depending on which provider you go through, the activation fee can be up to £80.

So, let’s take a look at what each of the Post Office internet deals can offer you:

Deal Information Unlimited Broadband Unlimited Fibre Broadband Fibre Broadband Plus
Price per month on 12-month contract £15.90 £20.90 £26.90
Average speed during peak time 11Mb/sec 38Mb/sec 67Mb/sec

The Post Office’s Unlimited Broadband deal is the cheapest on the market at the moment and represents great value for money. If you’re the kind of person that chews through your internet (for work or gaming etc) you may want to look at the fibre deals though.

Post Office broadband reviews: what are other customers saying?

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We have scanned Post Office broadband reviews because we realise you may not associate it with broadband. Traditionally, the company’s main function was to send physical post between locations. The purpose of this was to send information and communications between people.

If you think about it, broadband is really a logical next step because it’s all about keeping people connected. What faster, better way of doing this than through broadband? Do the Post Office broadband reviews support this ambition?

Well, customer reviews are mixed, which isn’t uncommon in the tech world. There is a lot that depends on how fast your connection will be, your location being top of the list!

Picking through the reviews, it seems that most customers choose a Post Office broadband package for the price, saying it’s good value for money. No one can argue with the fact that the deals are cheap.

Some customers have reported slower speeds than expected leading to streaming difficulties. While it’s not usually specified which deal they are on, it’s safe to say if you’re a Netflix buff or gamer, fibre is a much safer bet for you.

If you were to experience issues with the Post Office broadband service, it is encouraging to know that the time spent on hold for customer services is among the lowest in the industry. It also has fewer complaints made against its broadband services than most competitors.

Good to note is that the standard and fibre routers don’t need an engineer to visit and install it. As you might expect from the Post Office, broadband routers would be sent to your house. All you have to do is switch on one button and follow the instructions.

If you’re not convinced that Post Office broadband is for you, there are plenty of other providers and deals on the market. Why not read our guide on selecting a broadband provider for tips and ideas on what to look out for.

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