YouFibre launches superfast internet for super cheap

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A new broadband provider has launched with ultrafast internet speeds and extremely low prices. Read on to discover if YouFibre is the best provider for your home.

Introducing YouFibre – the latest high-speed broadband provider to hit the market.

YouFibre is offering ultrafast broadband plans that fare far cheaper than the offers from telecom giants, such as BT, Virgin Media and Sky.

"YouFibre is a different kind of Internet. We are bringing superfast internet to homes and businesses across the UK,” said a YouFibre spokesperson in a statement to ISPreview.

“We have identified areas with poor or no Internet connection, and have installed Superfast Fibre, from 50Mbps to 1000Mbps speeds,” concluded the statement.

YouFibre, which was officially incorporated in late 2019, has already installed its Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP)* network across Peterlee in County Durham. It says its sales team will soon be in the area.

What is FTTP?* Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is the installation of optical fibre cables all the way to your home. In comparison to fibre to the cabinet (FTTC), in which the fibre-optic cables only reach the roadside cabinet and the connection must then pass through copper wires to the house, FTTP promises much faster internet speeds and less buffering.

How will YouFibre's broadband rollout impact rural areas?

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YouFibre Founder and CEO Jeremy Chelot says he “founded YouFibre because [he wants] everybody to benefit from a truly fast and affordable Internet service to unleash your full potential.”

According to communications regulator Ofcom, 98% of urban premises have access to superfast broadband, which provides download speeds of at least 30Mbps and is sufficient for most homes. However, these superfast services are only available to 80% of households in rural areas.

Following the government’s recent £5 billion pledge to roll out “gigabit-capable” broadband ISP networks across the UK by the end of 2025, this gap between rural and urban broadband performance is narrowing. YouFibre is likely to accelerate the closure of this gap.

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How much does YouFibre cost?

Youfibre’s fastest broadband plan, called YouFibre 1000, costs just £30 per month for the first 12 months and switching is completely free. Compared to larger and more familiar companies, such as Virgin Media and BT, this offer comes in at about half the price.

Virgin Media charges around £62 for its Gig1 package, which does not include the £35 setup fee. BT charges nearly £60 per month, plus a setup charge of £9.99. After 24 months, the price increases to almost £68 per month.

The YouFibre 1000 plan will increase from £30 to £50 per month after the first year. Even with this £20 jump, customers can still end up saving quite a bit more than they would with larger providers on plans with a similar ultrafast speed.

The table below breaks down the latest YouFibre residential plans and prices.

Residential plan Average speed Price per month Price per month (after 12 months)
YouFibre 50 50 Mbps £20 £22
YouFibre 150 150 Mbps £25 £30
YouFibre 1000 900 Mbps £30 £50

YouFibre allows you to add a Voice over IP phone service to your plan for just £3 extra per month. This lets subscribers make calls via services like WhatsApp or FaceTime Audio through their internet connection.

Customers can also choose to add on YouFibre’s mesh Wifi system to their plan for an extra £7 a month. This service guarantees at least 10Mbps wifi in each room of your house.

You can check on the YouFibre website to see if the service is available in your area. You can also give us a call here at Selectra on 01704 468 005. One of our experienced agents will help you find the cheapest broadband plan for your household.

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