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About Utility Warehouse - History, Reviews, Prices & More

Name  Utility Warehouse (Telecom Plus plc)

Headquarters  London, England

Founded  1996

Information about Utility Warehouse

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Who are they?

Utility Warehouse is one of the largest energy suppliers in the UK outside of the Big Six, holding a current market share of 2% with more than 500,000 customers. Founded in 1996, Utility Warehouse is the public face of multi-utility supplier ‘Telecom Plus plc’. Not only is it a utility supplier, but a savings club also: one of the main selling points for Utility Warehouse is its rewards scheme and discount club. Membership is free, and once signed up, the member will receive a cashback card that will see the user receiving cashback up to 10%, vouchers and discounts in a large number of retailers such as Debenhams, Boots and Currys. Although The Utility Warehouse does not technically advertise, they did create a promotional video including their ambassador, the late Terry Wogan. Click here to see it.

Customer Service

As should be expected by the energy suppliers wishing to challenge the Big Six, Utility Warehouse has fantastic customer service satisfaction ratings. On Trustpilot, they received a score of 7.8 out of 10 from 2550 reviewers, 68.5% of which gave the top possible rating. In the Which? survey they landed a 75% satisfaction rating from 8902 customer reviewers, leaving them joint 5th. It appears that the general opinion from the online community is that Utility Warehouse have fantastic capabilities in resolving customer issues, as was the case for Gulia, UK: “My bills are so low saving over £1000 a year. I get amazing customer service support where they speak to me as a human, I not ringing a call centre in India or talking to a robot.”

Unit Rates

Utility Warehouse, unlike many of the other energy providers, focus on bundling all of your utilities together, including your mobile, landline and broadband. Their two main energy tariffs are 'Value' and 'Gold'; however, the more utilities you add, the more you save, therefore without an exact knowledge of what each consumer is wanting to receive from the Utility Warehouse, it is difficult to estimate pricing and savings. It is possible, however, to check unit rates, which as searched on 14th November 2016 for Utility Warehouse’s ‘value’ variable tariff in Newcastle is 13.758p per kWh of electricity and 3.925p for gas, whereas in Central London is 13.844p for electricity and 3.982p for gas.