Utility Warehouse Tariff Prices - Gas and Electricity

Tariffs and Prices

Utility Warehouse has their own price promise. If customers switch all their services to Utility Warehouse, then they claim that they are guaranteed to save money. They have a variety of fixed, variable and prepayment tariffs.

Utility Warehouse prices seem competitive. Source: utilitywarehouse.co.uk

If they don’t then Utility Warehouse agrees to refund double the difference of the competing tariff. While some customers could undoubtedly save with this offer, they must have their home phone, broadband, mobile and utilities with the supplier (on their Double Gold Tariff.) Customers willing to switch all of their services and who like the convenience of having all their utilities in the same place may save some money.

However, a relative like for like comparison of only gas and electricity shows that customers would generally be spending more than 20% more than on the cheapest electricity and gas tariffs in their region, so it isn’t the best deal for everyone.

In fact, savings are minimal compared with the big six suppliers' prices. Here you can see a comparison of how much you could save, depending on your tariff.

  • Value
  • Only supply gas and electricity
  • On average 0.5% cheaper than the big six
  • Gold
  • With home broadband and mobile
  • On average 2.5% cheaper than the big six
  • Double Gold
  • With home, broadband and mobile
  • On average 5% cheaper than the big six

As you can see, how much you will save depends on how many of the services you have with Utility Warehouse.In order to get an accurate quote you can contact Utility Warehouse on their website. However, to get a current personalised quote to see if you could save by switching supplier you can compare online.

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Utility Warehouse Price Increases 2018

utility-warehouse-price rise
Utility Warehouse will raise its prices by 4.9%. source: utilitywarehouse.co.uk

Many of the big six suppliers such as British Gas and EON will be implementing above-inflation price rises this year. The companies blame higher energy costs, government policies and the smart meter programme for the rise.

Utility Warehouse will also raise its prices much to the disappointment of many customers. From the 1st of July, there will be a 4% increase in gas and electricity prices and a 4.9% increase for Economy 7 customers with the company.

Interestingly, other small independent suppliers such as Pure Planet Energy have managed to reduce their prices in the same time period bringing savings of about the same amount to their customers.

So, it’s always worth shopping around and seeing what tariff deals the small independent suppliers have. You are almost guaranteed to save money. You can do a online price comparison to see what the best deal on the market is.

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