Severn Trent Moving House: How to Change Your Address

Severn Trent Water Moving House

Moving house is a stressful time. Packing boxes and making what feels like a million phone calls to coordinate with military precision can sometimes feel like too much. We’ve created this Severn Trent moving house guide to help ease some of the stress.

Severn Trent Water can also be referred to as ST Water or STW. They are all the same company. Severn Trent Water is based in Coventry and supplies water to the Midlands region in the UK.

Severn Trent Water Moving House


Are you moving house within the Severn Trent Water area and need to contact the Severn Trent moving house team? You will need to notify Severn Trent Water if you’re moving in, moving out, or changing address so your water supply will be unaffected.

Severn Trent Water Change of Address

If you’re moving house and are already a Severn Trent Water customer, you still need to let the Severn Trent moving house team know you’re moving house.

To change your address, you can login to your online account, or call Severn Trent Water moving house team on 0345 7500 500 with your new address.

The Severn Trent Water moving house team will move your account to your new address and update your billing.


Severn Trent Water Moving House New Customer

Are you a Severn Trent Water new customer? You will need to set up a new account with the Severn Trent Water moving house team.

Did another water supplier provide your water at your last home? You also need to tell that supplier you moved house and they will cancel your account.

You can find the details for your current water supplier in our UK Water Suppliers section. If you don't know who your water supplier is, use Water UK's postcode checker or consult our Water Supplier List.

Registering as a New Customer

To register as a Severn Trent Water new customer, you can go online to the Severn Trent Water moving house webpage or call the Severn Trent Water moving house team on 0345 7500 500. You can the tell Severn Trent Water moving house team up to 28 days before your move.

After you move in, make sure you take a meter reading if your property has a water meter. This will make sure that Severn Trent Water only bill you for your water usage. They will send the bill for the water the previous occupant used to the last occupant or the landlord if the previous occupant hasn’t updated their details.

You can tell the Severn Trent Water moving house team up to 28 days before your move.

Should your home not have a water meter, they will base your usage on the rateable value of your home.

What is Rateable Value? They based Rateable Value on how much your home was worth in March 1990, Severn Trent Water will calculate your water bill based on this value.

To find out if your property has a water meter, you can read our UK Water Meter guide and for advice on both traditional water meters and smart water meters.

In case you’re unable to give the Severn Trent Water moving house team a water meter reading on the day you move in, they will start your billing based on an estimated reading. Severn Trent Water will start your reading from the point the previous occupant gave a meter reading when they left, depending on how long since they moved out.

Are you paying the amount you should? If you're wondering how your water bill compares to the rest of the country, you can take a look at our guide to the Average UK Water Bill.

Severn Trent Water Moving Out


Are you moving out and leaving the Severn Trent Water area? You will need to inform the Severn Trent Water moving house team. They will prepare you a final bill and close your account. You can close your account up to 28 days ahead of moving out.

It is important to take a meter reading on the last day at the property. Give your meter reading to Severn Trent Water moving house team who can then calculate your last bill.

If you don’t have a water meter, they will calculate your last bill on the rateable value of your property, and how long since your last Severn Trent Water bill.

Severn Trent Water Landlord Responsibility

Are you a landlord with tenants moving into your property within the Severn Trent Water region? If so, it’s important that the Severn Trent Water moving house team are aware of the change of tenancy if your tenants pay the water bill themselves.

You can use Landlord TAP, which is a national service dedicated to landlords and allows you to update any details regarding the water supply for your properties.

With Landlord TAP you can:

  • Add and remove properties from your portfolio
  • Update Severn Trent Water about the change of tenants, or update existing details
  • Inform Severn Trent Water about an empty property

If you, as the landlord, pay the Severn Trent Water bill for your properties, you can manage up to 30 properties under the same account holder’s name. You can manage your account online, making it easy to provide meter readings, make payments, or update account details.


Severn Trent Water Student Moving In

moving boxes and bags

Congratulations! You’re about to experience one of the most exciting periods in your life. With all that excitement, it can be nerve-wracking when you find out you have to set up accounts, pay bills, and manage your finances, all whilst studying and making new friends.

Severn Trent Water makes it easy to get started though. It's as easy as setting up an online account and choosing your water bill payment method. This is the easiest way to set up your water bill.

Before you register, we recommend you check your tenancy agreement to see if you must pay the water bill. Some landlords cover it with the rent, or will keep control of the billing and send you the Severn Trent water bill when it’s due. Should your tenancy agreement be unclear who handles the Severn Trent Water bill, you can ask your landlord or letting agent.

If you prefer to talk on the phone, you can call the Severn Trent Water moving house team on 0345 7500 500

If you need help understanding how your water bill is calculated, check out our Water Rates guide.

Can I Let Severn Trent Know About New Occupants

Of course you can! If you have the details of the next occupant, you can pay it forward and help them get registered for Severn Trent Water. Let the Severn Trent Water moving house team know. They can update the details and contact the new occupants.

Moving Into an Empty Property

When you move into an empty property, you must first check if the supply is active. To do this, you can try running the taps in the property. It’s best to try the one in the kitchen, as this is often close to the stop tap. If there’s no running water, check under the sink to find the water stop tap. Check it’s in the open position, then try running the water again.

Should you still not have water, Severn Trent Water may have disconnected the supply. This happens when the property is empty long term.

Contact Severn Trent Water to let them know the property is no longer empty and they will send somebody out to reactivate the supply of water to the property.

You can also check out our No Water in House guide on what to do if you don't have water at home.

Moving Out of An Empty Property

Have you moved out of the property, but are keeping ownership? Contact Severn Trent Water moving house team to discuss your options. If you’re keeping the property for occasional use, having a water meter fitted could work out cheaper. Severn Trent Water will bill you for your consumption instead of the rateable value.

Are you planning to keep the property empty? Turn off the water stop tap to avoid water waste. This will also protect your property in case there’s a plumbing leak or other water emergency affecting your property.

Severn Trent Moving House Complaints

old phone

If you have problems with your Severn Trent moving house experience, you should get in touch with the Severn Trent Water contact team on 0247 771 6587. Unfortunately, you can’t switch water suppliers, but Severn Trent Water’s complaint procedure is similar to other water companies’. You should explain what the issue is and give them at least 8 weeks for them to solve it.

If after 8 weeks you are still not having any luck with the Severn Trent moving house team, you can take your complaint to the Consumer Council for Water (CCW) who deal with escalated issues. Do not take your complaint to the water regulator Ofwat as they only deal with anti-competitive behaviour in the water industry.

Is Severn Trent Water Safe To Drink?

The water from Severn Trent Water is perfectly safe to drink.

Severn Trent Water did have problems with the quality of its supply in 2010-2011 and also in 2016. This was due to a higher level of chlorine in the water supply than was safe to use. This only affected three postcode areas in Derbyshire but the matter was quickly resolved.

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