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Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission

Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission is wholly owned by Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks, and therefore SSE. They are the owner of an extensive high voltage electricity transmission network in the north of Scotland. Due to the regional monopoly, they are regulated by Ofgem through a ‘price control’ that forces them to restrict profits and losses. They manage the transmission of 132kW, 275kW and 400kW electricity lines across some of the UK’s most challenging terrain. They take electricity from onshore wind farms, hydro power stations and other generators and transport it to wherever it is needed before the distribution process.

As shown as green on the map below, Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission covers Northern Scotland, including Inverness and Aberdeen:

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Do you have any customer service enquiries? You can contact their customer service department via your chosen method below:

Customer Information
Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission
0345 026 2658
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Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission
PO Box 7506

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