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SP Transmission (Scottish Power)

SP Transmission is wholly owned by SP Energy Networks, which itself is owned by Scottish Power and therefore Iberdrola. SP Transmission’s network consists of over 400km of overhead and 320km of underground lines. This is punctuated by 132 substations. Substations are where the electricity passes through in order to be reduced in voltage. This is completed through transformers. Transmission voltage is way too high to be fit for domestic and business distribution, so it needs to be reduced in order to become readily usable.

As shown in white on the map below, SP Transmission covers central and southern Scotland, including the country’s two biggest cities: Edinburgh; and Glasgow.

SP Energy Networks offer a wide variety of career oportunities. If you are interested in working for SP Transmission or indeed for any of the companies under the Scottish Power brand, click here to visit their careers page.

For any customer service enquiries you can contact Scottish Power customer service via telephone, email or mail. The details are listed below:

Contact Information
Central & Southern Scotland
0330 1010 444
Customer Service
SP Energy Networks
Ochill House
Hamilton International Park
G72 0HT

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