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Bristol Energy - Reviews, Login, Prices & Contact

Name  Bristol Energy

Headquarters  Bristol, UK

Founded  2015

Customers  80,000

Information about Bristol Energy

Paying gas and electricity bills is a fact of life…

Wouldn’t it be great if a part of those bills could also do some good?

This is where Bristol Energy comes in.

Bristol Energy was setup to serve Bristol by putting its profits back into the local community. It was started by Bristol City Council in 2015 and currently serves over 80,000 homes and businesses throughout the UK (not just Bristol).

They operate their business with 4 key values:

  • Fairness
  • Accessibility
  • Being straightforward
  • Transparent

What’s not to like? It’s also good news for people who don’t live in Bristol. You may think that having such a specific objective would mean that Bristol Energy customers would only come from the Bristol area. However, that’s not the case. Bristol Energy customers come from all over the UK. So, there must be a good reason to switch, even if you don’t live in the Bristol area. Bristol Energy tries to attract new customers as well as retain existing ones by being a cheap energy provider with excellent customer service, all whilst making your bills easy to understand.


Despite being a relatively new company in the market, Bristol Energy have quickly gained a reputation for their good customer service. If you hate waiting on the line to get through to customer services, the good news is, their wait times are low. Bristol Energy were reviewed as being much faster at picking up thenever had to wait more than a minute to speak to someone phone when compared to the big six. There is currently no information on average wait times, which is a shame for those of you who want a quantitative measurement of customer service waiting times. However, one customer mentioned that they never had to wait more than a minute to speak to someone. To put that into perspective, he had to wait over an hour in his previous experience with energy companies. The other good news is Bristol Energy’s call centre is based in Bristol.

Trustpilot rating:

Customers of Bristol Energy will need to give monthly meter readings, and for those customers switching to Bristol Energy, they will also need to do a reading shortly before they switch. That may sound to you like a lot of work as you want your switch to be as painless as possible. However, customers reviewed Bristol Energy positively in that aspect. By reading their meters on a monthly basis, customers reported that they were more aware of how much they were spending, and as a result, were more conscious of reducing their gas and electricity bills. Bristol energy also make it easy for you to send them your meter reading. Every month when the meter reading is due, Bristol Energy will send you a reminder by email. You can easily submit your meter reading online using your login.

Bristol Energy’s facebook page has a few reviews from their customers with half being positive and the other half being from customers all complaining about the same thing, bad communication. When customers asked to be changed from one tariff to another they found their request was either ignored, or they were moved onto the wrong tariff. Bristol Energy didn’t respond to the Facebook comments so we don’t know if their complaints were resolved or not.

Prices and Tariffs

Bristol Energy offers fixed rate and variable rate tariffs available to customers throughout the UK. They currently have 6 tariffs available to choose from. Choosing the tariff that is right for you will depend on a number of factors. We’ve put together a checklist of things you should consider when switching energy tariffs.

girl choosing between energy tariffs

Choosing the right energy tariff doesn't have to be complicated. Source: Linkedin

  • Economy 7, gives you access to cheap electricity during off peak hours. Bristol Energy offers economy 7 tariffs for customers with economy 7 meters so you can benefit from cheaper electricity at night.
  • Where does my energy come from? or “the fuel mix”, as it’s known, is important for those of you who want to be green. If you’re looking for renewable energy companies in Bristol, Bristol Energy offer green energy tariffs with 100% of their energy coming from renewable sources.
  • Do you want to change provider often or be flexible after changing provider? Then a variable tariff would be better for you as they don’t usually charge you an exit fee due to the fact that there are no fixed term contracts.
  • Do I want the cheapest gas and electricity bills in the long run? You could benefit from fixed price tariffs, because variable rate tariffs tend to rise over time, meaning a fixed rate tariffs tend to work out cheaper in the long term.

You should be aware that the region you live in also affects the price of gas and electricity per kWh. The cheapest region in the UK for electricity varies by tariff and provider. Though generally speaking, the East of England and, surprisingly, London are the cheapest areas per kWh. The most expensive region in the UK is split between Northern Scotland and Merseyside and North Wales. However, it’s unlikely you’ll change where you live based on the unit price of electricity per region, so for the average person, the most important factors to take into consideration when switching energy provider are:

  • The time of day you use electricity.
  • The amount of time you plan to be with that provider.

Below you can compare different Bristol Energy tariffs so you have an idea of which one is right for you. Please note that Bristol Energy’s fixed rate tariffs are subject to exit fees, should you wish to leave before your contract is up. Bristol Energy’s website does not state how much their exit fees are for leaving a contract early.

Bristol Energy Home Tariffs
Home Tariff
Its benefits at a glance

1 Year Fixed Issue 19

  • Fixed price for 12 months
  • Gas and/or electricity
  • Payment by bill or direct debit
  • Discount for paperless billing
  • No tie-ins

2 Year Fix Issue 3

  • Fixed price for 24 months
  • Gas and/or electricity
  • Payment by bill or direct debit
  • Discount for paperless billing
  • No tie-ins

‘My Bristol Tariff’ 1 Year Fix Issue 11

  • Fixed price for 24 months
  • Gas and/or electricity
  • Payment by bill or direct debit
  • Discount for paperless billing
  • No tie-ins

*Open to only those with a BS postcode.

‘My Local Tariff’ 1 Year Fix Issue 11

  • Fixed price for 24 months
  • Gas and/or electricity
  • Payment by bill or direct debit
  • Discount for paperless billing
  • No tie-ins

*Open to only those South West region.

‘My Green Plus Tariff’ 1 Year Fix Issue 4

  • Fixed price for 24 months
  • Electricity or dual fuel only
  • 100% renewable electricity
  • Gas and/or electricity
  • Payment by bill or direct debit
  • Discount for paperless billing
  • No tie-ins

Bristol Energy Standard

  • Variable tariff rates
  • Gas and/or electricity
  • Payment by bill,direct debit or Prepayment
  • Discount for paperless billing
  • No tie-ins

Business Tariffs

Bristol Energy offers business tariffs that are exclusive to business users, this is in addition to the home energy tariffs they also offer. Bristol Energy has fixed price business tariffs for 1 and 2 years and all their business energy tariffs require payment by direct debit. Mixed fuel and 100% renewable business energy tariffs are available with a fixed price for 12 months.

Business Tariffs
Its benefits at a glance

Fixed Rate 12 months

  • Fully fixed prices for 12 months
  • No hidden charges
  • Gas and/or electricity
  • Payment via direct debit

Fixed Rate 24 months

  • Fully fixed prices for 12 months
  • No hidden charges
  • Gas and/or electricity
  • Payment via direct debit

100% Renewable Electricity - Fixed Rate 12 months

  • Fully fixed prices for 12 months after you switch
  • No hidden charges
  • 100% renewable electricity

Account Login

Bristol Energy customers can log in to their online account which allows them to check their energy usage as well as their gas and electricity bill. If you can’t login to your Bristol Energy account for whatever reason, perhaps you have forgotten your password or username, then you can reset that information and reestablish your password by clicking on the appropriate links on the login page. Bristol Energy customers wishing to know how to send a meter reading can do so by logging in to their online portal and submitting it there.

Login to your account

Contact information

If you have a general enquiry for Bristol energy you can get in contact with their customer services representatives, who are based in the UK, at the following number.

Send a letter to...

Bristol Energy Ltd
100 Temple Street

Send an email to...

Sales & Renewals

if you wish to renew or change the tariff you are currently on you can call the following number. Remember, in order to compare the different options avalible, you can request a call back here for the most updated prices.

Business contact

Do you have a business and wish to contact Bristol Energy? Give them a call on the following number. Alternatively, if you are out of hours and need to contact Bristol energy, or just fancy writing to them, you can also give them an email at the address below.


If you have a problem with Bristol Energy that needs resolving you can call them on the following number. Alternatively, if you are out of hours or you would prefer to write to them, you can send them an email using the address provided below.

DNO information

Do you need information about your Distribution Network Operator? Click on one of the following links:

SP Distribution
Scottish & Southern Energy Networks
Electricity North West
Northern Power Grid
Western Power Distribution
UK Power Networks

Who is my DNO?

Gas Distributor Information

Do you need information about your area gas distributor? Click on one of the following links:

National Grid
Wales & West Utilities
Northern Gas Networks

Who is my gas distributor?


Bristol Energy was set up by Bristol City Council in 2015, with a total investment of £13.5 million. Bristol City Council remain Bristol Energy’s only shareholder. Bristol Energy was created as an enterprise to benefit the Bristol community with the profits of the company going towards helping the local community.

bristol energy managing director Peter Haigh

Managing director of Bristol Energy. Source: Bristol Post

While the social benefits of Bristol Energy are purely focused on Bristol, it’s possible to get Bristol Energy tariffs throughout the UK.

They have over 130 employees (as of January 2018) with their main customer base being in Bristol. Bristol Energy also have customers in other parts of the UK, providing gas and electricity to households from as far as the Isles of Scilly to the Shetlands. When asked why Bristol Energy attracts customers from outside of Bristol, their managing director Peter Haigh said, "For decades, people have been overpaying for their gas and electricity. And customer loyalty has been penalised". Bristol Energy aim to change that by providing cheap electricity to new customers, as well as existing customers.

Bristol Energy, since its creation in 2015, is yet to make a profit (as of January 2018) and said in a statement to the BBC that it expects to make a profit by 2021. This was revised from the previous estimate of 2019, due to the lower than expected take up of Bristol Energy tariffs.

Market Share

Bristol energy currently provides gas and electricity to 80,000 households and has a 4% share of the smaller energy suppliers’ market in the UK. Whilst they promote themselves as a socially responsible company with 100% of the shares owned by Bristol City Council, they stated that their first objective is profitability.

The 31st March 2017 marked the end of the first full year of trading and financial results for the period from January - December 2017 were less than expected. Turnover was £13.7 million with reported losses of £7.7 million. Bristol Energy initially stated that they would turn a profit for the year ending 2019, but that date was subsequently revised, and now expect to make a profit by 2021.

Fuel Mix

The fuel mix (or energy mix as it’s sometimes referred to as) tells you where the electricity from Bristol Energy comes from. All electricity providers are required to publish their energy mix, so that it is available for everyone to see. That way you can be better informed about the makeup of the electricity you use in your house.

Bristol energy’s largest percentage of energy comes from renewables, which is good news for those of you who want to reduce your carbon footprint. If you want to go greener still, Bristol Energy offers a 100% renewable electricity tariff for homes as well as businesses. However, switching to 100% renewable electricity tariffs is sometimes more expensive than standard tariffs.

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