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British Gas Tariffs and Prices 2021

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British Gas tariffs have a reputation for being on the expensive side and news reports constantly tell us that energy prices are on the rise - but are the rumours really true? Are British gas customers getting ripped off? Let’s take a look at the different energy tariffs available from British Gas.

💸British Gas Tariffs and Prices

British Gas, like most suppliers, releases different tariffs every few weeks, which making it difficult to keep track of prices. In the table below, however, we've compiled each UK provider's Which? score in the area of value for money so that you can see how they compare to the rest of the market:

Suppliers' value for money ranked by Which? score
Energy Supplier Which? Value for Money score
Outfox the Market ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Avro Energy ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Octopus Energy ⭐⭐⭐⭐
People's Energy ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pure Planet ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sainsbury's Energy ⭐⭐⭐⭐
So Energy ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Bristol Energy ⭐⭐⭐
Boost ⭐⭐⭐
Bulb Energy ⭐⭐⭐
Green Energy UK ⭐⭐⭐
Green Network Energy ⭐⭐⭐
Ovo Energy ⭐⭐⭐
Shell Energy ⭐⭐⭐
Utilita ⭐⭐⭐
Utility Point ⭐⭐⭐
Utility Warehouse ⭐⭐⭐
British Gas ⭐⭐
E ⭐⭐
Ecotricity ⭐⭐
EDF Energy ⭐⭐
E.ON ⭐⭐
Scottish Power

*For illustrative purposes only. Figures taken from Which?'s September 2020 survey.


As you can see, British Gas finds itself in the bottom half of providers in terms of value for money according to the most recent survey. It will no doubt look to improve on this score, but it should be noted that it was among the better performers of the old 'Big Six'.

We've put together a guide to all the specific British Gas tariffs that will help you understand what they offer. The following are the British Gas tariffs for domestic customers. If you're looking for business energy tariffs, check out our guide to British Gas Business.

💡British Gas Standard Tariff

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If you haven't updated your British Gas energy tariff within the past year or two, it's likely that you're paying the standard rates, which vary according to the wholesale price of energy and where the Ofgem price cap for standard tariffs sits.

British Gas generally keeps its standard tariff in line with the price cap, so it may go up again from October 1 2021. The provider will always give customers 30 days' notice before it puts its prices up.

📈Price changes in the news

Here's a brief history of British Gas price increases in recent years. It's worth noting that these increases (and decreases) were always done in line with the Ofgem price cap.

  • April 2018: British Gas comes in for criticism from Energy Minister Claire Perry, who said that the UK Government was “disappointed” by the “unjustified” increase of 5.5% in the standard variable tariff.
  • October 2018: the provider's standard variable rate increases again, this time by 3.8%.
  • April 2019: Another British Gas price increase, this time a whopping 10.5%.
  • October 2019: British Gas brings down its standard rate in line with the price cap.
  • April 2020: The price cap is lowered again to account for the Coronavirus pandemic, and the provider brings down its standard rate.
  • October 2020: Another cut to the price cap, which hit its lowest ever point at £1,042 a year, sees British Gas lower its rate for a third successive time.
  • April 2021: The price cap is finally brought up by an average of £96 per year following a upsurge in wholesale prices, and British Gas ups its standard rate.

Unfortunately for consumers, the energy price cap is expected to go up yet again in October 2021, so British Gas tariffs that are affected by the cap will almost certainly follow suit.

📞How do I change my British Gas tariff?

If you're an existing customer on the British Gas standard tariff, it's easy to change your tariff. You can do so either through your online account or by calling British Gas. If you're in a contract with British Gas, you can switch to a different tariff (or supplier) within the last 49 days (or seven weeks) before the contract officially ends and you won't have to pay an exit fee.

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🧾British Gas Fixed Tariffs

HomeEnergy Secure July 2023

This fixed price tariff is currently open to new customers and offers fixed prices on gas and electricity until 31 July 2023. You can find details about the tariff in the table below:

British Gas HomeEnergy Secure July 2023
Term Fixed for 24 months
Exit fee £40 per fuel
100% renewable electricity  
Carbon offset gas  

As mentioned in the table, 100% of the electricity you use on this tariff will be offset with the purchase of electricity from renewable sources to put back into the National Grid. The gas you use, however, will not be offset.

To find out about pricing, head over to the British Gas website for a quote!

Green Future July 2023

Like the HomeEnergy Secure July 2023 tariff, British Gas will offset 100% of the electricity you use on this tariff. It also goes one step further. See details for this tariff in the table below:

British Gas HomeEnergy Secure July 2023
Term Fixed for 24 months
Exit fee £40 per fuel
100% renewable electricity  
Carbon offset gas  

As you can see, this tariff offers similar features to the above with the added bonus of carbon offset gas as well as renewable electricity. On top of 100% renewable electricity, British Gas will match 10% of the gas you use with green gas into the National Grid, and will engage in carbon offsetting to balance out the other 90%.

Complete Protection Jul 2022v3

This fixed-rate tariff guarantees your prices won't change until 31 July 2022. In addition to energy, this tariff also includes Central Heating Breakdown Cover, Plumbing & Drains Cover, Home Electrical Cover, and Home Services Cover for 12 months at no extra cost. Here are the details for this tariff:

Complete Protection Jul 2022v3
Term Fixed for 12 months
Exit fee £30 per fuel
Central Heating Breakdown Cover  
Plumbing & Drains Cover  
Home Services Cover  

💳British Gas PAYG Tariff

The standard British Gas Pay As You Go tariff, also known as the Safeguard PAYG tariff, is available to both new and current customers who have prepayment meters. Users with smart meters are also able to get this tariff. Here's a full rundown of its features:

British Gas PAYG tariff
Price Variable
Exit fee £0 per fuel
Smart PAYG  

Rates on this tariff fluctuate with the wholesale cost of energy, with British Gas prices usually being kept in line with the level of the price cap. A big positive is that this tariff doesn't have exit fees, so you're free to change to a different tariff without being penalised if the rates change.

🏢British Gas Business Tariffs

There are some important differences between domestic and business energy. First of all, businesses do not have the 14-day cooling-off period that domestic customers have during the switch process. This allows domestic customers to change their minds and cancel their energy plan up to two weeks after agreeing to a new contract.

Business energy deals also tend to be for longer periods of time than domestic energy plans. Anywhere between one and four years is standard for British Gas business energy. If you move into business premises where British Gas is the existing supplier, you will automatically be put on what’s called the ‘deemed rate’ (the default rate) tariff unless you contact British Gas to request one of its energy plans.

For more information about British Gas business tariffs, see our dedicated page.

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British Gas Tariff FAQs

What is the cheapest British Gas tariff?

At the moment, the cheapest British Gas tariff available is the standard tariff, which is not typically the case. This tariff usually tends to be among the most expensive British Gas offers, and this is also the case generally. Even though this standard tariff currently offers the cheapest rates, we would actually recommend selecting the HomeEnergy Secure July 2023 tariff. It will currently cost you a few pounds more per month, but your rates will be protected from any increases until July 2023.

How much is British Gas per kWh?

Energy price per kWh depends on which tariff you’re currently on, as well as your location. In general, gas costs between 3p and 4p per kWh and electricity costs between 18p and 20p per kWh.

Is British Gas putting their prices up?

In April 2021, British Gas increased its prices for its standard tariff. This was a result of the rise in the energy price cap. Many other energy providers, especially those among the biggest providers, also raised their standard energy rates, and are expected to do so again in October if Ofgem puts up the cap again.

Is British Gas business energy cheaper than domestic energy?

British Gas business tariffs generally work out to be more expensive than domestic tariffs for a couple of reasons. Firstly, businesses pay a higher rate of VAT on their energy bills; 20% as opposed to the 5% that consumers pay. Additionally, businesses have an obligation to pay the Climate Change Levy, which is something that domestic customers don’t have to worry about.

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