This energy provider has shut down and is no longer operating.

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Robin Hood Energy has closed

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Robin Hood Energy was a not-for-profit energy provider owned and operated by Nottingham City Council. It was set up by the council in September 2015 in order to reduce fuel poverty by operating without frills and having no executives or shareholders to pay bonuses to, thus being able to pass on savings directly to its customers.

Robin Hood closed in September 2020. The supplier sold its customer base to British Gas.

Both residential and business customers across the East Midlands benefitted from Robin Hood Energy’s efforts to eradicate fuel poverty. By June 2016, the average tariff in the East Midlands had already gone down by £87 a year according to the Institute for Public Policy Research.


To find out about Robin Hood Energy reviews at the time, we first went to customer review site Trustpilot, where it scored a respectable 3.9 out of 5 stars when it was operational. Nearly two-thirds of customers gave Robin Hood Energy five stars, and 80% recorded positive experiences generally, back then.

You would think that pricing would be the main thing customers were pleased with, given its commitment to low prices above all else, but the most positive Robin Hood Energy reviews tended to point toward excellent customer service too:

Great company with fantastic customer service.

In fact, there were been dozens of similar short-but-sweet five-star reviews like this left at the time when the company was still open, which it no longer is - making these reviews now outdated.


While it is a small provider, Robin Hood Energy tariffs were available both for direct debit and pay as you go options. They were updated regularly, so it could be difficult to keep up with them.

While not expensive, Robin Hood Energy’s cheapest tariffs were not the cheapest on the market. Some of its cheapest tariffs for south-west London came in at above comparable market rates of the time for dual fuel, and there were a number of providers offering dual-fuel plans for less.


If you’re still a Robin Hood Energy customer, you are able to login to your online account via its website, at the time of writing this. However this may change in the future since Robin Hood Energy has closed.

For more information on Robin Hood Energy’s login process and to access your account, see the company’s website.

Smart meters

If you opted for a pay as you go tariff with Robin Hood Energy, it did offer a smart meter as part of the deal. Robin Hood Energy smart meters. However, with the company no longer being active, any queries regarding smart meters should be directed to British Gas, who took over the Robin Hood customer base.

Learn more about smart meters in our smart meter guide.


Robin Hood Energy has shut down. This means that it no longer has any employees and it is not posting any vacancies.

Fuel mix

Ofgem regulations mean that every UK energy provider has to make information about its fuel mix publicly available, and Robin Hood Energy were no different. However, since Robin Hood is no longer active, it no longer has its own fuel mix.

Normally, the fuel mix allows customers to get a clear idea of where the electricity they’re buying comes from. It was put in place by the government to make providers more conscious of the level of renewable energy used in their supply.

More about Robin Hood Energy

As its slogan suggested, Robin Hood Energy was a not-for-profit company, which means that in theory it sold the energy they bought from the national grid at almost wholesale price which was just enough to cover operational costs.

As well as being affiliated with Nottingham City Council, Robin Hood Energy also partnered with Leeds City Council to provide White Rose Energy, as well as with Doncaster Council to provide energy for Great North Energy. It had also partnered with Ebico.


You can no longer contact Robin Hood Energy since they are no longer operating. However, you can still make payments by contacting Credit Style on 0330 045 0650. However, this is only if you have not yet been transferred to British Gas.

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