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Southend Energy Review: Tariffs, Login & Contact

Southend Energy customers have been transferred to British Gas. Southend Energy was supplied by Robin Hood Energy under a ‘while-label’ agreement. In September 2020, Robin Hood sold its customer base (including Southend Energy customers) to British Gas.

Electricity: Renewables Available Electricity Up to 100% renewable
Fuel mix score:★★★★ Green energy options available
Domestic market: Southend, Essex Specialises in the Southend market
Selectra score:★★★ Decent range of services catering specifically for Southend

Southend Energy provides power to Essex’s Southend, but what can you expect from the provider? We explore everything there is to know about Southend Energy, including My Southend or Southend Energy Login.

Southend Energy: Key Information

Southend's incumbent suppliers are EDF Energy for electricity and British Gas for gas.

Southend Energy is an energy partnership that was originally made between Southend-on-Sea Borough Council and Ovo Energy in May 2017, but has since changed to Robin Hood Energy.

Offers through this supplier are exclusive to Southend residents and have been negotiated to give those benefiting the best possible deal. It is estimated that the average resident opting for the Southend Energy fixed tariff will save around £246 per year, which is a big difference!

Electricity Tariffs

Southend Energy offers a good deal of flexibility in their tariffs - with the capability to mix and match energy tariffs with gas ones. Southend’s main Electricity tariffs include fixed, variable and economy 7 tariffs.

It is also worth noting that they offer a 100% renewable energy tariff, which would give you a completely carbon neutral supply, all of which from renewable generation methods.

Take a look at Southend Energy’s 2020 tariffs in the handy table below to find the best one for you:

Name Meter Type Electricity Rates Standing Charges Contract Type
Southend Energy Evengreen Single rate 17.7975* pence per kWh 23.77* pence per day Variable price tariff
Southend Energy 24M with exit fees V5 Single rate 14.8050 pence per kWh 20.86 pence per day Fixed price tariff
Southend Energy 12M with exit fees v4 Single rate 14.1540 pence per kWh 19.83 pence per day Fixed price tariff
Southend Energy Evergreen E7 Two rate (Economy 7) Day 20.8950* pence per kWh, night 10.1745* pence per kWh 23.86* pence per day Variable price tariff
Southend Energy 24M E7 with exit fees V5 Two rate (Economy 7) Day 17.0625 pence per kWh, night 10.2375 pence per kWh 23.86 pence per day Fixed price tariff
Southend Energy 12M E7 with exit fees V4 Two rate (Economy 7) Day 17.2200 pence per kWh, night 10.2375 pence per kWh 23.86* pence per day Fixed price tariff

Prices are based on direct debit payments

Feed-in tariffs

The Feed-in Tariff scheme is an environmental government programme which promotes the use of small-scale renewable and low-carbon electricity generation technologies. The Feed-in Tariff scheme offered by Southend Energy is actually managed by their partner - Robin Hood Energy.

If you install electricity-generating technology from a renewable or low-carbon source – solar panels or a wind turbine for example – the FITs scheme allows you to claim money back on your supply.

Eligibility for this scheme is down to demand, and at this stage there are no more feed-in tariffs available. If you’re curious, you can always check with the provider for more information.


Southend Energy offers a wide array of Gas options for their customers, with the possibility of opting for a different Gas tariff to Electricity tariff. Take a look at the full list of Gas rates below:

Name Price Meter Type Payment Method
Southend Energy Evergreen 3.6120 pence per kWh (standing charge = 31.07 pence per day) Credit On receipt of your bill
Southend Energy Evergreen 3.4335 pence per kWh (standing charge = 26.51 pence per day) Credit Monthly direct debit
Southern Energy 24M with exit fees V5 2.5106 pence per kWh (standing charge = 31.59 pence per day) Credit On receipt of your bill
Southern Energy 24M with exit fees V5 2.4255 pence per kWh (standing charge = 25.18 pence per day) Credit Monthly direct debit
Southern Energy 12M with exit fees V4 2.9925 pence per kWh (standing charge = 32.93 pence per day) Credit On receipt of your bill
Southern Energy 12M with exit fees V4 2.8140 pence per kWh (standing charge = 25.85 pence per day) Credit Monthly direct debit
Southern Energy Pay As You Go Gas 3.3800 pence per kWh (standing charge = 35.700 pence per day) Prepayment Prepayment

My Southend: Southend Energy Login

We’re all busy these days and sometimes accessing bills online can be a huge time saver. Thankfully, Southend Energy customers can quickly and easily pay bills via their online account.

If you want to access your online account you will need to register on the Southend Energy website. It’s a simple 2-minute process in which you’ll need to set a username and password.

If you’re an existing Ovo Energy customer who signed up before the 18th of February 2020 please note that you can still log into your Southend account powered by Ovo on the Southend website.

Login Assistance

To log in to your account you’re going to need your username or email address, and your password. If you forget your username or password, don’t fret - just click on the forgot your username or password links on the login portal and follow the instructions.

Paperless BillingIf you want to see your bills coming in each month, you’re not alone. Regular structured bills can be a great way to keep track of your home utility expenses. Southend Energy offers paperless billing - helping you contribute to a greener future for our planet.

Southend Energy Contact number

Looking to get in touch with Southend Energy? You can reach the provider via the Southend energy contact number and email or if you are concerned about long wait times, you can request a callback from us here and we’ll help you out. Find the relevant contact details for you in the handy table below:

Email Send an email to
Phone Call 0800 953 0164, Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm (closed weekends)
Online Form Available for the following query types: Billing Payments, Meter Reads, Change of Tenancy, Online Issues, Metering Issues, Pay As You Go and Complaints