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Tonik Energy is an independent gas and electricity supplier that was set up in 2015, based in Birmingham, England. Not only do Tonik Energy have some of the cheapest renewable energy tariffs in the country, but they also invest heavily in developing technology that will even further reduce your consumption and monthly spend. Tonik Energy is extremely highly recommended and one of the highest performing energy providers in the British market.

Tonik Customer Reviews

Tonik Energy is one of the highest rated energy suppliers in Great Britain. Glowing reviews come from all over the internet, through the many different review platforms. Primarily this is because of their rock bottom prices month in month out, but they also vow to provide top quality customer service, with zero exit fees if you wish to leave.

On Trustpilot, a website that is known for its complaints focus, Tonik Energy have received over 1,000 reviews, 75% of which gave them the top possible rating. This has scored them a total 8.9 TrustScore out of 10, one of the best in the industry. This can be compared to the likes of Npower, that scored 0.6 out of 10 rating out of 1,171 reviews.

From the above reviews, looking deeper, we can see that the number one theme is how much Tonik Energy were a breath of fresh air for customers that had switched from Big Six tariffs. Most Big Six suppliers have become notorious for raising prices and charge extortionate billing errors, but Tonik don’t seem to fit that description.

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Account login

If you are a new or existing Tonik Energy customer, you can login to your online account by clicking the link presented below. Tonik allow you to login with the email address and password linked to your account or via Facebook and Twitter. This is unusual for the majority of suppliers and shows their focus on technology. If you have forgotten you password you can also reset this on the main login screen. Once logged into your account, you will be able to do the following:

  • See past usage information
  • View and pay bills online
  • Edit personal information
  • Submit meter readings

If you would like to login to your account, please click the link below:

Login to your account

Tariffs & Prices

As mentioned above, Tonik Energy have some of the cheapest tariff prices on the market. They are known for their rock bottom prices, so always appear on the list of cheapest tariffs, regardless of which area of the country you are in. They have been one of the most popular independent suppliers over the past few months, drawing five star reviews on all platforms and proving extremely cheap 100% renewable electricity.

Each month, Tonik Energy updates their prices and releases new tariffs, so in order to keep up with their prices, you can make a comparison online or give us a call. Here’s there most recent tariff as of March 18:

Flexi Online (Feb 18)
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Elec TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Gas TCR Dual Fuel Yearly
Northern Scotland 14.039p 21.00p £511.86 2.678p 21.00p £411.40 £923.26
Southern Scotland 12.495p 21.00p £464.00 2.625p 21.00p £404.78 £868.77
North East EN 12.580p 22.00p £470.28 2.63p 21.00p £405.40 £875.68
North West EN 12.430p 21.00p £461.98 2.75p 20.65p £419.12 £881.10
Yorkshire & Humber 12.520p 22.00p £468.42 2.61p 22.00p £406.55 £874.97
Merseyside & N Wales 13.400p 22.00p £495.70 2.60p 22.00p £405.30 £901.00
East Midlands 12.400p 20.00p £457.40 2.63p 23.50p £414.53 £871.93
West Midlands 12.520p 21.00p £464.77 2.63p 21.00p £405.40 £870.17
Eastern EN 12.500p 20.00p £460.50 2.63p 22.00p £409.05 £869.55
South Wales 12.850p 22.00p £478.65p 2.75p 22.00p £424.05 £902.70
Greater London 12.220p 22.00p £459.12 2.68p 23.00p £418.95 £878.07
South East EN 12.780p 22.00p £476.48 2.75p 22.50p £425.88 £902.36
South West EN 13.500p 22.00p £498.80 2.66p 22.00p £412.80 £911.60

At time of writing, (Mar 18) Tonik Energy’s ‘Positively Green v12’ is the cheapest 12 month fix on the market. It also has zero exit fees, meaning complete flexibility in all cases. In some cases, this tariff is as much as £400 cheaper per year than Big Six tariffs for the same usage.

All Tonik Energy’s electricity tariffs at present are 100% renewable, which means that all the electricity that comes into the grid to supply you comes from renewable generation sources. They also offer a part renewable gas tariff that contains 10% renewable gas. This is unheard for the majority of British energy suppliers, meaning it’s a rather interesting tariff to take part in.

Energy mix

The national average renewable generation percentage is currently around 24.2%. Not only do Tonik Energy beat this figure, but they have absolutely no room for improvement, coming in at 100% renewable generation. Because renewable energy is such a pressing matter in the present day, this is even more reason to switch to a Tonik Energy tariff.

Smart meters

Tonik Energy have not currently released smart meters in any region; however, have plans to roll them out around the country soon. They will do this region by region, and will inform new and existing customers of their plans as soon as their region becomes available. 100% of homes in Great Britain will be offered a free smart meter by 2020 as part of the government’s national rollout scheme, so if you are a Tonik Energy customer anticipating the nationa rollout, you will not have much longer to wait. To learn more about smart meters, you can click the link below:

Learn more

Contact Tonik Energy

If you would like to talk with Tonik Energy directly, you can give them a call or email via the information presented below. Tonik Energy are located in Birmingham and have 100% of their customer service team in-house. They also have a live chat service that you can find placed below; however, wait times can sometimes be rather high.

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Tonik Energy contact number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
0333 344 2686
Monday to Friday: 5am-5pm; weekends: closed

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