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Tonik Energy is a 100% green energy supplier with a wide range of affordable tariffs. Offering reasonable prices and mountains of smart technology that can help customers cut down their energy spending, it’s a great choice for customers that want to be more sustainable while also saving money on their energy bills.

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Tonik Energy has ceased trading. All of Tonik Energy's 130,000 customers were transferred to Scottish Power on October 10, 2020. The Tonik login page has been removed. Whether you signed up to Tonik with us or not you can give us a call on 020 3936 0059 or get a free callback and we can help you switch supplier without the need to login. Affected customers can also read our guide for more advice on what to do next.

Tonik Energy is a 100% green energy supplier with a wide range of affordable tariffs. Offering reasonable prices and mountains of smart technology that can help customers cut down their energy spending, it’s a great choice for customers that want to be more sustainable while also saving money on their energy bills.

Electricity: Renewables  100% renewable energy
Fuel mix score: ★★★★★  Great customer service
Domestic Market: England, Scotland, Wales  Reasonable prices
Customers: 90,000  Lots of smart technology to help customers
be more sustainable e.g. smart meters, solar panels and EV chargers
Selectra score: ★★★★  No Warm Home Discount

What is Tonik Energy?

Tonik Energy is an independent gas and electricity supplier that aims to give its customers an increasing amount of control over how much energy they use. Its main goal is to help you reduce your carbon footprint while halving your energy bills by 2022.

The supplier was founded in 2015 under the name Pilot Energy but rebranded to Tonik Energy in 2016.

How many customers does Tonik Energy have?

Tonik Energy is a small energy provider and currently supplies energy to roughly 90,000 customers.

The supplier does not refer to its customers as ‘customers’, preferring the term members. This is because everyone who signs up for a Tonik tariff is "part of the movement that we are facilitating...a genuine change in the energy market rather than just a transaction every month". (Tonik Energy)

Where is Tonik Energy based?

The green energy supplier is based in Birmingham, England, but supplies energy to households in England, Wales and Scotland.

Who owns Tonik?

Tonik Energy was co-founded in 2015 by Jonathan Hayward, Simon Perkins and Christopher Russell. Today, Simon Perkins is the Operations Director, Christopher Russell is the Managing Director and Donald Leiper became the Commercial Director in 2017.

In February 2019, the company secured a £13 million investment from Mitsui & co. The Japenese investment firm is now a minority, strategic stakeholder in the company.

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Tonik Energy has offices in Birmingham and Leeds and offers a wide range of opportunities to work in renewable energy: from customer service agents to engineers. If you are interested in a Tonik Energy job, keep an eye on its website for the latest vacancies or send your CV to

Customer reviews - Is Tonik Energy any good?

In general, Tonik Energy receives great reviews from members on Trustpilot, Google and Which?. Many praise the structure and user-friendliness of the website, stating the online account system is really easy to use and navigate.

Reviews concerning customer service are also consistently positive. Customers report it is fast, efficient and call centre staff are friendly and helpful. Many also commend the clear level of communication that is maintained between the supplier and its members.

Something customers really love? The fact that Tonik Energy uses 100% renewable energy. While this means Tonik might not be the cheapest option on the market, the vast majority of customers are happy to pay that little bit extra for green energy and first-class customer service.

For a more detailed review of Tonik Energy, broken down into customer service, bill and account management, value for money, and complaints handling, head to our Tonik Energy Reviews page.

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Login and online account

All Tonik Energy customers have access to an online account where they can keep track of their energy usage and manage their account and spending. This is known as the Tonik Space Account.

The Tonik Energy login process is very easy - customers just need to enter the email address and password linked to their account. Unlike a lot of energy suppliers, you can also login via Facebook and Twitter.

Find out more about how to log in with our complete Tonik Energy Login guide.

Does Tonik Energy have an app?

Surprisingly as Tonik is such a fresh, forward-thinking and tech-savvy company, there is no Tonik Energy smartphone app! Perhaps there will be one in the future but for now, Tonik members have to stick to the more traditional online account accessed from the Tonik website.

Tonik Energy tariffs and prices

Tonik Energy offers a wide range of standard and Economy 7 tariffs. All Tonik Energy tariffs that include electricity (pure electricity tariffs and dual fuel tariffs) use 100% renewable electricity. For gas, you can choose tariffs that use 10% renewable gas and carbon offset the remaining 90%.

Tonik’s carbon offset scheme is part of The Kasigau Corridor Project. For every unit of non-green gas used by its members, Tonik buys ‘carbon credits’ that help fund the project.

Fixed-rate tariffs

Most of the Tonik Energy tariffs available are fixed-rate tariffs, meaning the unit rates stay the same for a set amount of time. The shortest fixed-rate tariff currently available is 12 months, while the longest is two years.

All of these tariffs come as a standard or Economy 7 option and can be taken out as single fuel (gas or electricity) or dual fuel (gas and electricity).

Tonik Energy is currently offering a £40 per year discount for customers who opt for a dual fuel fixed-rate tariff.

As fixed-rate tariffs, all charge an early exit fee of £30 per fuel, meaning if you leave before the contract is up (e.g. 12 or 24 months), you will be charged £30 for electricity and £30 for gas.

Tonik Energy fixed-rate tariffs
Tariff name Unit rates fixed for...
Strala tariff 16 months
Charge EV v3 12 months
Green Power (1 year) v2 12 months
Greenest Future (1 year) v1 12 months
Greenest Future (2 year) v1 24 months
Easy Green (1 year) v1 12 months
Easy Green (2 year) v1 24 months
Zero Carbon (1 year) v1 12 months
Zero carbon (2 year) v1 24 months
Green fixed (1 year) v1 12 months
Green Fixed (2 year) v1 24 months

Variable tariffs

Tonik Energy offers one variable tariff, which also comes as a standard or Economy 7 version. With a variable tariff, the unit rates are not fixed so the price can rise or fall in line with the wholesale price of energy. This allows customers to take advantage of cheap prices, but also means they are vulnerable to price increases.

This Tonik Energy tariff is called the Life Energy tariff. As a variable tariff, it has no contract length and therefore charges no early exit fees.

Tonik Energy prices

Tonik Energy aims to be an affordable energy supplier. However, rather than offering rock bottom prices, its goal is to help customers be more in control of the energy they use, therefore lowering their bills by using unnecessary energy.

How much energy do you use? Use our handy energy usage calculator to see if you use more or less than the UK average.

Let’s breakdown the cost of its variable tariff for a medium-sized household in London to give a rough idea of price.

Life Energy tariff Gas Electricity
Unit rate (per kWh) 3.789p 17.462p
Standing charge (per day) 26.64p 22.95p
Annual spend £550 £625
Overall annual spend

*prices accurate as of March 2020.

This is not a bad price. It comes in just under Ofgem’s current energy price cap (£1179) and is cheaper than the variable tariffs offered by most of the Big Six.

Renewable energy is typically more expensive than non-renewable energy, but Tonik Energy’s prices are still economical and very reasonable for 100% green energy.

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Price increases

Unfortunately, Tonik has raised the price of its variable tariff on more than one occasion. In August 2018, it raised the price by 10.8%, which increased the average annual bill by £106.

In April 2019, following the rise of Ofgem’s price cap, Tonik also increased its prices, as did most other UK energy providers. Luckily, the price remained under the price cap and the increase only affected around 4% of customers as most are on one of Tonik’s fixed-rate tariffs.

Is Tonik Energy green?

Yes, Tonik Energy is one of the few suppliers in the UK to offer 100% renewable electricity tariffs! All of its tariffs use green energy produced from renewable sources such as solar power and wind power.

Not only does Tonik Energy provide renewable energy tariffs, but it also helps its customers to become greener. In 2018, it joined with renewable energy installer The Phoenix Works to form an in-house installation team. Together they install:

  • Solar panels - so customers can make their own green energy.
  • Battery storage points - so customers can store green energy and use it later.
  • EV chargers - so customers with electric cars can charge their cars with renewable energy.

Tonik Energy is paving the way for the ‘prosumer’ - the customer who is able to generate and store their own renewable energy at home and then sell this green energy back into the national grid, where it will go on to power other homes and businesses.

Dubbing this model The Tonik Power Plant, it means Tonik members won’t just save money on their energy bills - they could one day actually make money off their energy, all while using clean energy and reducing carbon emissions!

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Call us to get a great deal on green energy with carbon offsetting. Call 020 3936 0059 or get a free callback now.

Does Tonik Energy use smart meters?

Yes! As of 2019, Tonik Energy is installing new second generation smart meters (SMETS2) in customer households as part of the government’s smart meter roll out scheme.

Right now, it is installing them one region at a time and will reach out to you when it’s heading your way. If you are really keen to get one, Tonik will give you priority if you install solar panels, a Tesla Powerwall or an EV charging point at your home through its services (see extra services section).

As Tonik Energy smart meters are second generation, the supplier will be able to support other second generation smart meters installed by other suppliers. You can test if Tonik can read your smart meter before switching if you are unsure.

How do you read a Tonik Energy smart meter?

There is no need to to take regular Tonik Energy meter readings if you have a smart meter. Smart meters automatically provide accurate meter readings and send them to your provider.

However, if something does go wrong you might need to take a meter reading from your smart meter. Below we outline the basic process for different types of Tonik Energy smart meters.

 Electricity smart meter

 Single rate (keypad):
  • Press 9
  • 8 digits will appear on the screen - this is your meter reading in kWh

 Economy 7 (keypad)
  • Press 6 on your keypad to wake up the screen
  • Continue to press 6 until you come to the R01 screen
  • An 8 digit number will appear - this is your first rate (e.g day rate) meter reading in kWh
  • Continue to press 6 until you come to the R02 screen
  • An 8 digit number will appear - this is your second rate (e.g night rate) meter reading in kWh

 Two buttons
  • Press B/Display Select button to wake up the screen
  • Keep pressing B/Display Select until you get to the Total Active Import screen
  • Your meter reading will appear in kWh

 Three buttons
  • The screen should be on a cycle so you do not need to do anything to find your meter reading. Simply wait for the meter reading to be displayed in kWh.

 Gas smart meter

  • Press 9 on your keypad
  • VOLUME will appear in the screen
  • A 5 digit number will appear - this is your meter reading in M3

 Two buttons
  • Press the red A button to wake up the screen
  • Keep pressing the A button until you reach Meter Index screen
  • Your meter reading will be displayed in volume m3

 Three buttons
  • Press the round middle button to wake up the screen
  • Locate the meter display screen
  • Your meter reading will be displayed in volume m3

Warm home discount

As a small independent supplier, Tonik Energy does not offer the Warm Home Discount. Only providers with over 150,000 are obliged to take part in the scheme.

However, don’t rule Tonik out just because it doesn’t offer this service! Thanks to its affordable prices, you might find your bills are cheaper with Tonik compared to some bigger UK suppliers even without the winter discount. This is why it’s really important to compare energy providers and weigh up all your options before switching.

Extra services

As well as tariffs, Tonik Energy has many other services that are well worth taking advantage of.

Home of the future

green light bulb

Tonik’s Home of the Future scheme aims to transform your home into the most energy-efficient home possible. By installing all of the latest energy-efficient technology, it wants to put you in control of making, storing and using your own renewable energy.

For now, there are three technologies you can purchase and have installed in your home: solar panels; battery storage; and an EV charging point.

  1. Solar panels:
  2. The experts at Tonik have done their research and found the best solar electricity panels on the market to install on your roof. With these panels, you can power your home with green energy and be less reliant on the energy you get from your Tonik energy tariff.

  3. Battery storage:
  4. Tonik is the first UK energy supplier to offer the Tesla Powerwall, a battery that can be installed in your home and store large amounts of energy generated by your solar panels. This means you won’t waste any energy: any solar energy produced but not used straight away can be stored and used when you need it.

  5. EV chargers:
  6. Do you have an electric car? Do you hope to have an electric car in the future? Tonik can install an EV charger in your home so you will have no problems charging your car. What’s more, with solar panels and the Tesla Powerwall also installed, you can use your own self-generated clean energy to power the charger!

Tonik’s own in-house installation team, The Phoenix Works, will install all of these products for you. As experts in fitting renewable technologies, all of the technology you choose will be installed safely and fitted to be as energy-efficient as possible.

Can I get these technologies if I am not a Tonik member?Tonik’s Home of the Future products are not just for members; non-members can also purchase them and Tonik’s installation team will happily fit them in your home. However, there are some extra benefits that come with being a member, such as discounts on installation prices and the Tonik Battery Rewards.

Tonik Battery Rewards

To encourage everyone to install a Tesla Powerwall, Tonik has devised a Battery Reward system. If you get Tonik Energy to install a Tesla Powerwall in your home, you can get £15 in credit per month in your energy account. In other words, every month your energy bill could be £15 cheaper.

Home cover

Working with one of the UK’s top home assistance service providers, HomeServe, Tonik also offers home cover. There is a range of different coverage packages to choose from, such as electricity emergency and breakdown cover, gas central heating cover, and plumbing, heating and electrics cover.

The all-important boiler cover is also an option and includes a free service in the first year of coverage, a 24/7 helpline, Gas Safe registered engineers and a boiler replacement promise if yours can't be repaired.

Refer a friend scheme

The Tonik Energy refer a friend scheme means customers receive £25 of credit if a friend or family member signs up for a tariff using their unique referral link. To find your link, log into your Tonik account and go to the Refer a Friend tab. Here you can find your link and share it with your friends.

The link does not expire - as long as you stay with Tonik Energy, you can use it again and again, getting the £25 credit reward every time, so start pestering your friends to switch!

Switching to Tonik Energy

If you want to switch to Tonik Energy, you can do so in four simple steps:

  1. Get a quote online
  2. Choose a tariff
  3. Sign up
  4. Leave the rest to Tonik - the provider will now take care of the rest, including contacting your old supplier to cancel your account with them. Switching can take up to three weeks from the day you sign up.

Get free energy advice and switch to a great offer!Our trained advisors can find you a cheaper offer in just a few minutes. Call 020 3936 0059 or get a free callback now.

Around five days before your tariff with Tonik is due to kick in, the company will email you asking for your meter readings. This email will also include a link to set up your Tonik online account. Tonik will send your meter readings to your old supplier who will bill you and arrange a refund if you are in credit (this can take a few weeks).

How do I cancel my Tonik Energy account?

You are able to cancel your Tonik Energy account 14 days from the date you sign up without facing any cancellation fees. These first 14 days are known as the ‘cooling-off period’ and give customers time to make sure they are 100% sure they want to switch suppliers. If you change your mind and want to cancel your contract within this time, you will need to contact Tonik Energy on 0333 344 2686.

You are still able to cancel your Tonik Energy account after these 14 days but might face charges. If you are on a fixed-rate tariff and wish to cancel before the end of the contract, you will have to pay the supplier’s early exit fee (£30 per fuel). If you are on Tonik’s variable tariff (Life Energy), you will not have to pay an exit fee.

If you need to cancel your contract as you are switching suppliers, you do not need to get in touch with Tonik. Your new supplier will cancel your Tonik Energy account on your behalf as part of the switching process.

Contact details

Tonik Energy has a range of contact methods, including phone, email and social media.

Phone number 0333 344 2686 (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm)
Email address
Tonik Energy address Tonik Energy Limited, 5th floor Lombard House,
Great Charles Street, Birmingham, B3 3LP

For more details on other ways to contact the supplier and information on how to make a complaint, head to our complete Tonik Energy contact guide.

Moving home

If you are moving house, you need to get in touch with Tonik’s Members Services Team, ideallyon the dayyou move. You will need to tell them your new address, the date of your move, the final meter readings from your old house and if you know it, the name of the new energy supplier in your old house with its new owners.

To contact Tonik Energy about moving home, email or call 0333 344 2686.

Selectra’s score

Here at Selectra, we are big fans of Tonik Energy. Taking everything into account - prices, customer reviews, use of 100% renewable energy and the extras it offers, such as smart meters, energy saving technology and the refer a friend scheme - we give Tonik Energy a solid 4 out of 5!

Tonik Energy Selectra score - ★★★★

Tonik Energy