This energy provider has shut down and is no longer operating.

GnERGY has gone bust: Customer FAQs

GnERGY has gone bustGnERGY Limited has ceased trading as of 18 March 2020. Customers will be moved to Bulb Energy, as appointed by the energy regulator Ofgem. The supply of energy to homes will continue as normal, and Bulb will contact all GnERGY customers to provide information about tariffs and prices. For more information, read the Bulb takeover FAQs at the end of this page.

GnERGY is a small, independent energy supplier based in Farnborough, Hampshire. The supplier was founded in 2012 by former Gurkhas and has always maintained a commitment to dealing with energy efficiently, transparently and with simplicity.


GnERGY is remarkably non-distinct for a new supplier. Many recent startups, such as Powershop Energy, Outfox the Market or Lumo Energy, launched with innovative tariffs and shiny marketing, but GnERGY has vowed to keep it simple and local.

Customer service

Customers, for the most part, have responded positively to this approach. Of the 319 reviews on popular customer review site Trustpilot, 73% rated the supplier ‘Excellent’, while 15% rated it as ‘Good’; only 12% of the review base gave GnERGY an average or below rating. Taken together, the supplier has been awarded a 4.5 out of 5 Trustscore.

The small sample of negative reviews reveal a tenuous trend of overcharging customers on direct debits, sometimes by hundreds of pounds, or sending erroneous bills with threatening debt collector letters without any warning.

Customers have said that trying to get in touch with the company to fix these problems was problematic, with phone calls and emails being ignored. Some people also mentioned that call centre staff became rude and unhelpful when confronted with problems. It is important to remember, however, that this reflects the experience of a minority of customers.

Complaints resolution

Ofgem complaints data reveals that GnERGY has received an average of 26 complaints since 2018 per 10,000 customers, an above average return, which adds substance to the largely positive customer feedback. In the same period, GnERGY has resolved 69% of complaints by the next working day, and 99% within 8 weeks of receipt - the industry average for a small supplier.

In the table below, you can see how GnERGY compares to the small suppliers that received the highest volume of complaints, and those that received the lowest since 2018.

Supplier Average complaints per 10,000 customers since 2018 Complaints resolved the next day per 10,000 customers since 2018 Complaints resolved within 8 weeks per 10,000 customers since 2018
Nabuh Energy 1,904 98% 100%
Green Star Energy 447 63.5% 86%
GnERGY 26 69% 99%
Green Energy UK 7 40% 83%
Zebra Power 5 57% 100%

GnERGY login & online account

With a GnERGY online account you can do the following:

  1. View your bills.
  2. Make a payment.
  3. Review your payment history.
  4. Submit a meter reading.
  5. Manage your personal information associated with your account.
  6. Submit the GnERGY moving home form.

If you already have an online account, you can access the GnERGY customer login portal through the button below, and sign in with your account number or the email with which you created your account.

If you have yet to register for an online account, head to the supplier’s account registration page. To create an account, you will have to provide your account number and email address. You will then receive an email from GnERGY through which to activate your account and set a password.

Please note, you can only access your GnERGY account through a web browser on any device. There is no GnERGY app.

GnERGY login

Contact GnERGY

You can get in touch with GnERGY by phone, email, or post. If you would like to contact the supplier for general enquiries or for complaints, you can use the customer service channels outlined below.

GnERGY contact chanel Channel details
Contact number: 01252 494141 (Mon-Fri: 9am-5:30pm; Sat: 10am-2pm)
GnERGY email address:
GnERGY address: Gurkha Bhawan, 119 Wren Way, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 8TA

Customer service agents will aim to resolve complaints by providing you with an apology and compensation, where appropriate. If the customer service agent is not able to resolve the issue over the phone, you can “escalate” your complaint to a customer service manager, who will aim to resolve it in under 8 weeks.

If your complaint isn’t resolved in 8 weeks, you can ask for a “deadlock” letter and take the issue to the energy ombudsman who will intervene on your behalf.

Tariffs & prices

The tariffs at GnERGY are simple and straight to the point. There are two fixed tariffs on offer, one for dual fuel customers and the other for single fuel customers. There is also a standard variable tariff and an online-only variable tariff.

At the moment there are no GnERGY tariffs for prepayment customers or customers with economy 7 meters.

While GnERGY isn’t the cheapest electricity supplier on the market, its tariffs are much more reasonable than those of the big six suppliers. As such, many customers will find that they are still able to save considerable amounts in comparison.

Yearly prices for each can be found in the table below. For more information about exit fees and unit rates, see the tariff subsections to follow.

Tariff Dual-fuel yearly cost Electricity only yearly cost Gas only yearly cost
GnERGY Fixed Tariff £916.97 £523.68 £393.29
GnERGY Super Saver N/A £543.17 £613.00
GnERGY Online Tariff £1,132.43 £599.45 £532.98
GnERGY Standard Variable £1183.26 £545.91 £637.35

Please note that the prices shown in the table above are calculated for households in the London region with the national average energy consumption. Prices vary by region.

GnERGY Fixed Tariff

  • Dual fuel
  • Fixed Contract
  • Monthly statement through email
  • Monthly fixed Direct Debit
  • £25 exit fee per fuel
  • Annual statement through email

GnERGY Super Saver

  • Single Fuel Only
  • Fixed Contract
  • Monthly fixed Direct Debit
  • No exit fees
  • Annual statement through email
  • Submit online meter readings

GnERGY Standard Variable

  • Dual fuel
  • For those who want to pay quarterly
  • Monthly statement through email
  • Payable by cheque, internet banking or debit card/credit card
  • No exit fees
  • Annual statement

GnERGY Online Only Tariff

  • Online only
  • Available for only dual fuel
  • Monthly statement through email
  • Monthly fixed Direct Debit
  • No exit fees
  • Annual statement through email
  • Submit online meter readings

Bills & payments

GnERGY customers have the options to pay bills by monthly Direct Debit or via quarterly payments on receipt of them.

Paying by Direct Debit means that you will be paying a fixed, regular amount spread equally across the year based on your estimated annual usage, which is calculated from the meter readings you provide or, if you fail to provide a reading, from information about your consumption history.

To avoid inaccurate estimated bills, we recommend that you submit a meter reading every month. If you provide regular meter readings your account shouldn't fall into arrears.

GnERGY maintains a £150.00 debt balance threshold, which means that if you do go into debt for more than the above amount then you will be notified. Conversely, if your account goes into credit, the amount will be refunded to you at the end of your contract or when you close your account.

GnERGY meter readings

As with any supplier, customers should submit meter readings once a month, preferably about 5 days before their bills are due. GnERGY customers can submit meter readings by phone on the customer service number 01252 494141, via email to, or through the online customer portal.

To find out how to read your gas and electricity meters, check out the Selectra guide to meter reading.

Smart meters

There has been no information or update about the use and rollout of smart meters from GnERGY. By 2020 all energy companies must make sure that all customers are offered smart meters in order to fulfil new government guidelines.

To find out more about smart meters and how they can help you keep tabs on your energy usage, head to our dedicated Smart Meters guide.

If you already have a smart meter you can still switch to the supplier, however you should note that your meter is likely to lose all ‘smart’ features and functionality, which means that you will have to submit manual meter readings.

Energy mix

GnERGY is far from a renewable energy provider. Its fuel mix is heavily reliant on coal and natural gas for its electricity. In fact, the supplier’s use of coal is the highest of any UK energy provider at 34%, more than six times the UK average.

At 16.7%, GnERGY’s use of renewables is half the national average. Customers who are eco-conscious might want to look to the nation’s cheapest renewable energy supplier or check out some Selectra favourites like Octopus Energy or Ecotricity.

If you are moving home

You must notify your supplier when you move out of or move into a GnERGY-supplied home.

If you are moving out, you will need to notify the supplier up to 48 hours before, and supply a final meter reading on the day you move out, from which the supplier will calculate your final bill. Your account will then be closed and any credit due will be refunded. If you would like to remain with GnERGY, you can open a new account at your new home by switching to the supplier.

If you are moving into a GnERGY-supplied home, you will be placed on a ‘deemed contract’, which sets standard out-of-contract rates for the supply of energy to your home. Contact the supplier to set up an account, and to find out your tariff options.

We encourage consumers to shop around for the best deal on the market before commiting to a supplier.

Warm Home Discount Scheme

The Warm Home Discount scheme is a government-backed scheme to help those at risk of fuel poverty with their energy bills during the winter months. Eligible consumers can get up to £140 discounted from their energy bills from October to April.

Unfortunately, GnERGY Energy doesn’t participate in the Warm Home Discount scheme as it is only available to suppliers with over 250,000 customers.

Bulb Energy takeover FAQs

Bulb Energy has been appointed by Ofgem to take on all GnERGY customers after the supplier ceased trading in March 2020. Below you can find a list of what may be frequently asked questions to help GnERGY customers through this transition.

  1. What will happen to my gas and electricity supplies?

    You will not experience any disruption to your gas and electricity supplies during the handover. Bulb Energy will get in contact with all customers in the seven days following the handover date - 21 March 2020. If you do not hear from Bulb, you should get in touch using the contact information in the ‘How do I get in touch with Bulb?’ section of these FAQs.

  2. What will happen to my GnERGY tariff?

    Domestic GnERGY customers will be moved onto Bulb’s Vari-fair tariff, while business customers will be placed on the Bulb business tariff. Both will receive a final bill from their GnERGY accounts before being transferred onto Bulb accounts.

    To find out more about Bulb tariff rates and prices, head to our Bulb Energy Tariffs page.

    Please note that Bulb has committed to honouring any special arrangements made between GnERGY and existing customers.

  3. What will happen to the credit on my account?

    Bulb Energy has assured that it will protect any credit balance in customers’ accounts. If you have credit on your account, it will be transferred to your Bulb Energy account upon receipt of your final bill.

  4. What do I do if I have outstanding payments owed to GnERGY?

    If you have any outstanding payments on your account, you will need to pay it to either Bulb or GnERGY’s administrators. Bulb Energy will contact affected customers with more information.

  5. Can I switch to another supplier before being transferred to Bulb?

    Customers are encouraged not to switch suppliers or cancel their Direct Debits until they have been contacted by Bulb Energy. Switching suppliers and adjusting your payment method may create problems with your account.

  6. What do I do if I’m In the middle of a switch?

    If you were in the process of switching suppliers before GnERGY officially stopped trading, do not cancel your switch. Bulb Energy will contact you with more information.

  7. How do I get in touch with Bulb?

    Former GnERGY customers can get in touch with Bulb via the specific channel below.

    Phone 0800 032 0119‬
    Online Live chat
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