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GnERGY is a small community run energy supplier run by former Gurkhas which promises to deal with your switch with military efficiency.


Five years after Joanna Lumley helped the Gurkhas win the right to settle in the UK the Gurkhas have decided to take on a new challenge - the big six energy companies in the UK.

For a company which has been in existence for quite a few years there really isn’t a lot of information out there on GnERGY. The company was founded by a group of 200 former Gurkhas who decided to invest £600,000 to start up a new energy supplier.

Its CEO, retired major Tikendra Dewari says they are “taking a slow approach to growth.” Which is probably a sensible approach when you consider the fate of energy suppliers such as Future Energy and Iresa Energy who were victims of their own popularity.


GnERGY is remarkably non-distinct for a new supplier. Many of the recent startups such as Powershop Energy, Outfox the Market or Lumo Energy have launched with innovative tariffs, shiny marketing and gimmicky ideas but GnERGY has vowed to keep it simple and local.

In fact, when we first checked out their website we were slightly concerned by the lack of information on there - we would always expect to see information about smart meters but many of our questions were left unanswered by their site. Furthermore, their customer portal has been reported as having minimal functionality and for over, a year wasn’t functioning at all which is a shocking state of affairs for a company that claims to be on top of things. It seems that GnERGY is determined to do things the old-fashioned way.

Our question is, can an energy supplier still really function this way nowadays?

GnERGY keeps its prices down by having a small staff and is housed in a former doctor's office - a far cry from the fancy co-working offices of some of the other new suppliers. At first, they hired six young graduates from the Nepalese community to man the call centre and run the office and have grown from strength to strength since then. One of their goals is to help create employment in Farnborough where there is a large Nepalese community.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, one of their customers Ben Doughty, who lives next door to GnERGY's office in Farnborough, says he has made regular use of its offer of face-to-face help.

He said: 'We were with Utility Warehouse previously but by switching nearly a year ago to GnERGY we have saved about £370 and we're going to stay with it when the fixed tariff ends next month.'

Many other customers have talked to us about the large savings they have made switching to GnERGY and praise the personalised service they are offered by the company. Customers like that they can get through to someone quickly on the phone or even pop into the office. With GnERGY there is no hiding behind faceless call centres. Bigger isn’t always better.

A group of people in front of a GnErgy placard
source: GnERGY

However, while 48% of customers have rated them excellent, there is a further 42% who said that they were bad.

Some of the more worrying reports we have heard are that they were overcharging customers on their direct debits, sometimes hundreds of pounds, or sending erroneous bills with threatening debt collector letters without any warning. This has obviously happened to more than one customer and is something that should never happen to any customer who is dutifully paying all their bills on time and submitting their meter readings.

Customers have said that trying to get in touch with the company to fix these problems was also problematic with phone calls and emails being ignored. Some people also mentioned that call centre staff became rude and unhelpful when confronted with problems.

Our verdict? We love the idea of GnERGY and think it’s fantastic that they are bringing employment to the local area and that a minority who has had pivotal role in British history that has not been fully recognised until recently are finding success in business and writing their next chapter. Customers who live locally might enjoy the individual treatment and reassurance that they can speak to someone face to face but in terms of professionality, they still have a lot to desire.

We worry slightly about the mixed reports that we are getting about GnERGY and would probably warn customers to be wary at the moment. We’d like to see clearer information on their webpage and compliance with all of the energy industry’s standards.

Account login

gnergy account login screenshot
source: GnERGY

GnERGY does have an online account, but much like their website we have heard reports that it is quite simple and pared down - that is, when it is working at all.

We don’t have access to an account but customer reports seem to indicate that they have had to revert to submitting meter readings, checking their balance and carrying out other day to day tasks on the phone as the online portal has been down quite a bit.


Unsurprisingly, GnERGY doesn’t have a mobile app for iPhone or Android.

Any customers who are used to having quick access to their energy account through an app such as Powershop, Lumo or Usio may find the transition difficult.

Interestingly, an app has been made for GnERGY but it isn’t an official one. It has been created by Red Davis, a freelance app developer from Bath. Let’s hope that GnERGY takes him seriously and adopt it to make life easy for their customers! He has written about his experience with GnERGY meter readings on Linkedin.

Tariffs & Prices

The system of tariffs at GnERGY is simple and straight to the point. You won’t find any unique or gimmicky tariffs here. They have four main tariffs covering customers who have different needs.

GnERGY offers two direct debit tariffs one for dual fuel customers and the other for customers who only have a single fuel. They also have a variable tariff and an online-only tariff. The fixed tariff is the only one which has exit fees.

At the moment GnERGY doesn’t have any tariffs for prepayment customers or people who have economy 7 meters.

GnERGY Fixed Tariff

  • Dual fuel
  • Fixed Contract
  • Monthly statement through email
  • Monthly fixed Direct Debit
  • £25 exit fee per fuel
  • Annual statement through email

GnERGY Super Saver

  • Single Fuel Only
  • Fixed Contract
  • Monthly fixed Direct Debit
  • No exit fees
  • Annual statement through email
  • Submit online meter readings

GnERGY Standard Variable

  • Dual fuel
  • For those who want to pay quarterly
  • Monthly statement through email
  • Payable by cheque, internet banking or debit card/credit card
  • No exit fees
  • Annual statement

GnERGY Online Only Tariff

  • Online only
  • Available for only dual fuel
  • Monthly statement through email
  • Monthly fixed Direct Debit
  • No exit fees
  • Annual statement through email
  • Submit online meter readings

GnERGY definitely isn’t the cheapest electricity supplier on the market but they are still much more reasonable than the prices of the big six suppliers. Therefore many customers will find that they are still able to save considerable money even if they aren’t the cheapest suppliers on the market. We have been monitoring their prices for the past few years and have seen a noticeable increase in unit rates once their GnErgy Fixed June 2017 tariff elapsed.

The prices of the tariffs will vary depending on where you live in the 13 different pricing regions, your usage and the insulation in your home.

However, to provide an example we have offered the tariff label information for the 13 different regions.

Standard variable TLI
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Standing Charge per day TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Standing Charge per day TCR
Northern Scotland 15.62p £484.22 20.00p 17.97p 3.55p £443.75 20.00p 16.67p
Southern Scotland 16.74p £518.94 20.00 19.09p 3.55p £433.75 20.00p 16.67p
North East EN 16.02p £496.62 20.00p 18.37p 3.55p £443.75 20.00p 16.67p
North West EN 16.13p £500.03 20.00 18.48p 3.55p £443.75 20.00p 16.67p
Yorkshire 15.45p £478.95 20.00p 17.80p 3.55p £443.75 20.00p 16.67p
Merseyside & N Wales 16.45p £509.95 20.00p 18.80p 3.55p £443.75 20.00p 16.67p
East Midlands 15.73p £487.63 20.00p 18.08p 3.55p £443.75 20.00p 16.67p
West Midlands 15.47p £479.57 20.00p 17.82p 3.55p £443.75 20.00p 16.67p
East EN 16.02p £496.62 20.00p 18.37p 3.55p £443.75 20.00p 16.67p
South Wales 16.29p £504.99 20.00p 18.64p 3.55p £443.75 20.00p 16.67p
London 15.53p £481.43 20.00p 17.88p 3.55p £443.75 20.00p 16.67p
South East EN 16.36p £507.47 20.00p 18.72p 3.55p £443.75 20.00p 16.67p
South West EN 16.71p £518.01 20.00p 20.00p 19.06p £3.55 20.00p 16.67p

Last Updated: October 2018


A calculator and an electricity bolt

GnERGY offers customers the option to pay either by direct debit or payment of a quarterly bill for those who prefer to pay by other methods.

Payment by Direct Debit is their prefered payment method as it helps their customers to manage their accounts. Three of their four tariffs are payable by direct debit and you will be able to choose whether to pay either on the first or the 15th of each month depending on your preference.

This means that you will be paying a fixed, regular amount which is spread equally across the year based on your annual usage. The amount can fluctuate according to your consumption and this is calculated from the meter readings you provide.

If you pay by fixed direct debit or are in the fixed online tariff, you will receive a monthly bill which informs you of your energy usage. If you have not provided your meter readings this will be an estimation and calculated from the last readings held or information retrieved from the National database including additional information you may have provided.

Customers have reported that the estimated bills from GnERGY can be wildly inaccurate so if you are going to go for direct debit with them we would recommend that you definitely make sure you get your meter readings in every month.

If you provide your meter readings regularly your account shouldn't fall into arrears. However, GnERGY maintains a £150.00 balance threshold. That means that if you go into debt for more than that amount then you will receive a reminder to draw your attention to this fact so that you can get it resolved before it causes problems.

Conversely, if your account goes into credit with the company this will be calculated at the end of your contract and refunded to you if it isn’t used over the winter months.

Energy Mix

GnERGY isn’t a renewable energy supplier and in fact, their fuel mix tells us that they are using 7.3% less renewable energy than the national average. Here at Selectra, we are big fans of green energy and it is increasingly cheaper than coal, which makes up a large percentage of GnERGY’s mix.

Therefore customers who are eco-conscious might want to try out some of the cheapest renewable energy providers or check out some of our Selectra favourites like Octopus Energy or Ecotricity.

Meter Reading

As with any supplier, customers should submit meter readings once a month, preferably about 5 days before the bill is due during the month. GnERGY customers can submit their meter readings by telephone, email or on the online portal.

As some customers have had problems entering the online portal and entering their readings that way, we’d probably recommend that the easiest way to submit meter readings with GnERGY is by calling their customer service.

One customer from Trustpilot commented that GnERGY was especially attentive at the moment of meter readings, bringing to his attention the fact that his meter might have been faulty due to erroneous readings He stated that “The meter must have been faulty for some time, even while I was with previous supplier Tonik. GnERGY sent engineers out to test the meter and it was indeed faulty. I booked for the meter to be changed on a different day and it all went very smoothly and I finally have a functioning meter.”

Smart Meters

We were surprised to see that there was no information about smart meters on GnERGY’s webpage. We assume that for the moment at least, GnERGY won’t be installing them.


By 2020 all energy companies must make sure that all of their customers have smart meters installed in order to fulfil new government guidelines.

If you are a customer who already has a smart meter you can still switch, but should note that you will most probably lose the functionality of your smart meter which will go back to being a normal or “dumb” meter. This means that you will have to return to doing meter readings manually.

Moving home

If you are moving home you can contact GnERGY by phone or in person to give them your final meter readings. This is something that you must remember to do before you move house in order to close your account and so that they can pay you your final bill or get a refund if their estimation was off.

At the same time, if you wish to stay with them as a supplier, they can set up the supply for your new home before you move in, making sure that you don’t end up paying more than you should.

GnERGY isn’t part of the Switch Guarantee Scheme and it seems like they make take a little longer than most suppliers to get you set up. On their website, it says that they will take about 28 days to get you set up with them but the majority of suppliers have committed to making sure the switchover doesn’t take any longer than 21 days. So, if you want to make sure that you are switched over without any problems then leave plenty of time.

Warm Home Discount Scheme

The Warm Home Discount scheme is a programme backed by the UK government to assist in paying for your energy bills. Customers can get up to £140 discounted from their energy bills during the period of October to April.

GnERGY Energy doesn’t currently participate in this scheme as it is only available to suppliers with over 250,000 customers.

Business Tariffs

GnERGY offers business tariffs for small businesses but still don’t have the capabilities to deal with larger businesses. This is because they don’t have the capabilities to deal with half-hour electricity meters. A half hour electricity meter is a specialized kind of business electricity meter. The meter is connected via a phone line and automatically sends updated meter readings to the energy supplier every half hour.

These kinds of meters are used by larger business such as factories or industries and should have a maximum demand of 100kW or greater in any half-hour period during the day.

They also don’t have renewable energy or the possibility to offer Feed in Tariffs(FIT).

We’d be concerned that they also don’t appear to have any specialist energy brokers working for them so you may not always get the best deal possible for your company.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a low-cost, low-frills supplier they may be the right choice. For example, a small shop or restaurant owners may be happy with the service. However, we’d suggest that GnERGY may not be right for businesses with more complex energy needs or ones looking to go green.


If you have a problem with GnERGY you can contact them to start a complaints procedure.

The first step is to obviously get in touch with their customer service team using one of the following methods:

You can speak to one of their Customer Service Team on the phone who will be there to help.

blue telephone

GnErgy Contact Number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
*Monday to Friday: 9am-5.30pm; Saturday: 9am-2pm

Send an email to their Customer Services Team at

When you contact their customer service they will try to resolve your problem by providing you with an apology, action and compensation if they feel that is appropriate.

If one of their customer service agents can’t resolve your problem then you can “escalate” your complaint to one of the dedicated customer service managers who will try to resolve your case as quickly as possible.

Usually, in these cases, they will aim to resolve your case in under 8 weeks.

If your complaint isn’t resolved in 8 weeks you can ask for a “deadlock” letter and take your complaint to the energy ombudsman who will intervene on your behalf.

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Fed up with your current supplier?

Switch to a cheaper supplier, and save yourself hassle and £££!


GnERGY can be contacted in the way that is most convenient for you. You can get in touch by phone, email, post or social media.

To check out their current deals on tariffs, you can visit their website to sign up.

If you'd like to contact GnERGY for general enquiries or for complaints then you can contact them on the customer services telephone number below or login to your account.

blue telephone

GnErgy Contact Number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
*Monday to Friday: 9am-5.30pm; Saturday: 9am-2pm

GnERGY Address

GnERGY 119 Wren Way, Farnborough GU14 8TA

GnERGY Email