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Bulb Energy Reviews - Everything to know 2020

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Bulb is one of the UK’s youngest energy suppliers and have had tremendous growth over the last three years. But do their customers’ reviews sing Bulb’s praises or are they screeching notes of failure? Read on to find out how Bulb stands up to the competition and what their customers have to say about the green electricity and gas supplier.

Bulb Energy supplier reviews

In general Bulb Energy enjoys quite positive reviews, but nothing (and certainly not any energy company) in this world is perfect. Let’s delve into what Bulb Energy customers love about the provider, and what still has room for improvement.

Bulb Energy supplier reviews

Savvy consumers know that when it comes to important services like utilities for your home, customer service is one of the most important factors when choosing a provider. So, how is Bulb Energy doing when it comes to responding to its customers needs?

While having a polite and helpful employee answering phones is essential, it’s no longer the one and only factor in providing excellent customer service. Nowadays, customers expect easy to understand bills, fast response time to questions and useful content available on websites 24/7 so they can solve queries themselves.

Looking at customer averages, as well as diving into the content of their reviews, Bulb scores quite highly across the board when it comes to customer service. Let’s examine some of the more positive attributes that real Bulb Energy customers have mentioned about their service with the company.

Ease of use

The most common theme among happy Bulb reviews is that customers aren’t actually interacting with representatives often or for long lengths of time. Bulb takes pains to have transparent and simple communication with their customers, which helps to eliminate confusion and potential problems for their customers.

Everything has been handled very professionally, no hiccups or any odd things… Seamless service all the way! - Jacqui with Bulb Energy

Bulb’s success should be a lesson to other energy suppliers and remind them of a simple but powerful fact: people don’t actually want to talk to their energy company, they just want things to work simply and as advertised. That being said, it is important to have friendly representatives for when things do go awry.

Friendly, simple service

That brings us to Bulb Energy’s other strongest point: when you do need to contact Bulb’s customer service team, they keep things simple and friendly, helping customers resolve any issues with minimal fuss.

Friendly, fast, flexible service at a great price. Would recommend highly. - Kimber with Bulb Energy

Unfortunately, relatively longtime Bulb customers (the company was only founded in 2015) may be spending more time on the phone than they were in previous years. The company has experienced tremendous growth over the last two years, which has led to longer waiting times on average, both on the phone and for responding to emails.

In fact, as recently as 2017 it was rated as the fastest energy firm on average to respond to customer phone calls, with a waiting time of less than a minute. Nowadays, it takes more than six minutes on average to actually speak to a human, which places Bulb in the middle of the pack compared to other energy suppliers average waiting times.

Value for money

Another crucial factor in evaluating a potential energy supplier is how consumers rank perceived value for money, or the value of what they’re receiving from energy companies as compared to the price of said services. So do Bulb Energy customers feel like they’re getting their money’s worth?

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Customers frequently mention Bulb Energy’s reasonable prices and the money they’ve managed to save after switching from one of the Big Six energy companies, while receiving better service to boot. And while our own research shows that Bulb Energy isn’t the cheapest tariff on the market, its competitive prices combined with highly-rated customer service is nothing to scoff at.

Bills and account management

As we mentioned above, Bulb Energy is dedicated to providing easy and transparent service to its customers. A huge part of that effort comes from prompt, easy-to-understand bills. Simple bills that are clearly explained are mentioned frequently across customers’ reviews of the gas and electricity supplier.

Easy switch from previous supplier. Good support and very clear billing. Competitively priced. - JB with Bulb Energy

Complaints handling

Even a generally well-reviewed supplier like Bulb Energy will inevitably receive some negative complaints from customers. How they deal with complaints is another key part of evaluating a potential energy supplier. Luckily for Bulb, this is yet another area where the company is able to shine. Across the UK energy industry, only Octopus Energy has been higher ranked when it comes to complaint-handling according to customers.

Looking at the numbers, Bulb manages its customer complaints with impressive efficiency. In the first six months of 2018 (the most recent data available) Bulb was able to resolve all the complaints it received within eight weeks. That doesn’t sound so impressive, but several energy suppliers weren’t able to even resolve 80% in the same amount of time.

Bulb Energy fake reviews - the real deal?

One thing to keep in mind while scanning through the largely glowing Bulb Energy reviews is, they may be fake! But before we fly into hysterics, let us clarify.

A skeptical looking man in a thinking pose

Bulb Energy has a generous referral scheme for its customers; If you’re a current Bulb customer and you successfully recommend a friend or family member to switch to the gas and electricity supplier, you’ll both receive £50!

This is obviously a huge incentive for customers to recruit others for the company (explaining some of Bulb’s rapid growth). Part of those recruitment efforts may include less than completely honest reviews of the company, in order to convince sceptical contacts of the benefits of making the switch.

So how much can we trust Bulb’s reviews? Normally when an energy supplier’s reviews are unduly influenced by referral schemes you’ll see a contradictory mix of very high (customers hoping to earn money) and very low reviews (customers who are more sincere and fed up with poor service). In the case of Bulb, only a tiny percentage of reviews are negative, meaning that while the number of positive reviews may be somewhat inflated, Bulb Energy service is unequivocally some of the best the energy market has to offer.

Customer review rankings

We’ve discussed some of the content of reviews, but what can we learn from examining Bulb Energy’s reviews by the numbers? Looking at Bulb’s review averages allows us to more easily compare the company to other energy suppliers.

Let’s take a look at their reviews across two of the biggest platforms for reviewing energy suppliers.


Trustpilot is a huge review platform, not just for energy and utility companies, but across virtually every industry. It’s also become known as a platform that allows customers to voice their complaints, which has led to the site generally having more negative averages compared to other comparison websites.

That makes Bulb Energy’s glowing reviews on the site that much more impressive! A full 91% of the supplier’s reviews are rated as ‘excellent’, the highest possible review ranking on the site. Most seem to come from customers who have recently switched - which isn’t surprising considering the rapid growth of the company - who are pleased with the upgrade from their previous supplier.

As we mentioned above, a red flag for suppliers with a referral scheme is reviews being split between very positive and very negative. This does not apply to Bulb Energy, as only 3% of reviews rank the company as either ‘bad’ or ‘poor’, the lowest rankings on the site.


Looking to the comparison website Which?, the verdict on Bulb Energy isn’t quite as positive. Their customer survey of 7,429 members of the public ranked the supplier at 8th (tied with Ecotricity and Bristol Energy) out of 30 UK energy suppliers. So while Bulb still fairs fairly well, there is some room for improvement.

Which? breaks down the various factors that go into their rankings, which means we can see where Bulb Energy truly shines, and where it could use a bit of polishing. It’s strongest areas are ‘online customer service’ and ‘value for money’, which is consistent with our own research at Selectra. It lost some points due to the increasing waiting time for customers calling the energy company and didn’t quite make full marks for ‘billing clarity’.

Selectra's review score

Pros: High value for money, friendly customer service employees, clear and transparent communication with customers.
Cons: Long average waiting times for phone calls.

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You would expect Bulb Energy to be suffering through some growing pains as the number of Bulb customers has increased dramatically in the last two years. But based on customer reviews, it's clear that Bulb has stayed dedicated to providing easy, simple service to its customers and has largely succeeded. While increasing wait times has kept Bulb from a perfect score, it has still earned a strong 4/5 stars from us in our ‘reviews’ category.

Bulb Energy: reviews - ★★★★

To get the full Selectra Score, you should take a look at our full Bulb Energy profile, which covers the history of the company, services offered and more.

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