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Bulb Energy reviews: Is it a good energy supplier?

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As one of the UK’s newest energy suppliers, Bulb has experienced rapid growth since launching in 2015. But do Bulb Energy reviews sing praises, or are they screeching notes of failure? Read on to find out how Bulb compares to the competition and what their customers have to say about the green electricity and gas supplier.

Bulb Energy reviews

In just five years, Bulb Energy has developed many loyal customers. As one of the fastest-growing energy suppliers in the UK, Bulb now suppliers energy to 1.5 million homes and businesses across the country.

The energy supplier enjoys quite positive reviews, so surely this 100% renewable electricity and green gas provider is doing something right!

Bulb Reviews: Average Customer Ratings
Customer review site Average Bulb Energy rating
Citizens Advice 70%
Which? 78%
Trustpilot 96%

Below, we break down Bulb Energy reviews by customer service, tariffs and prices, and bills and account management to see what the supplier is doing well and where there is still room for improvement.

Bulb Energy customer service reviews

Customer service is one of the most important factors when choosing a provider. So what do Bulb Energy reviews reveal about how the supplier responds to its customers’ needs?

We found that when you do need to contact Bulb’s customer service team, they keep things simple and friendly, helping customers resolve any issues with minimal fuss.

“Friendly, fast, flexible service at a great price. Would recommend highly.”

Kimber Trustpilot review

Unfortunately, relatively longtime Bulb customers (the company was only founded in 2015) may be spending more time on the phone than they were in previous years. The company has experienced tremendous growth over the last five years, which has led to longer waiting times on average, both on the phone and for responding to emails.

In 2017, Bulb Energy was rated as the fastest energy firm on average to respond to customer phone calls, with a waiting time of less than a minute! Nowadays, it takes more than six minutes on average to actually speak to a human, which places Bulb in the middle of the pack compared to other energy suppliers average waiting times.

Bulb Vari-Fair reviews: Is Bulb Energy a good value?

Another crucial factor in evaluating a potential energy supplier is how consumers rank perceived value for money, or the value of what they’re receiving from energy companies, as compared to the price of said services. So do customers feel like they’re getting their money’s worth with the Bulb Vari-Fair tariff? We did some digging through Bulb reviews to find out.

We found that Bulb customer reviews frequently praise the supplier’s reasonable prices. While our own research shows that Bulb Energy prices aren’t the cheapest on the market, its competitive prices, combined with highly-rated customer service, are nothing to scoff at.

“I like the fact that there is only one tariff and that Bulb are as quick to bring prices down as other suppliers are to put them up. Added to that there is the fact that Bulb buy only from sustainable sources. What's not to like.”

Gerard Trustpilot review

The average household in London would spend £923.26 per year (or £76.94 per month) on gas and electricity with the Bulb Vari-Fair tariff. That’s about £130 more expensive than the cheapest tariff currently on the market, which is offered by Green Network Energy. On the other hand, the Bulb Vari-Fair is still about £120 cheaper than the British Gas standard tariff.

If you’re looking for the best offer available in your area, you’ll need to switch to a different provider. Check out the following guides below to help you find the best deal for your energy:

Bills and account management

electricity bill

As we mentioned above, Bulb Energy is dedicated to providing an easy and transparent service to its customers. A huge part of that effort comes from prompt, easy-to-understand bills. We found that simple bills with clear explanations are mentioned frequently across Bulb customer reviews.

“Easy switch from previous supplier. Good support and very clear billing. Competitively priced.”

JB Trustpilot review

Contrary to the positive Bulb Energy reviews from customers, it was recently revealed that nearly 11,400 Bulb Energy customers were mistakenly charged multiple standing charges between December 2017 and June 2020.

In total, these customers were overcharged by nearly £700 thousand! On top of having to pay back affected customers, Bulb also paid out an additional £675,000 in goodwill payments.

Discover how to manage your bills via your Bulb account with our complete Bulb Energy login guide.

Bulb Energy fake reviews: The real deal?

One thing to keep in mind while scanning through the largely glowing Bulb reviews is that they may be fake! But before we fly into hysterics, let us clarify what’s likely behind these Bulb Energy fake reviews.

Bulb Energy has a generous referral scheme for its customers. If you’re a current Bulb customer and you successfully recommend a friend or family member to switch to the gas and electricity supplier, you’ll both receive £50!

This is obviously a huge incentive for customers to recruit others for the company (explaining some of Bulb’s rapid growth). Part of those recruitment efforts may include writing Bulb Energy fake reviews (or less than completely honest reviews) in order to convince sceptical contacts of the benefits of making the switch.

So how much can we trust the Bulb reviews? Normally when an energy supplier’s reviews are unduly influenced by referral schemes, you’ll see a contradictory mix of very high (customers hoping to earn money) and very low reviews (customers who are more sincere and fed up with poor service).

In this case, only a tiny percentage of Bulb Energy reviews are negative, meaning that while the number of positive reviews may be somewhat inflated, the supplier’s service is unequivocally some of the best the energy market has to offer.

How do Bulb Energy reviews compare to other suppliers?

scale with pros and cons

How do Bulb reviews fair against those of other energy suppliers? According to the latest research from Citizens Advice, Bulb Energy ranked 17th out of 41 UK energy suppliers in terms of customer service. The organisation compares UK energy suppliers on a quarterly basis across the following six categories:

  • Average call centre wait time
  • Number of complaints per 10,000 customers
  • Customers who had an accurate bill in the past year
  • Bills and statements sent on time
  • Switches completed within 21 days
  • Customer guarantees

Bulb received an overall score of 3.5 out of five stars. It came in just behind Good Energy in 16th place, and in front of E.on in 18th place.

In the table below, we’ve list the the top ten suppliers in order from first place to tenth place:

Rank Energy Supplier Rating
1 Igloo Energy 4.6
2 M&S Energy 4.15
3 Zebra Power 3.95
4 Avro Energy 3.95
5 So Energy 3.9
6 SSE 3.85
7 Octopus Energy 3.85
8 Green 3.8
9 ESB Energy 3.75
10 EDF Energy 3.7

How well does Bulb Energy handle complaints?

If you need to make a complaint to your energy supplier, you want it to be resolved as quickly and professionally as possible. Let’s have a look at Bulb Energy’s complaint data to see how efficiently they were able to resolve complaints.

The table below shows Bulb’s complaints handling data per quarter over the past year. By looking at the table, you’ll notice that the number of complaints received has significantly increased. This is likely due to the supplier’s rapid increase in its number of customers.

Bulb Energy Complaints Handling Data
Time period Total complaints received Total complaints resolved Percentage resolved by end of next working day Percentage resolved within eight weeks
April - June 2020 30,006 27,801 28% 97%
January - March 2020 18,310 17,284 19% 89%
October - December 2019 10,918 10,563 19% 88%
July - September 2019 9,533 7,429 26% 95%

Selectra’s verdict: Is Bulb Energy any good?

Affordable prices No fixed-rate tariffs
High-quality customer service Long call-wait times
100% renewable electricity & carbon-neutral gas Inaccurate billing

You would expect Bulb Energy to be suffering through some growing pains as the number of customers has increased dramatically over the last few years. However, based on the Bulb reviews, it's clear that Bulb has stayed dedicated to providing an easy, simple service to its customers.

While increasing call-wait times, the lack of fixed-rate tariffs, and a billing slip-up has kept Bulb from receiving a perfect score, it has still earned a strong three out of five stars from us here at Selectra.

Our main concern is that since Bulb Energy does not offer fixed-rate tariffs, customers may see an increase in their energy bills as the wholesale price of energy fluctuates. Fortunately, since Bulb does not charge exit fees, customers are free to switch if they notice their bills going up.

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