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National Grid | Electricity Transmission

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National Grid Electricty: Transmission

National Grid is the sole electricity transmitter in both England and Wales. It owns and operates an extremely large transmission network, consisting of 7,200km of overhead line, 690km of underground cable and 337 substations. This transmission network delivers to the electricty to the distribution networks across England and Wales, largely contributing to the delivery of electricity to the approximately 58 million people living within the two countries.

What's a substation?A substation is a place where step down transformers reduce high voltage electricy from the transmission lines to lower voltage electricty, making the electricity safe to be transferred to the distribution network and into homes and businesses.

National Grid Gas: Transmission

National Grid is the sole owner of the gas transmission infrastructure across the whole of the UK. Its pipeline network covers 171,000 miles/275,000km, enough distance to travel from London to Los Angeles and back 15 times! Their system also includes 25 compressors and 25 pressure regulators which monitor and alter gas pressure accordingly to ensure smooth and efficient transportation.

Map with National Grid's gas tranimission coverage

National Grid do not produce any of their own gas; they receive it from the gas producers at each entry point of their transmission network. This network is indirectly paid for by the end-user/consumer; part of the gas price you are charged by your gas provider is paid to the transmission and distribution networks.

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National Grid Gas: Distribution

In 2017, National gas sold a majority stake (61%) in its gas distribution network to a Chinese-Australian consortium of investors led by Australian banks Macquaire. As a result, National Grid Gas Distribution has been rebranded as Cadent Gas.

National Grid: Careers

If you are interested in a career working for National Grid, whether that be in transmission or another sector within the company, you can click here to visit their careers page. There you can see if there is anything that fits your aspirations

Any customer service quieries that you may have can be resolved by contacting the National Grid customer service department via the contact method that best suits you below.

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