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Avro Energy is one of the new kids on the block, selling itself as an alternative to the Big Six energy suppliers. Claiming to use a ‘different approach to simplistic supply’, it wants to make energy simple and jargon free. Read on for Avro Energy reviews and discover if its priorities align with yours.

Avro Energy reviews

Everyone values different aspects of an energy supplier. For some, cheap prices are vital. For others, a supplier that answers the phone in seconds and resolves their problems almost as quickly is top of the list. Does Avro Energy fit your criteria? We have broken down some Avro Energy reviews so you can find out.

Customer service

Good customer service is made up of a number of factors, including helpful and friendly call centre staff, useful and fast replies when you reach out via email or social media, and short call waiting times. All of these factors are important in determining your experience with an energy supplier - if your supplier falls short across the customer service board, your experience can quickly turn sour. So, let’s take a look at how Avro Energy fares in these areas.

In general, Avro Energy reviews rate its customer service experience quite highly. The majority of customers praise its customer service, stating it is efficient and helpful. Research carried out by energy reviewer Which? supports this sentiment, with customers in Which?’s 2018 survey awarding Avro Energy 4/5 stars for both phone and online customer service

Phoned with a query which was dealt with quickly and professionally and in a very nice manner. Shelia

When it comes to call wait times, Avro Energy reviews are a bit mixed. According to Citizens Advice, Avro Energy has quite an impressive average call wait time of just 1.27 minutes. However, Which? tells a different story, finding the supplier to have an average call wait time of 14.8 minutes.

happy customer service staff

There is quite a discrepancy in these two times - which one should we trust? We looked into how these times were calculated to answer this question and found that while Citizens Advice’s figure is based on Avro Energy’s own data, Which?’s average time is calculated from its own experience (it made 12 calls to the supplier at set times of the day over a two month period). We can therefore assume that the difference in the times is down to the amount of data: Citizens Advice had more data resulting in a lower average time, which is also probably a more accurate and fair figure.

It would seem that out of the 12 times Which? called Avro Energy, it was simply unlucky on a few occasions. However, this doesn’t mean we should disregard its result, as it shows that you could wait a long time before Avro Energy answer your call. Avro Energy reviews show that this has happened to a number of customers, but the majority don’t complain as they received good customer service when they finally got through.

A little wait for the call to go through, 8 minutes, (but) no problem. The young man who answered...was very polite and helpful and answered my queries efficiently. Ken

This goes to show that, even if Avro Energy on occasion does not answer the phone quickly, for the majority of customers the service received when it does answer makes up for the delay.

Need to get in touch with Avro Energy? You can find all the relevant contact details on our Avro Energy contact page.

Value for money

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Seeing as Avro Energy aims to be an alternative to the Big Six and offer cheap tariffs, you would expect the supplier to rank highly for value for money. Luckily, Avro Energy reviews show that it does. Customers consistently praise the company for its cheap prices, commenting that they have saved money since switching. Many customers also note that the very reason they chose the supplier was its economical tariffs.

Great price...we’ve shopped around and price compared, and Avro have consistently been cheapest. Anonymous customer

From our own research, we can confirm that Avro Energy’s tariffs are competitive and reasonably priced. While it might not be the cheapest option on the UK market, its energy is an affordable choice.

For a more detailed analysis of the supplier’s tariffs and prices, head to our Avro Energy tariffs page.

One thing to point out here is Avro Energy’s fuel mix. Avro Energy has not made its fuel mix available, suggesting it uses little to no renewable energy. While its prices are cheap, the implied lack of green energy usage is a little concerning. Renewable energy typically costs a bit more, but most customers are happy to pay that little extra for it. Moreover, there are suppliers offering renewable energy for affordable prices, such as Tonik Energy and Octopus Energy. If going green is important to you, Avro Energy might not be the best option.

Billing and account management

Avro Energy only has one payment option - monthly direct debit. Logically, monthly billing should be more accurate than billing over longer periods, as there is less time for figures to be calculated incorrectly. One month of energy usage and one meter reading equals one bill, easy.

Avro Energy reviews support this. Inaccurate billing is not an issue customers complain about, with most stating their bills are correct and arrive on time. In Which?’s 2018 survey, reviewers rated Avro Energy 4/5 for both bill accuracy and bill clarity. Similarly, Citizens Advice gave the supplier 4.5/5 for the accuracy and timely arrival of its bills.

Second year with Avro, no issues whatsoever. They’ve had the most accurate direct debit estimate from the beginning, unlike most other suppliers. Simon

Bills is just one part of account management when it comes to your energy tariff. What about submitting meter readings, navigating the supplier’s website and using the online account system?

When it comes to submitting meter readings, customers seem to have no problems with Avro Energy. As the supplier does not yet support smart meters, all of its customers must submit their meter readings manually every monthly, which makes the feat of providing consistently accurate bills and not receiving complaints on the meter submitting process even more impressive. This means that customers persistently find it straight-forward and quick to submit their readings, and if they forget to do so, Avro Energy’s estimated reading system is efficient and fairly exact.

Avro Energy reviews also reveal that its website and online account system is user-friendly. While the website is pretty basic, it still has everything you need and its simplicity means it is easy to find whatever you need.

Check out Selectra’s Avro Energy login guide to see what you can do through your account and a bit of help with logging in.

The downside for Avro Energy in the area of account management is its lack of an app. A lot of energy suppliers - even smaller ones - have developed apps that let customers manage their account while on the go. It would be great if Avro Energy look to do this in the future.

Complaint handling

No one likes making a complaint to their energy supplier, but sometimes things go wrong and a complaint is necessary. In this case, it’s important to know whether your issue will be resolved quickly. According to Avro Energy’s complaints data, it’s quite efficient at dealing with complaints and has improved on this front over time, as we can see from the table below.

Timeframe Number of complaints % solved by end of next working day % solved within 8 weeks
July to September 2018 233 80% 93%
January to March 2019 489 94% 99%

While the number of complaints rose from one period to the next, Avro Energy managed to solve a much greater percentage of them by the end of the next working day, showing improvement and speed in solving customers’ problems.

An increase in the number of complaints is not alarming. More complaints goes hand in hand with the growth of a business and gaining more customers. However, the complaints data shows that the number of complaints received has doubled in less than a year. This could be because its customer base has simply grown rapidly during this time. Alternatively, it might reflect that the supplier is struggling to cope with the increase in customers, resulting in more issues.

Seeing as Avro Energy’s efficiency in dealing with complaints has improved, we are inclined to believe that the increase is down to the former reason - rapid customer growth -, but this is something to keep an eye on if you’re thinking of making the switch.

Avro Energy customer reviews

What’s the sentiment expressed in Avro Energy reviews on review sites? What are its current and past customers saying? Let’s take a look at the reviews left on Trustpilot and Which? for some insight.

Avro Energy reviews on Trustpilot

a man holding a thumbs up

Trustpilot is a popular review site and seems to be where customers are most active when leaving Avro Energy reviews. Good news for Avro Energy, these reviews are overwhelming positive. Out of 23,632 reviews, 75% rate the supplier as excellent and 20% as good (the top two ratings available), meaning it has an overall Trustpilot score of 4.6/5.

Summing up what we have analysed in the previous sections, customers on Trustpilot praise Avro Enegry’s customer service, reasonable prices, accurate billing and easy to use website.

Despite the good reviews, there are still a number of negative comments left on the site. These are quite mixed, not really pointing to one major problem with the supplier, suggesting poor experiences are quite individual and down to a bit of bad luck. However, we did notice one complaint that popped up on more than one occasion - delays in receiving refunds.

A number of customers commented that when they left Avro Energy, they were still in credit with the company and had to push the supplier to be refunded for the amount. This is not an issue experienced by the majority of customers but is something to be aware of.

Which? review

Avro Energy ranked in the bottom half of suppliers in Which?’s 2018 public survey, coming in just 19th out of 30. While not a ranking to brag about, it did still beat all of the Big Six suppliers. Avro Energy received decent scores in all areas:

  • Value for money - 5/5
  • Bill accuracy - 4/5
  • Bill clarity - 4/5
  • Phone customer service - 4/5
  • Online customer service- 4/5
  • Helping you understand and reduce energy use - 3/5

These ratings totalled to a customer score of 64%, which isn’t bad, but shows there is significant room for improvement. All in all, Which? states that the supplier scored slightly above the average, placing it just above the middle of the pack. To compete with those suppliers in the lead, it can make improvements across the board.

Selectra’s Avro Energy review verdict

Competitive and affordable tariffs No mobile app
Simple and accurate bills, plus an easy to use website Some complaints about delays in refunds

Overall, Avro Energy is a solid contender as an alternative to the Big Six. Thanks to its user-friendly website, easy to use account system and accurate billing, it’s fulfilling its aim of offering simple energy with jargon free bills. Customers also feel its good value for money, although here at Selectra we are concerned about its fuel mix.

In general, we feel Avro Energy can make improvements in all aspects, e.g. improve its call wait time, develop an mobile app, and reduce the number of complaints it receives. Selectra, therefore, awards Avro Energy a review score of 3/5.

Avro Energy: reviews - ★★★

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