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Avro Energy Reviews: Is it any good?

Avro Energy online review

Claiming to use a different approach to simplistic supply, Avro Energy wants to make energy simple and jargon-free. Read on for Avro Energy reviews and find out if its priorities align with yours.

Avro Energy Reviews

Is Avro Energy any good? Everyone values different aspects of an energy supplier. For some, cheap prices are vital. For others, a supplier that answers the phone in seconds and resolves their problems almost as quickly is top of the list. Does Avro Energy fit your criteria? We have broken down some Avro Energy reviews so that you can be better informed when deciding whether or not to sign up with the supplier.

The following table shows the average customer ratings for Avro Energy from Citizens Advice, Which? and Trustpilot.

Avro Energy Reviews: Average Customer Ratings
Customer review site Average Avro Energy rating
Citizens Advice 70%
Which? 76%
Trustpilot 92%
*Last updated: May 2021

Below, we break down Avro Energy reviews by customer service, value for money, and bills and account management.

Avro Energy Customer Service Reviews

In general, Avro Energy reviews rate its customer service experience quite highly. The majority of customers praise its customer service, stating it is efficient and helpful. Research carried out by energy reviewer Which? supports this sentiment, with customers in Which?’s 2020 survey awarding Avro Energy four out of five stars for customer service.

Phoned with a query which was dealt with quickly and professionally and in a very nice manner. Shelia

When it comes to call wait times, Avro Energy reviews are a bit mixed. According to Citizens Advice, Avro Energy has quite an impressive average call wait time of just 1.56 minutes. However, Which? tells a different story, finding the supplier to have an average call wait time of nearly 19 minutes.

We looked into how these times were calculated and found that while Citizens Advice’s figure is based on Avro Energy’s own data, Which?’s average time is calculated from its own experience (it made 12 calls to the supplier at set times of the day over a two month period).

Many customers that did have to wait on hold still left positive Avro Energy reviews with regard to the service they received once their call was answered.

A little wait for the call to go through, 8 minutes, (but) no problem. The young man who answered...was very polite and helpful and answered my queries efficiently. Ken

Need to get in touch with Avro Energy? You can find a complete list of contact details on our Avro Energy contact page.

Value for Money Reviews

Seeing as Avro Energy aims to be an alternative to the Big Six and offer cheap tariffs, you would expect the supplier to rank highly for value for money. We found the Avro Energy reviews show that it does just that. Customers consistently praise the company for its cheap prices, commenting that they have saved money since switching. Many customers also note that the very reason they chose the supplier was for its economical tariffs.

Great price...we’ve shopped around and price compared, and Avro have consistently been cheapest. Anonymous customer

For a more detailed analysis of the supplier’s tariffs and prices, head to our Avro Energy tariffs page.

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Billing and Account Management Reviews

Besides its one prepayment tariff, Avro Energy only has one payment option — monthly direct debit. According to the Avro Energy reviews, inaccurate billing is not an issue customers complain about. Many reviews show that customer bills are correct and arrive on time. In Which?’s 2020 survey, reviewers gave Avro Energy five out of five stars for bill accuracy and four out of five stars for bill clarity. Similarly, Citizens Advice gave the supplier 4.5 out of five for the accuracy and timely arrival of its bills.

Second year with Avro, no issues whatsoever. They’ve had the most accurate direct debit estimate from the beginning, unlike most other suppliers. Simon

Billing is just one part of account management when it comes to your energy tariff. What about submitting meter readings, navigating the supplier’s website and using the online account system?

When it comes to submitting meter readings, customers seem to have no problems with Avro Energy. Avro Energy reviews also reveal that its website and online account system is user friendly.

Check out Selectra’s Avro Energy login guide to see what you can do through your account and get a bit of help with logging in.

The downside for Avro Energy in the area of account management is its lack of an app. A lot of energy suppliers have developed apps that let customers manage their account while on the go. Avro Energy has not said if it plans to develop an app in the future.

Avro Energy Customer Reviews

What’s the sentiment expressed in Avro Energy reviews on review sites? What are its current and past customers saying? Let’s take a look at the reviews left on Trustpilot and Which? for some insight.

Avro Energy Reviews on Trustpilot

Trustpilot is a popular review site and seems to be where customers are most active when leaving Avro Energy reviews. The supplier's reviews on this platform are overwhelming positive. Avro Energy has an average review score of 4.2 out of five stars. Out of more than 55,000 reviews, 94% rate the supplier as either "excellent" or "good", which are the top two ratings available.

Summing up what we have analysed in the previous sections, customers on Trustpilot praise Avro Energy’s customer service, reasonable prices, accurate billing and easy to use website.

Despite the good reviews, there are still a number of negative comments left on the site. These are quite mixed, not really pointing to one major problem with the supplier. However, we did notice one complaint that popped up on more than one occasion. This had to do with delays in receiving refunds.

A number of customers commented that when they left Avro Energy, they were still in credit with the company and had to push the supplier to be refunded for the amount.

Which? Avro Energy Review

Avro Energy ranked third place out of 25 energy suppliers in Which?’s 2020 public survey, just behind Outfox the Market in first and Octopus Energy in second. Avro Energy received the following scores in all areas:

  • Value for money — 4/5
  • Bill accuracy — 5/5
  • Bill clarity — 4/5
  • Customer service — 4/5
  • Complaints handling — 4/5

These ratings totalled to a customer score of 76%. Just two years ago, the supplier received an average rating of 64%. This jump in its score shows that the supplier has taken drastic measures to improve its service to its customers.

How do Avro Energy reviews compare to other suppliers?

How do Avro Energy reviews compare to those from other energy suppliers? According to the latest research from Citizens Advice, Avro Energy ranked 11th out of 35 UK energy suppliers in terms of customer service. The organisation regularly compares UK energy suppliers across the following categories:

  • Average call-wait time
  • Customers who received an accurate bill within the past year
  • Bills and statements issued on time
  • Number of complaints per 10,000 customers
  • Switches completed within 21 days
  • Customer guarantees

In the latest survey, Avro Energy received an overall score of 3.5 out of five stars and came in 11th place. In the table below, we’ve listed the top five energy suppliers, according to Citizens Advice.

Citizen's Advice Customer Service Ranking: Top 10
Rank Energy Supplier Rating
1 Outfox the Market 4.25
2 M&S Energy 4.2
3 E Energy 4.13
4 EDF Energy 4
5 Octopus Energy 3.95
6 Zebra Power 3.8
7 Affect Energy 3.65
8 Co-Operative Energy 3.65
9 Bulb Energy 3.55
10 So Energy 3.35

Information from Citizen's Advice Last Updated October 2021

Avro Energy Complaints

According to Avro Energy’s complaints data, it’s quite efficient at dealing with complaints and has improved on this front over time, as we can see from the table below.

Timeframe Number of complaints/100,000 customers % solved by end of next working day % solved within 8 weeks
January to March 2020 241 86% 98%
April to June 2020 142 93% 98%
July to September 2020 147 92% 98%
October to November 2020 166 88% 99%

If you need to make a complaint with Avro Energy, you should contact the supplier's customer service team. Avro Energy will aim to solve the problem within five working days.

If your complaint is not resolved within eight weeks, you can escalate the complaint to the Energy Ombudsman. This independent service will investigate the issue and aim to reach a solution for both parties involved.

Selectra’s Verdict: Is Avro Energy any good?

Below, we've laid out what Avro Energy is doing well, as well as the areas in which there is still room for improvement.

Competitive and affordable tariffs No mobile app
Simple and accurate bills Some complaints about delays in refunds
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