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Everyone seems to be raving about Octopus Energy, one of the new challenger suppliers to the age-old UK energy giants. Octopus Energy reviews online consistently call it an ‘excellent company’, but we want more details! What is Octopus Energy really good at? What do its customers love the most? In what area does it not do so well? Is it worth switching to? Read on to see Octopus Energy customer reviews and how Selectra rates this ‘new breed of energy supplier’ for customer satisfaction.

Octopus Energy Reviews

Simply saying that Octopus Energy reviews are great isn’t really that useful to anyone. When looking for an energy supplier, people have different priorities. One person may be really concerned with price, another with customer service, another with the range of tariffs they can choose from, etc. So let’s cater to everyone!

We have broken down the Octopus Energy reviews into customer service, tariffs and prices, bills and account management, and complaint handling. Read all of them or skip ahead to the section that matters most to you.

Customer service

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Let’s begin by looking at one of the most vital aspects of a good energy supplier: customer service. In this area, it’s no exaggeration to say that Octopus Energy excels. It’s clear that Octopus places a huge emphasis on the importance of delivering high standards of customer service. As CEO Greg Jackson states, ‘if you don’t own your customer experience, you just don’t own your business’.

Customers constantly sing its praises in terms of how friendly, effective and helpful the staff in its Digital Operations team (DigiOps team) are, as well as how patient they are when it comes to dealing with queries.

Excellent customer service provided over the last 2 days by Andrea at Octopus - prompt responses to my requests - quickly saw I found some of the jargon difficult - and was able to help me make decisions about tariffs going forwards. Chris

A company’s speed in replying to customers plays a huge part in its customer service ratings and Octopus Energy seems to know this. On its website it states it ‘provides an efficient and personalised customer experience (say goodbye to long call waits and hello to a transparent and consultative customer experience)’, and it seems its living up to this bold statement.

Many customers report that Octopus is very fast to respond to queries via email and relatively quick to answer the phone too (Octopus personally admit that the best way to contact it is by email).

In a recent undercover investigation, Which? found that Octopus took an average of just eight hours and five minutes to respond to emails - some companies take days! - and only two minutes 29 seconds to pick up the phone. Citizens Advice also carried out an investigation into call wait times and found that Octopus Energy was actually the fastest energy company to answer the phone, taking a mere one minute and two seconds on average.

There is quite a big discrepancy in these two times (two minutes 29 seconds from Which? and only one minute two seconds from Citizens Advice), so which one should you trust? Both figures are based on Octopus’ performance at the end of 2018, but whereas Citizens Advice simply used data supplied by Octopus Energy to calculate the average, Which? actually rang the customer service number 12 times and worked out an average based on its own call wait times.

Which?’s two minutes 29 second is therefore probably a bit more accurate and is still not a bad waiting time in the grand scheme of things. In the same survey, Which? found that energy provider Utilita takes 24 minutes 19 seconds on average to answer the phone!

Excellent to deal with. Customer Services reply promptly and deal with queries effectively. Angus

According to Octopus Energy reviews, the supplier can’t do any better when it comes to delivering useful and effective customer service.

Tariffs and prices

Now the all-important tariffs and prices. In general, Octopus Energy offers some great tariffs at competitive prices, but they are not the cheapest on the market.

Since launching in 2015, Octopus Energy has worked incredibly hard to become 100% renewable and we are pleased to say they have achieved this goal. All of its energy now comes from renewable sources, making it one of the rare UK companies to be totally green, which is something that its customers really love.

Allowing customers to really take advantage of renewable energy, Octopus Energy offers some incredibly innovative and unique tariffs. Its Agile tariff, for example, lets customers time their maximum energy usage to when energy is at its cheapest, optimising their energy usage and helping them save money. As of yet, there are no similar tariffs offered by other providers.

So these innovative tariffs sound great, but if they cost you an arm and a leg then opinions are quickly going to change! Lucky for you (and Octopus Energy), its tariffs are not crazily expensive and are generally considered to be reasonably priced by customers. Most customers claim the prices are very sensible for renewable energy. On Which?, customers gave Octopus 5/5 for value of money, so the company is by no means a rip-off.

Compared to other providers, Octopus Energy’s pricing sits quite comfortably in the middle of the pack. It’s not as expensive as the Big Six suppliers, for example, but is more expensive than some other new and green suppliers, such as Tonik Energy.

Octopus have more than halved my energy bill and I’ve moved from a two bedroom terraced house to a four bedroom house! Why do I see top provider stands in our local town, people buying into these? I have never, ever found any company as transparent, honest and cheap as Octopus! Faye

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Fed up of bad customer service?

Call us today and we can switch you to a provider that actually picks up the phone!

Bills and account management

It’s not just energy where Octopus Energy is positively green, the company has also gone paperless, using digital bills rather than sending customers paper ones. This means that everything is online. All customers have an online account through which they can view their bills, submit meter readings and manage their energy account.

In general, customers seem to be happy with the online system, stating it is easy to navigate and manage. From our own experience using the Octopus Energy website, it’s very user-friendly with lots of information, but it is very basic.

I almost feel smug being with Octopus. System works perfectly for monthly meter readings, rapid reply with actual cost and further answers to questions I had not thought of. And I'm helping to save the planet. I'm 68 and this is the best fuel provider I've had. I will not be changing. Sue

The minimal features can be a positive as it means it’s easy to find what you need to find, but a slightly more advanced and sleek website really wouldn’t hurt. Plus, while there is a lot of general information available, sometimes the exact detail can be a bit scarce.

Apart from the good online system, customers also praise the clarity and accuracy of the digital bills. In fact on Which?, Octopus received 5/5 for both bill clarity and accuracy.

I can honestly say that Octopus Energy are one of the only energy companies that I actually trust at this moment in time. Their energy tariffs are the best I can find. Their monthly bills are clear and concise. Jim

Octopus Energy app reviews

Useful for managing your account when you don’t have access to a computer, Octopus Energy also has an app. Right now it’s only available for Apple devices (sorry Android users) and has some very useful features, especially the meter reader scanner that saves you having to enter meter readings manually.

While app users claim it is easy to use and handy to have, it only has a 2.5/5 rating on the App store. The main complaint is that the app lacks a lot of advanced features and does not work on newer Apple devices. Many also note that the calendar reminder feature (a reminder to submit meter readings) does not work. All in all, the app does the basics and that’s that.

Has got all the basics you need, you can see your account balance and give meter readings. It’s handy that you can directly message one of the team to solve any account queries. Would be nice to have more time spent on developing this app to have more features added. Octopus Energy customer

Complaint handling

With Octopus Energy’s great customer service team, you would expect its complaint handling process to be equally efficient and effective. However, while Which? found it receives one of the lowest levels of complaints overall, it also found that Octopus is not the fastest company to resolve issues. In one six-month period, it solved just over half of the customer complaints it received over two days, whereas some providers resolved more than three quarters of complaints within the same two day timeframe.

According to Octopus’ own figures, in the last quarter of 2018, it received 1124 complaints, of which 1022 were resolved. 41% of these were solved by the end of the next working day and the remaining 59% were resolved within eight weeks.

While it is a positive that Octopus has one of the lowest complaints rates, it appears to be less effective than some companies at resolving them - perhaps this is simply because it has less practice!

Octopus Energy business reviews

Octopus Energy also offers business tariffs for small, medium and large businesses. Octopus does not have a separate customer service team for customers with business tariffs, so these customers receive the same excellent service with fast replies as those with domestic tariffs.

Account management is also the same, meaning all bills are digital and, in general, the system is easy to use and navigate. All business tariffs are also 100% green and competitively priced, which business owners really appreciate.

The level of service we’ve received has been outstanding. It’s made life much less stressful and a lot easier for us as volunteers trying to keep the facility going. Ian from The Garden Village District and Community Association

Octopus Energy Customer Reviews: reading between the lines

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Online, Octopus Energy customer reviews are very positive. In fact, the reviews it receives are some of the best out there.

A word of caution however, we have noticed that in a lot of reviews, customers leave their unique referral link for people to use (Octopus has a refer a friend scheme where a customer receives £50 if a friend signs up to an Octopus tariff using their referral link). There could therefore be some slight exaggeration in the reviews to get people to sign up using these links, so bear this in mind when reading reviews.

Despite this, the overwhelming amount of hugely positive reviews more than confirms that customers are very happy with Octopus as their energy supplier. On Trustpilot, out of 10,214 reviews, 91% rate Octopus as excellent and overall, Trustpilot gives Octopus a 9.6/10, which is one of the highest ratings we have seen.

Similarly on Which?, Octopus comes in with consistently high scores. In fact, customers awarded Octopus Energy top scores (5/5) in all categories: bill accuracy, bill clarity, phone customer service, online customer service, complaint handling, helping you understand and reduce energy use, and value for money.

These top scores meant Octopus came first out of 30 energy companies in the Which? 2018 Energy Companies Customer Satisfaction Survey. It has also been the only company to receive the Which? Recommended Provider (WRP) for energy status two years running (2018, 2019).

It ranked slightly worse with Citizens Advice. Based on the timeframe of October to December 2018, Citizens Advice awarded Octopus Energy a score of 3.95/5 based on complaints handling, the ease of contact, clear billing, the switching process and customer guarantees. This placed Octopus seventh out of 35 providers which, while it’s not first, still isn’t bad at all.

Is Octopus Energy reliable?

Customers praise Octopus Energy for its accurate and easy to understand bills. They also consistently mention that they are always kept well informed during the switching process and as customers in general.

The pricing is simple and transparent. Every month I am told exactly how much gas/electricity I have used and what it has cost. I know exactly how much credit I have. Any queries are immediately responded to with offers of further assistance if I still feel there is a problem. Helen

The fact that Ofgem made Octopus the ‘supplier of last resort’ for a few small energy providers when they ceased trading is a strong indicator that Octopus Energy is a reliable company to deal with. Octopus also enjoys such a strong reputation that big names, such as M&S and Arsenal, have chosen to partner with them.

M&S actually spent a whole year using mystery shoppers to test Octopus Energy before deciding to partner with them!

Reviews of Octopus Energy: Selectra’s summary

Octopus Energy’s excellent customer service and attitude towards its customers is a breath of fresh air. Its customers seem to love it and the company receives rave reviews online. Based on the ratings given on Which?, TrustPilot and Google, Selectra gives Octopus a big fat 5/5 for customer reviews and satisfaction. Keep up the good work Octopus Energy!

Octopus Energy: Customer review score

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