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About Co-operative Energy - History, Reviews, Prices & More

Name  The Co-operative Energy (Midcounties Co-operative)

Headquarters  Warwick, England

Founded  2010

Information about Co-operative Energy

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Who are they?

Co-operative Energy was birthed from the british co-op ‘Midcounties Co-operative’. A co-op is an autonomous association of people voluntarily united to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs through a joint and democratically controlled business. As such, the company is technically owned by its members, each of which receiving part of the profits and having the ability to control its operation. The Midcounties Co-operative began supplying energy in 2010, making there way to a current 1% market share of the energy business. With over 250,000 customers, Co-operative Energy is one of the real contenders facing the Big Six; however, due to a sudden drop in customer service satisfaction, this could soon change.

Customer Service

CEO Ben Reid stated at a conference when pitching Co-operative Energy, that their way of resolving customer issues was going to be much more transparent and easy than that of the Big Six: because it is a co-op, their customers/members should be much more involved in the moulding of their business, allowing it to provide according to the need of its consumers. However, since the beginning of 2015 this has most certainly not been the case. From July - September 2015, Co-operative Energy was the most complained about energy company in the UK per 100,000 customers, and according to The Telegraph, Co-op has been identified as the worst UK energy company for billing errors. A massive 86.8% of the 68 reviewers on Trustpilot gave the lowest possible rating, and in the ‘Which? Survey’, came 20th out of 22 according to the 8902 customer reviewers. These ratings, however terrible they may seem, are only intensified further given Co-operative Energy’s status as an independent energy company wanting to challenge the Big Six, which will most certainly not happen if something does not change fast.

Unit Rates

Co-operative Energy provide a variety of fixed, variable and green tariffs for their dual fuel customers, including the 'Co-op Fix For Longer February 2018', 'Fix & Fly October 2018 V2', and 'Green Pioneer'. Each tariff provides a unique selling point for each customer. For example, the 'Green Pioneer' contains 100% renewable electricity, costing a little bit more per kWh; however, if renewable energy is something that concerns the customer, this tariff is perfect. As searched on 14th November 2016, the unit price for Co-operative Energy’s ‘Fixed for Longer’ tariff in the Leeds area is 10.51p per kWh of electricity and 3.27p for gas, whereas in Dundee is 11.58p for electricity and 3.29p for gas.