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Cooperative Energy (Co-op) - Reviews, Tariffs, Account Login

Name  The Co-operative Energy (Midcounties Co-operative)

Headquarters  Warwick, England

Founded  2010

Information about Co-operative Energy

Co-operative Energy was birthed from the British co-op, ‘Midcounties Co-operative’. A co-op is an autonomous association of people voluntarily united to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs through a joint and democratically controlled business. As such, the company is technically owned by its members, each of which receiving part of the profits and having the ability to control its operation. The Midcounties Co-operative began supplying energy in 2010, making their way to a current 1% market share of the energy business. With over 250,000 customers, Co-operative Energy is one of the real contenders facing the Big Six; however, due to a sudden drop in customer service satisfaction, this could soon change.


CEO Ben Reid stated at a conference when pitching Co-operative Energy, that their way of resolving customer issues was going to be much more transparent and easy than that of the Big Six: because it is a co-op, their customers/members should be much more involved in the moulding of their business, allowing it to provide according to the needs of its consumers. However, since the beginning of 2015 this has most certainly not been the case.

Co-operative Energy was the most complained about energy company in the UK

From July - September 2015, Co-operative Energy was the most complained about energy company in the UK per 100,000 customers, and according to The Telegraph, Co-op has been identified as the worst UK energy company for billing errors.

A massive 86.8% of the 68 reviewers on Trustpilot gave the lowest possible rating, and in the ‘Which? Survey’, came 20th out of 22 according to the 8,917 customer reviewers. These ratings, however terrible they may seem, are only intensified further given Co-operative Energy’s status as an independent energy company wanting to challenge the Big Six, which will most certainly not happen if something does not change fast.

Below are the respective reviews given from available websites and the amount of reviewers on each

Truspilot (371)
Google (385)
Which? (8,917)

To sum up, Co-operative Energy certainly have their work cut out for them. It appears that at present, and over the last couple of years, their customer service scores have been extremely poor. If they are to challenge the Big Six and improve their market share, they are certainly going to have to do something about their customer service and their prices, which we will see below...

Prices & Tariffs

Co-operative Energy have a huge amount of tariffs, which can be rather confusing to industry experts, not to mention for the average energy customer. They offer a number of fixed and variable tariffs, including a couple of 100% renewable tariffs, which are comprised of 100% renewable electricity. Their 5 main tariffs are as follows:

  • Fix and Fly
  • Fixed Green Energy
  • Green Payment
  • My Co-op Lite
  • Co-op Price Protect

As it doesn't make much sense to write all tariff information for each one, your best option is to give us a call and get a quote with the most up to date information possible. To illustrate the price change across the 13 price regions on Co-op Energy's tariffs, however, here is the tariff label information (TLI) for one of their tariffs:

Greener Energy TLI (Apr '17)
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Elec TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Gas TCR Dual Fuel Yearly
Northern Scotland 17.47p £614.57 19.82p 4.39p £621.75 4.97p £1,236.32
Southern Scotland 15.07p £540.17 17.42p 4.39p £621.75 4.97p £1,161.92
North East EN 16.01p £569.31 18.36p 4.39p £621.75 4.97p £1,191.06
North West EN 15.63p £557.53 17.98p 4.12p £588.00 4.70p £1,145.53
Yorkshire 15.51p £553.81 17.86p 4.36p £618.00 4.94p £1,171.81
Merseyside & N Wales 18.07p £633.17 20.42p 4.39p £621.75 4.97p £1,254.92
East Midlands 14.73p £529.63 17.08p 4.19p £596.75 4.77p £1,126.38
West Midlands 15.03p £521.43 16.82p 4.25p £586.75 4.69p £1,108.18
East EN 14.76p £530.56 17.11p 4.19p £596.75 4.77p £1,127.31
South Wales 17.02p £600.62 19.37p 4.39p £621.75 4.97p £1,222.37
London 15.49p £553.19 17.84p 4.46p £630.50 5.04p £1,183.69
South East EN 16.30p £578.30 18.65p 4.45p £629.25 5.03p £1,207.55
South West EN 17.42p £613.02 19.77p 4.39p £621.75 4.97p £1,234.77

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Account Login

If you are a new or existing Co-operative Energy customer, you can login to your online account by clicking the button we have provided below. If you are a new customer to Co-op Energy, you may have to wait a little while until your account is ready for use. You should receive an email that will advise you as to the readiness of your account.

Once you are logged into your account, you will be able to do the following:

  • Manage your bills
  • See past usage details
  • Submit meter readings
  • Update your personal information

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Energy Mix

A huge emphasis has been placed on where energy comes from recently, and as such, all energy suppliers throughout the UK are required to submit details about their fuel mix. Co-op Energy are no different. Despite the above reviews and prices that perhaps are not the best on the market, their energy mix is certainly one of their strongest suits. They are well above the national average for renewable energy supply, which is a massive positive for any supplier.

As you can see below, Co-operative Energy's biggest percentage comes from renewables, making up 65.16% of their supply. This is 40.96% higher than the national average, a huge achievement considering their customer base size. Below you can see the entire makeup of Co-op Energy's fuel mix.

Co-op Energy Membership

Because Co-operative Energy is a co-op, the company is run by its members. They state that their members decide the organisation, profit share and investment of the company, which makes it a fully democratic company organisation. Anyone can become a member for just £1, which will return you points, dependent on how much you have spent within the society.

Although they claim to share the 'profits' of their company, this does not mean that you will receive any form of cash dividend. You will, instead receive vouchers and money towards your Co-operative products. These can include:

  • Food vouchers for their supermarket chain
  • Energy account credit
  • Shares through the Midcounties Co-op
  • Charity donations through the Midcountines Co-op

It is perhaps a wonder, though, that given their status as a co-op, which would suggest their inclination to help their members, why they have some of the most expensive energy prices in the country. Couple this with their attempt to rival the Big Six, and you have got some pretty problematic strategy.

If you would like to sign up to be a member of the Co-operative, you can click the link below:

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