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About SSE - History, Reviews, Prices & More

Name   SSE (Scottish and Southern Energy)

Headquarters Perth, Scotland

Founded  1998

Information about SSE

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SSE is one of just two of the Big Six that is UK owned. Formed from the two public sector utility authorities ‘North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board’ and ‘Southern Electricity Board’ in 1998, SSE are the UK’s largest producers of renewable energy. Their production of which, however, saw a reported drop of around a third during 2015-2016, yet nearly doubled their production of gas and electricity through oil-fired power plants due to market improvements.

SSE are said to provide gas and electric for around 8.4 million customers, creating employment for around 20,000 people, and between 2014-2015, making the company a revenue of £9,190.3m from generation and supply. This huge framework also ensures they have a large impact on a local level. SSE has an extremely large presence in the british sporting world, endorsing and sponsoring a large number of sporting teams, leagues and initiatives, including the Women’s FA Cup, the Scottish Hydro Challenge, and football team St Johnstone FC. They also run family events in localities around the UK, including their ‘You’ve Been Served’ event in Glasgow following the return of Andy Murray after he had just won Wimbledon for the second time, allowing anyone to enter the court and attempt to return one of Andy Murray’s replicated serves for a chance to meet him in person. All of such events can be viewed on their YouTube channel in which they also post useful video tutorials such as ‘How to Bleed Your Radiator’ and many more.

Customer Service

SSE appear to have above average customer service satisfaction ratings: according to USwitch, in 2015 they achieved a score of 74%, a 1.4% improvement from the previous year. Which? Also reported a rating of 52% from 8902 customer reviewers, which is most definitely worthy of praise. That said, SSE seem to have been enduring a severe drop in custom over the past two years, seeing a total of 380,000 gas and electricity customers changing suppliers between 2015-2016 according to The Telegraph. This, however, is said to have been ascribed to the ‘fierce competition from cheap challenger brands’ and not the lack of customer service satisfaction which has been the case for many energy providers in recent years.

Unit Rates

At present, SSE have a variety of variable and fixed price tariffs available for household gas and electricity, such as the 'SSE 1 Year Fixed v9', the 'SSE 2 Year Fixed 3 Year v2', and the 'Standard' Variable. A fixed tariff is one that freezes the unit rate from a certain time, preventing market volatility from affecting energy prices. Each of their fixed tariffs hold a different fixed period, allowing more consumer flexibility when choosing their desired dual fuel tariff. As searched on 10th November 2016, the unit price for SSE’s ‘variable’ tariff in the Inverness area is 15.61p per kWh of electricity and 3.94p for gas, whereas in Plymouth is 15.14p for electricity and 4.18p for gas.