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EDF Energy Trust - Explained

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The EDF Energy Energy Trust is an independent charitable trust that was established in 2003. It focuses on the relief of poverty, in particular, fuel poverty, and families who are struggling to pay for their gas and electricity. If you or someone that you know if finding it difficult to pay for their gas and electricity bills, read on; it is possible that the EDF Energy Trust will be able to help you. It is worth noting that the trust only accepts applications from current domestic account holders of EDF Energy.

Grants Available

The grants available through the EDF Energy Trust are for specific situations. These are listed below:

  • To clear gas and electricity debt that is owed to EDF Energy
  • To clear gas and electricity debt that is owed to another energy company
  • For Bankruptcy/Debt Relief Order (DNO), Sequestration and Minimal Asset Process Fees
  • To purchase energy efficient white goods and cookers

They CAN NOT, however, help with the following:

  • Loans, bills or items that have already been paid for
  • Fines incurred from criminal offences
  • Educational or training needs
  • Debts owed to central or local government departments
  • Down payments and deposits for secure accommodation or mortgage payments
  • Medical equipment, aids and adaptations
  • Overpayment of benefits
  • Business debt
  • Unsecured money lending such as credit cards, catalogues and personal loans
  • Holidays
  • Arrears for rent or council tax
  • Beds or carpets

How to apply

To apply for a grant from the EDF Energy Trust you must contact them directly with your application. This must be done by the account holder. As you are required to be an EDF Energy Customer, these grants are only available to those who live in England, Scotland and Wales at the present time.

Applicants are strongly advised to seek money advice before applying to the trust. This will highly increase the success rate of your application. You can use the following contact information to get in touch with EDF Energy Trust or apply for a grant:

  1. Apply Online
  2. Print Application

Contact You can send a letter to: Freepost: DF Energy Trust
 send an email
 Call them on: 01733 421 060

For more information about the EDF Energy Trust, you can have a look at their website via the link below:

Visit their website