With over 5 million customers, Scottish Power is one of the most established domestic energy providers in the UK. Thinking of choosing the supplier for your business gas and electricity needs too? Find out about Scottish Power Business tariffs, learn how to login to its customer portal and read reviews in our complete guide.

Scottish Power Business in summary:

Electricity: Coal, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Renewables, Other Fuels  Easy to understand tariffs
Fuel mix score: ★★  EV charging installation available
Market: England, Scotland and Wales  Poor customer reviews online
Customers: 200,000+ business premises  Reports of long call waiting times, difficulties switching to another supplier and unsatisfactory customer service.

Who are Scottish Power Business?

Scottish Power was founded in 1990 from the South of Scotland electricity board, after the privatisation of the Scottish electricity industry. Following a takeover in 2006, it is today owned by Spanish utility firm Iberdrola and supplies over five million homes and businesses.

In addition to supplying energy, Scottish Power also generates its own electricity from wind farms, feeding any surplus energy back into the grid, where it can be reused by other suppliers

Scottish Power Business Login

Scottish Power Business customers can easily manage all of their business energy needs through the online portal. Your Scottish Power Business login can be used to access a number of online services, including:

  • Online bills and statements
  • Submit meter readings
  • Energy usage tracking

How do I set up my Scottish Power Business online account?

If you’re already a Scottish Business customer, visit scottishpower.co.uk/register and enter the following information in the corresponding fields:

  • Your 11 digit Scottish Power Business account number - you can find this in the top right-hand corner of your bill. Ignore any spaces.
  • Your business postcode.

Then click the green ‘Continue’ button below to complete your Scottish Power Business login registration.

How do I sign in to my Scottish Power Business online account?

Once registered, accessing your online account is easy. To log in to your account and manage your energy online, simply visit scottishpower.co.uk/login and enter your Scottish Power Business login details in the corresponding boxes:

  • Your business email address.
  • The password you chose when signing up.

Click the green ‘Login’ button below to access your online account.

I’ve forgotten my Scottish Power Business account login details 

Unable to access your online account using your Scottish Power Business login details? Try the suggested solutions below.

  1. Visit the Scottish Power Business login page and click ‘Forgotten password?’. You will be directed to a page to reset your password. Enter your email address and click the green ‘Continue’ button. You will then receive an email from the supplier with a link to reset your password and choose a new one.
  2. If you have any other issues, you should contact Scottish Power Business using the contact details listed further down this page. Don’t forget to have your account number to hand so that your problem can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Does Scottish Power Business have an app?

If you can't live without your smartphone, you'll be pleased to learn that Scottish Power Business has its own mobile app, which is compatible with both iPhones and Android devices. You can access all the same services as on desktop by downloading the app from either the App Store or Google Play.

Scottish Power Business Reviews

Illustration of speech bubbles representing Scottish power business customer reviews

To get an overview of general customer satisfaction, we combed through several Scottish Power Business reviews online. We looked at areas such as prices, billing, account management and complaint handling to see how customers felt about this business energy supplier.

Out of over 8,000 Scottish Power reviews published on Trustpilot, a huge 96% ranked the supplier as ‘bad’, the poorest rating available on the consumer review website. The main gripes among business customers were:

  • Long call waiting times
  • Difficulties switching away from the supplier
  • Poor customer service
  • Misbilling
  • Unsatisfactory complaints handling

Scottish Power was ranked 13th out of 17 business energy suppliers in Citizens Advice's latest non-domestic energy supplier performance league table. Citizen Advice compiles its rankings using the following weighted scoring system:

  1. Cases where customers have directly approached Citizens Advice for help: 10 points 
  2. Complaints from vulnerable customers referred to the Extra Help Unit: 25 points
  3. Cases received by the Energy Ombudsman: 30 points

The number of cases complaints received are multiplied by the weighting factor and then divided by each supplier’s number of business customers.

Using this system, Citizens Advice scored Scottish Power Business 146.9. To put this in perspective, the first-placed supplier, Contract Natural Gas, received 6.1 points, while BES Utilities placed last with 879.1 points.

Scottish Power Business Tariffs

Scottish Power Business offers a variety of energy tariffs and products to choose from. For small and medium enterprises these include a fixed-price plan to lock in your gas and electricity rates for between 1 and 3 years and a variable rate energy tariff, where energy prices are determined by wholesale market activity.

Scottish Power Business Fixed

Scottish Power Business’ Fixed energy rates for 1, 2 or 3 years.

  • UK-based Scottish Power Business Energy Specialists.
  • Fixed energy prices.
  • Online account management.
  • Energy efficiency advice to help save energy and money in association with the Carbon Trust.

Scottish Power Business Standard Fixed

Scottish Power Business out of contract rates. These apply to customers who either don’t opt-in or terminate their contract at renewal without switching suppliers.

  • Fixed energy prices for 1 year.
  • No exit fees.
  • 30 day termination notice period.

Scottish Power Business Standard Variable tariff

Scottish Power Business variable price tariff.  Energy rates can fluctuate at any time in line with wholesale market prices.

  • Variable price.
  • No commitment - customer can move to a new tariff at any time without paying exit fees.
  • Usually among the most expensive prices available.

As the Scottish Power Business standard variable tariff is among its most expensive, here at Selectra we recommend switching suppliers or agreeing to a new tariff with Scottish Power as soon as possible. To learn more about switching your business energy, you can speak to a Selectra business energy expert on 020 3318 3633 or get a free personalised online quote now.


Scottish Power Business Electricity Variable Tariff Rates
Meter Standing charge Day unit rate Night unit rate Evening/Weekend unit rate Off-Peak unit rate
Standard 33.69p per day 18.950p per kWh 18.950p per kWh - -
Economy 7 33.69p per day 19.710p per kWh 15.640p per kWh - -
Evening & Weekend 33.69p per day 19.790p per kWh - 17.250p per kWh -
Off-Peak 17.00p per day - - - 16.470p per kWh

Based on a business located in London paying by Direct Debit. Prices are correct as of July 2021. Rates in the table above exclude Climate Change Levy, VAT and any other applicable taxes.


Scottish Power Business Gas Variable Tariff Rates
Standing charge Unit rate
30.00p per day 5.850p per kWh

Based on a business located in London paying by Direct Debit. Prices are correct as of July 2021. Rates in the table above exclude Climate Change Levy, VAT and any other applicable taxes.

Scottish Power Business Deemed Rates

Customers who move into premises where Scottish Power Business is already the supplier will usually be charged deemed rates. These rates will apply until the customer either signs a new contract with Scottish Power Business or switches their business energy provider.

  • Variable price. Energy rates can fluctuate at any time in line with wholesale market prices.
  • No commitment. The customer is able to move to a new tariff at any time without paying exit fees.
  • Usually among the most expensive prices available.


Scottish Power Business Electricity Deemed Rates
Meter Standing charge Day unit rate Night unit rate Evening/Weekend unit rate Off-Peak unit rate
Standard 56.00p per day 22.500p per kWh 22.500p per kWh - -
Economy 7 56.00p per day 23.000p per kWh 19.500p per kWh - -
Evening & Weekend 56.00p per day 23.000p per kWh - 21.000p per kWh -
Off-Peak 25.00p per day - - - 19.000p per kWh

Based on a business located in London paying by Direct Debit. Prices are correct as of July 2021. Rates in the table above exclude Climate Change Levy, VAT and any other applicable taxes.


Scottish Power Business Gas Deemed Rates
Standing charge Unit rate
30.00p per day 7.000p per kWh

Based on a business located in London paying by Direct Debit. Prices are correct as of July 2021. Rates in the table above exclude Climate Change Levy, VAT and any other applicable taxes.

Scottish Power Business additional products and services

In addition to its basic utility supply tariffs and products, Scottish Power Business offers a few additional services to help its customers properly manage their business energy usage and keep business costs down.

1. Smart Meters

Smart meters are a new generation of meters that allow you to more efficiently manage your business energy usage. With a smart meter, you can see exactly how much energy your company is consuming in pounds and pence and adjust your energy usage accordingly, helping to save money on your gas and electricity bills. This also means no more estimated bills and eliminates the need to manually submit meter reads.

Scottish Power has already started its own smart meter rollout as part of the UK government’s upgrade scheme, with installation appointments available online through the Scottish Power Business website. 

2. EV Charging for Business

As part of its commitment to the clean energy transition, Scottish Power Business provides a variety of electric vehicle charging solutions for medium-sized businesses, their employees, and their customers. As well as boosting your business’s green credentials, those with EV charging can also take advantage of government grants and tax benefits.

Scottish Power Business EV charging in summary

  • Wide range of chargers available, from 3kW to 50kW+.
  • 3-year warranty on chargers and installation.
  • Payment options include both upfront and fully-funded options.

3. Energy Efficiency Toolkit

When you sign up with Scottish Power Business, you'll get access to its Energy Saving Toolkit,  a range of energy and money-saving tips, tools, and calculators created in collaboration with the Carbon Trust. The toolkit is tailored to your business and outlines simple steps to save money while also helping the environment. 

Moving premises with Scottish Power Business

If your business is moving premises or closing down, you’ll need to let Scottish Power know when you are leaving and who will take over the premises - whether that’s the landlord, a new owner or a new tenant. 

You’ll also need to send your final meter readings and a forwarding address for your final invoice. You should let the supplier know this information in advance by getting in touch using the contact information further down this page.

Fuel Mix

UK energy suppliers are required to publicly disclose their electricity supply fuel mix in order to help customers make an informed decision when choosing their utility provider. In Scottish Power Business’s most recent fuel mix disclosure, its electricity mix was as follows:

*Relates to electricity supplied in the period April 2019 to March 2020. UK Average = Coal 3.9%, Natural Gas: 39.4%, Nuclear: 16.6%, Renewable: 37.9%, Other 2.2%.

While the percentage of coal and natural gas Scottish Power Business uses to produce its electricity is more or less in line with the UK average, its use of renewables falls just below this. We recommend the environmentally-conscious customer shop around, as there are a number of smaller providers that will offer 100% green electricity for standard at a similar price point.

Meanwhile, the overall CO2 emissions from Scottish Power Business were 264g per kWh, while it generated 0.0004g of high-level radioactive waste per kWh. For comparison, the average CO2 emissions produced by all UK suppliers in the same period was 205g per kWh, while the average radioactive waste was 0.0012g per kWh.

Scottish Power Business contact details

New and existing Scottish Power Business customers can get in touch with the supplier in a variety of ways. These include calling, sending an email, using its help forum or speaking to a customer service agent through the Scottish Power online live chat feature.

Scottish Power Business contact number

If you need to contact Scottish Power Business by phone, you should use its SME general enquiries number. This number can be used for everything from general queries to meter readings and handling complaints. However, if you suspect a gas or power outage, you should call the appropriate emergency number, rather than contacting Scottish Power Business directly.

Contact Scottish Power Business by phone
Department Scottish Power Business Contact Number Opening Hours
SME General Enquiries 0800 040 7002 Mon-Fri: 8am-7pm; Sat: 8.30am-1pm
Power Cuts 105 24/7
Gas Emergencies 0800 111 999 24/7

Check with your phone provider to find out how much a call to the Scottish Power Business contact number will cost.


Alternatively, if you don’t require an immediate response, you can contact Scottish Power Business via email at [email protected].

Scottish Power online community

Several Scottish Power Business reviews online mention difficulties getting in touch with the supplier’s customer service team. If this happens to you, there is also an online forum that you can use to share your experience with other customers and supplier representatives. You can find the Scottish Power online community at community.scottishpower.co.uk.

Scottish Power Business complaints

Illustration of a megaphone

Unhappy with any aspect of your supplier’s service? Register your Scottish Power Business complaint by following these steps.

  1. Contact the supplier directly by calling the supplier using the Scottish Power Business contact number above or send an email to [email protected].
  2. Scottish Power will aim to resolve your business complaint in the shortest time possible. However, if it can’t resolve your issue immediately, it will transfer your Scottish Power Business complaint to a specialist complaint handler, who will update you on the progress of your complaint until it has been resolved.
  3. Should you remain unhappy with any offered resolution, you can escalate your Scottish Power Business complaint to its Direct Support Team. They will try to resolve your problem within a further 1-2 working days, though more complex issues may take longer.
  4. If you are still unhappy with the proposed solution after 8 weeks, you will receive a ‘deadlock letter’ explaining the supplier's final decision. If your company is classified as a microbusiness, you can seek advice from the Energy Ombudsman on any next steps to take. If you are not a microbusiness, you have the option of seeking independent legal advice instead.
  • Your company is considered a microbusiness if it...
  • Employs fewer than 10 employees (or their full-time equivalent) and has an annual turnover or balance sheet no greater than €2 million
  • Uses no more than 100,000 kWh of electricity per year or
  • Uses no more than 293,000 kWh of gas per year.

Contact the Energy Ombudsman service

The Energy Ombudsman helps energy suppliers and customers resolve disputes. It's free to use, and they're completely unbiased, so they don't take sides and only make decisions based on the information and evidence available. You are under no obligation to accept their decision, but if you do, Scottish Power Business must follow through on it.

By post

Ombudsman Services: Energy
PO Box 966
Warrington WA4 9DF

By phone

Energy Ombudsman Contact Number Opening hours
0330 440 1624 Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm, Sat: 8am-1pm

Calls to the Energy Ombudsman contact number are charged at the same rate as a standard local landline call.

By email

[email protected]