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How to Use Your NOW TV Remote

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If you’ve got a NOW TV Stick or NOW TV Box, then you’ll also have a NOW TV remote to accompany it, whilst it might look relatively simple to use, there can be some quirks that you must learn to become familiar with the NOW TV remote control. Keep reading to find out how to use your NOW TV remote control and troubleshoot it when you have a problem.

What Are The Buttons For On NOW TV Remote?

girl holding remote control

On the Now TV remote there are ten buttons that you can use including the multidirectional button. The ten buttons on the NOW TV remote are:

  1. Home button
  2. Back arrow button
  3. OK button
  4. Multidirectional button
  5. Play/Pause button
  6. Rewind button
  7. Fast-forward button
  8. Star button
  9. NOW TV button
  10. Sky Button

NOW TV Remote Control Buttons

Home Button on NOW TV remote

Pressing the home button on your NOW TV remote will take you out of the app or screen that you’re currently on back to the homescreen of the NOW TV Stick or Box.

Back Button on NOW TV Remote

The arrow pointing to the left is the 'back' button that takes you back to the previous screen. Pressing this button multiple times will result in you being taken to the home screen, though some apps will give a warning message asking if you want to leave the app first.

OK Button on NOW TV Remote

The OK button is used to accept messages that pop-up on your screen or to go deeper into an app. For example, if you’re looking for a movie, you can use the OK button on your NOW TV remote to read more about the movie before hitting it again to play the movie.

Multidirectional Button on NOW TV Remote

You should use the multidirectional button on the NOW TV remote control to move around the screen and various apps you’ve installed.

Play-pause Button on NOW TV Remote

The play-pause button will only work when you’re streaming a movie or TV show, or watching live TV. As the name suggests, it will allow you to pause what you’re watching, and then start it again.

Rewind and Fast Forward Button on NOW TV Remote

If you want to rewind or fast forward, you should use these buttons on your NOW TV remote control. Fast forward will only work if you’re streaming or have paused live TV. In most apps, the buttons will rewind or fast forward in steps of 5-10 seconds at a time. If you long-press either of these buttons it will fast forward or rewind quicker.

Star Button on NOW TV Remote

The star button is the 'options' button - this only works in compatible apps and will allow you to add subtitles or change languages (when possible) as well as other app-specific functions.

NOW TV Button on NOW TV Remote

This will take you directly to the NOW TV app where you can access the range of live TV and on-demand content that you’ve subscribed to through Now TV Packages.

Sky Button on NOW TV Remote

If you’ve taken advantage of one of the Sky TV packages via NOW TV, this button will take you to the Sky TV app where you can access your Sky bundles in your subscription.

NOW TV Remote App

smartphone orange

An alternative to a physical NOW TV remote is the NOW TV remote app, which is actually the Roku App - your NOW TV Box or Stick is made by Roku, so should work fine. You can simply install the app on your Android or iOS device and control it from your mobile. This is especially useful if your NOW TV remote has stopped working and you’re waiting for a replacement to be delivered, or you don’t want to spend money on a new NOW TV remote.

Whatever the reason, you can get the NOW TV remote app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. It’s completely free and compatible with most devices.

Will a Universal Remote Work on a NOW TV Box? Maybe, it will depend on the NOW TV Box model that you own. If you have a universal remote control laying around, you can give it a try by using Sat Code 3061. You will need to check your universal remote instructions on how to set it up if you’re unsure as the instructions vary.

We should also mention that some buttons may not work correctly or at all depending on the compatibility of your universal remote control.

What Is the Difference Between a NOW TV Box and a NOW TV Stick?

tv mobile with wifi

Up until recently, NOW TV has sold both the NOW TV Stick and NOW TV Box to customers in the UK. In 2021, NOW TV decided to discontinue its range of devices as more customers were choosing to access NOW TV directly via their smart TVs and apps on mobile devices.

This doesn’t mean you can’t still buy a NOW TV Stick or Box, it just means you will need to look at third-party retailers such as Amazon or eBay, or pick one up second hand. Whilst they’ve been discontinued, they do still function perfectly - depending on the condition if bought second hand.

NOW TV Stick

The NOW TV Stick, also called the NOW TV Smart Stick, is simple to get started with, it looks just like a USB memory stick (also known as a thumb drive), and you just need to plug it into a free HDMI socket on the back of your TV. Once you’ve done this you’re ready to get started setting up NOW TV or other Streaming Services that work on the stick.

Just turn on your TV and change to the HDMI channel that the NOW TV Stick is plugged into and follow the on-screen instructions.

In most cases, your NOW TV remote control will work right away. If it doesn’t you’ll need to pair your NOW TV Stick Remote.

How to Pair NOW TV Remote Open the battery compartment of your NOW TV remote and insert two AAA batteries which both go the same way up. Move the remote close to your NOW TV Smart Stick to avoid any interference with your Wi-Fi. In a moment or two, you NOW TV remote control will pair itself with your NOW TV stick.


Getting started with a NOW TV Box is very easy. Once you’ve unboxed it, you will need to connect a HDMI cable into both the NOW TV box and your TV, you will also need to connect it to a power socket. Once you’ve done this, the NOW TV box should automatically switch on.

Tune your TV to the correct HDMI channel and you’ll see a set up screen. Follow the instructions presented and you’ll quickly be streaming all your favourite shows in glorious HD.

If you find that your NOW TV remote isn’t working, you will need to pair it first. Don’t fret, this is very easy to do. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure the batteries are fresh, you can switch out batteries by opening the NOW TV remote on the back and inserting two AAA batteries in the same direction.
  2. With your batteries inserted, move the remote as close to the NOW TV box as possible to avoid any interference.
  3. Your NOW TV remote will pair itself with the NOW TV box

Alternative to NOW TV Box and NOW TV Stick

Whilst you can purchase the NOW TV device and own it outright, you will also need to spend a small fortune on subscribing to the NOW TV platform, amongst other streaming services that your might already have. If you'd rather keep your spending to a minimum, you should seriously consider Netgem TV. For only £10 per month, without a contract, you can get access to:

  • 210+ live channels including Freeview!
  • 35+ apps
  • Premier Sports included (worth £12.99/month)
  • 40,000 hours of on-demand content
  • Choice of add-ons (BT Sport, Rakuten TV, BritBox, hayu, etc)
  • Unlimited Mobile TV
  • 4K TV box included (worth £149)

NOW TV Remote Not Working

slim man holding remote control

If you find your NOW TV remote not working, this can be frustrating to say the least and could be due to one of many reasons. In this section we will dig into various NOW TV remote not working reasons and help you to troubleshoot your NOW TV remote to get it back working again.

Some of the reasons you’ve found your NOW TV remote not working are:

  • Dead batteries
  • Interference or obstructions
  • Unpaired after a power outage

Can I Use My Phone as a Remote for NOW TV? Yes, whilst there isn’t an official NOW TV remote app, you can use the Roku Remote as an alternative to a physical NOW TV remote control. However, whilst this should work on most NOW TV devices, some newer models have been reported to be incompatible with the Roku app.

How to Reset NOW TV Remote

The first step to troubleshooting your NOW TV remote not working is to perform a reset of your NOW TV remote and switch out the batteries. Make sure you change them for a pair that you know are fresh, and it’s recommended to use batteries that are the same brand and with the same amount of charge.

You can use AAA rechargeable or single use batteries and changing them couldn’t be simpler, just follow these steps:

  1. Slide off the cover on the back of your NOW TV remote control
  2. Take out the batteries
  3. Put the new batteries in - they both go the same direction
  4. Put the cover back on your NOW TV remote

Now, place the remote near your NOW TV device and give it for 30-seconds for it to re-pair itself, try pressing any of the buttons to see if you get a response from your NOW TV Stick or Box.


If you do, pat yourself on the back and go make a cuppa, put your feet up and get back into the TV show or movie you were enjoying. If this doesn't work, move on to the next troubleshooting tip.

Power-Cycle Your NOW TV Device

tv with remote

If resetting your NOW TV remote and changing the batteries doesn’t work, but you’re sure the batteries are fresh, you can try a power-cycle of your NOW TV Box or Stick. To do this, follow these instructions:

  1. Turn off your TV
  2. Unplug your NOW TV Box from the power outlet or remove the NOW TV Stick from the HDMI
  3. Wait for around 60-seconds
  4. Plug everything back in and switch on your TV

Wait a few moments for your NOW TV device to power back on then try to use your remote.

If this hasn’t worked, you might need to order a NOW TV remote replacement online. Whilst you’re waiting for the replacement remote to arrive, you can still use your NOW TV device by using the NOW TV remote app that’s available for most smartphones.

NOW TV Remote Frequently Asked Questions

Does NOW TV Remote Turn On TV?

It will depend on the brand and model of your TV, but it is designed to turn on and off your TV as standard. The easiest way to find out is by giving it a try. Just press the power button towards the top of your NOW TV remote and see if it works.

Why Is My TV Not Responding to the Remote?

This could be due to low batteries, so try swapping them out for a new pair. It could also be down to interference or something blocking the signal between your remote and the TV.

How Do I Turn up the Volume on NOW TV?

By pressing the star button on your NOW TV remote control, you will be able to adjust the volume settings. However, this does depend on the app you’re using as some apps may restrict this option. If you can’t adjust the volume using your NOW TV remote, you can change the volume by using the remote control that came with your TV.

Where Is the Reset Button on NOW TV Remote?

If you want to reset your NOW TV remote, you can just take off the battery cover and you’ll find a small reset button. Press and hold this for around 5-10 seconds and your remote will reset and try to pair with your NOW TV Stick or Box.

If you want to factory reset your NOW TV device, you will need to go into the settings on your NOW TV device and choose System → Advanced system settings → Factory reset. If you factory reset your NOW TV Box or Stick, you’ll need to set it up again if you want to use it.

Why Is the Green Light Flashing on My NOW TV Remote?

This means your NOW TV remote has connected to your NOW TV Stick or NOW TV Box and is nothing to be concerned about. It’s just a visual aid to let you know everything is working fine.

Why Is My NOW TV Remote Flashing Yellow?

This is usually associated with low batteries. We recommend that you replace the batteries once your NOW TV remote starts flashing yellow. You’ll still have a good few days worth of battery, depending on your own usage, so there’s no need to worry too much. Just make sure to replace the batteries before your NOW TV remote stops working.

Why Is My NOW TV Stick Flashing White?

This is often an indication that your NOW TV Stick or Box has no connection to the internet, or in the case of a NOW TV Box, the HDMI cable isn’t being recognised.

You should check your internet connection on other devices to make sure you’re connected to the internet and contact your linkbroadBroadband Provider if you don’t have any connection. You can also swap out your HDMI cable for another one that you know is working to see if this helps.

How Do I Control My NOW TV Without a Remote?

Instead of using a NOW TV remote, you can download the NOW TV remote app from the app store for your mobile device. Whilst it’s a third-party app that’s for the Roku box, it should be compatible with your NOW TV device depending on the model. It’s a free app, so it’s worth downloading to your Mobile device to see if it works. However, you will need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for it to work.

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