Best & Worst Energy Customer Service Revealed

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So Energy has come out on top in Citizens Advice’s customer service survey once again.

The challenger energy supplier has topped the tables in six of the previous eleven customer satisfaction surveys, which are published on a quarterly basis. The latest rankings are for the period from April to June 2020.

Citizens Advice’s customer service ratings are ranked according to five categories:

  • Number of complaints received
  • Ease of contact
  • Bill clarity and arrival time
  • Ease of switching
  • Customer guarantees

Smaller Suppliers Come Out on Top

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So Energy scored an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, while fellow challenger suppliers Green and Igloo came in second and third place, with overall scores of 4.45 and 4.4 respectively.

In response to So Energy’s ranking, its co-founder Simon Oscroft said: “We strive to provide simple, clear and outstanding service, so being recognised by Citizens Advice again as the number one energy supplier for customer service is incredibly important to us, and something we never take for granted.

“We’re constantly finding ways to improve our processes to ensure we keep bills as low as possible and provide the best possible experience for our customers – something which has been more important than ever for households during lockdown.

“In a year when we have become profitable, we have shown it is possible to offer cheap deals, provide industry-leading service and grow sustainably, despite the challenging market conditions.”

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EDF Number One Among the Big Six

The highest-ranking of the traditional larger suppliers was 5th placed EDF Energy, with an overall score of 4.35, far above its nearest ‘Big Six’ competitor, EON Energy, which came in 12th with 3.7. Britsh Gas’s recently-launched budget energy service British Gas X was ranked 35th, with a score of 2.45.

Citizens Advice Big Six supplier rankings (April-June 2020)
Rank Supplier Score
5 EDF Energy 4.34
12 EON Energy 3.7
14 British Gas 3.7
15 SSE 3.65
16 Ovo Energy 3.55
21 Scottish Power 3.3

Top 10 for Customer Satisfaction

The overall top 10 energy suppliers for customer satisfaction were as follows, according to Citizens Advice:

Citizens Advice top 10 for customer service (April-June 2020)
Rank Supplier Score
1 So Energy 4.6
2 Green 4.45
3 Igloo Energy 4.4
4 M&S Energy 4.35
5 EDF Energy 4.35
6 Octopus Energy 4.15
7 Co-Operative Energy 4
8 Zebra Power 3.95
9 Outfox the Market 3.9
10 Bulb 3.8

Meanwhile, Bristol Energy and recently-closed Tonik Energy ranked bottom of those suppliers that provided data to Citizens Advice, coming in joint 40th place with overall ratings of just 1.7.

The rest of the bottom five suppliers for customer service was made up of Utilitia (2.15), Orbit Energy (2.25) and Together Energy (2.3).

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