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EDF Energy Reviews: Customer Service & Complaints

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As one of the largest energy suppliers in the country, EDF Energy has been in the British energy market since 2002. How does EDF stack up compared to other suppliers? Read our analysis of EDF Energy reviews to find out.

EDF Energy Reviews

The following table shows the average customer ratings from Citizens Advice, Which? and Trustpilot for EDF Energy.

EDF Energy Reviews: Average Customer Ratings
Customer review site Average EDF Energy rating
Citizens Advice 80%
Which? 61%
Trustpilot 84%
*Last updated: May 2021

Below, we break down EDF Energy reviews by customer service, value for money, billing and account management.

EDF Customer Service Reviews

EDF Energy reviews regarding customer service are mostly positive. According to Which?, the supplier received three out of five stars for customer service. In reviews on Trustpilot, customers praise how easy it is to get in contact with the company, especially via its LiveChat feature. Customers have also praised how quickly the customer service staff resolves problems.

Amazing service, the online chat is convenient and very easy to use even for those of us who are not great with technology. The advisor was super helpful, understood my query straight away and got a resolution. If you want great service and advisors who let their own personality shine then look no further. I will be recommending you to all my friends EDF Energy.

Live chat is the quickest way to get in touch with the provider, with it taking just over 1 minute on average for an agent to respond to customers. According to Citizen’s Advice, the supplier takes just two minutes 55 seconds on average to answer the phone.

Many EDF reviews on Trustpilot also praise the engineers in the field, stating the quality of work and service is very high.

All quick and simple to use. The installer Delbert was very friendly and helpful and willing to answer any questions or advice. Great service EDF Energy.

Value for Money Reviews

According to the latest consumer survey from Which? (September 2020), EDF Energy received just two out of five stars for value for money. However, from looking at the EDF Energy reviews on Trustpilot, we found that some customers were still able to save some money on their energy bills.

Excellent service and great value for money - switching to EDF Energy saved me 21 % on my combined bills last year. Thanks to everybody at EDF for providing high-quality service.

EDF has a wide range of tariffs to choose from. It's standard variable tariff would cost a household in London with average energy consumption £1,145.30 per year. It's cheapest tariff (Energy Direct May23) would cost the same household £1,071.53.

Billing Reviews

electricity bill

According to Citizen Advice’s EDF Energy review, 98% of customers reported receiving at least one accurate bill within the past year. The supplier also received a perfect score of five out of five stars for bill clarity, according to the organisation.

Scores aren’t quite as high from Which?, with EDF receiving three out of five stars for bill clarity and four out of five stars for bill accuracy.

One billing problem some EDF reviews do note on Trustpilot concerns final bills. Customers specifically reported being given a very high final bill when they chose to switch providers.

After I switched EDF hit me with a £360 debt that apparently had built up on my account because they hadn't bothered to put my monthly direct debit up to clear it.

Such situations are why it is important to supply accurate meter readings every month and not rely on estimated usage. Ensuring you pay for your actual usage every month can help you avoid an expensive final bill when you choose to leave a supplier. With EDF Energy, customers can submit meter readings by phone, online or via the EDF Energy app.

Account Management Reviews

In terms of account management, many of the EDF Energy reviews on Trustpilot show that customers make good use of the online live chat feature, online account and mobile app to manage their energy account and tariff.

Best web site and service easy to use, all staff very helpful.

How do EDF Energy reviews compare to other suppliers?

How do EDF reviews compare to those from other energy suppliers? According to the latest research from Citizens Advice, EDF Energy ranked 8th out of 35 UK energy suppliers in terms of customer service. The organisation regularly compares UK energy suppliers across the following categories:

  • Average call-wait time
  • Number of complaints per 10,000 customers
  • Customers who had an accurate bill in the past year
  • Bills and statements sent on time
  • Switches completed within 21 days
  • Customer guarantees

In the latest survey from the last quarter of 2020, EDF Energy received an overall score of four out of five stars. The supplier came in just behind Co-Operative Energy in seventh place and Affect Energy in sixth place.

In the table below, we’ve listed the top five energy suppliers in order from first to fifth place, according to Citizens Advice.

Citizen's Advice Customer Service Ranking: Top 5
Rank Energy Supplier Rating
1 Igloo Energy 4.4
2 M&S Energy 4.4
3 Outfox the Market 4.4
4 Co-operative Energy 4.15
5 Octopus Energy 4.15

Information from Citizen's Advice Last Updated May 2021

EDF Complaints

EDF Energy is fairly proactive on Trustpilot, responding to complaints by offering to help customers with their reported problems. Some customers post updates stating that the problem had been resolved or had at least progressed somewhat.

According to Ofgem, the total number of EDF complaints received during the fourth quarter of 2020 was 75,856. That’s 36,626 fewer complaints compared to the same period from the previous year.

Per 100,000 customers EDF received 1,568 complaints in this period. For comparison, the highest number of complaints received among the largest suppliers was 2,550 and the lowest was 507, so EDF falls somewhere in the middle.

Fifty-four percent of EDF complaints in this period were resolved by the end of the next working day, which is pretty fast. The supplier manages a 93% resolution rate within eight weeks, which means most complaints with EDF do get resolved.

In the following table, you can the most recent EDF complaints handling data.

Quarter Complaints received Complaints resolved Resolved the same or next working day Resolved within 8 weeks
Q1 2020 104,111 99,477 51.8% 93.6%
Q2 2020 63,655 63,535 62.2% 92.7%
Q3 2020 77,594 69,063 59.84% 94.52%
Q4 2020 75,856 69,794 53.82% 92.59%

The main reasons for EDF complaints during this quarter were as follows:

  1. Billing — 24%
  2. Metering — 18%
  3. Payments — 15%
  4. Customer service — 12%
  5. Change of supplier — 6%

How do I make a complaint to EDF?

EDF Energy lays out its complaints-handling process on its website. If you need to file an EDF complaint, the easiest way to do so is by contacting the supplier via WhatsApp on 0748 080 2942 or by sending a text message to 0744 511 8556. EDF Energy says it will aim to solve the issue as soon as possible.

If you’re not satisfied with how the complaint has been handled, you can then escalate the complaint to the EDF Complaints Team by calling 0333 200 5101. Lines are open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The team will review your complaints and take the necessary steps to resolve it.

If you are still unsatisfied with the resolution, you can then request a “deadlock letter” from EDF Energy. This letter serves as written confirmation that EDF Energy was unable to resolve the issue. You can then refer your complaint to the Energy Ombudsman. If EDF Energy declines to issue you a deadlock letter, you can still refer the complaint to the Energy Ombudsman after eight weeks have passed since you first raised the complaint.

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