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Community Fibre Contact Number, Email & Complaints

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No matter if you’re looking to resolve a billing problem or get technical assistance, you’ll find each and every way possible to contact Community Fibre on this page. From its social media presence to the Community Fibre contact number, keep reading to find out which way you’d prefer to contact the provider.

Community Fibre Contact Number

landline phone

Community Fibre offers several great ways for customers to get in touch for help and support. You can contact the provider in the following ways:

  • The Community Fibre contact number
  • Via social media
  • Through its website
  • By post

Let’s take a look at each way you can reach Community Fibre to find the best method of contact for you.

Does Community Fibre have a phone line? Yes, the Community Fibre contact number is 0800 082 0770 and is available Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm, and Weekends from 9am to 7pm.

How To Contact Community Fibre Customer Service?

globe orange

Community Fibre customer service is available in many different languages such as:

Available Community Fibre Customer Service Languages
Arabic Dutch Hindi Russian
Bengali English Italian Slovak
Bulgarian French Latvian Somali
Cantonese German Portuguese Spanish
Czech Greek Romanian Urdu

Last updated: 06/06/2022

Considering that Community Fibre is focussed on providing broadband to the Greater London community, multilingual customer service allows customers from all demographics to be able call the Community Fibre contact number to get help and support in their native language. To get help in one of the available languages, you will need to request a callback from the Community Fibre website.

For support in English, you can use the Community Fibre contact number below.

Community Fibre contact number
Department Community Fibre Contact Number Community Fibre Opening Hours
New Customers 0808 196 6262 Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm
Saturday 10am to 3pm
Technical Support 0800 082 0770 Monday to Friday 8am to 10pm
Weekends 9am to 7pm

Last updated: 06/06/2022

Community Fibre customer service contact number The Community Fibre customer service contact number is 0800 082 0770 and is available Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm, and Weekends from 9am to 7pm.

Community Fibre on social media

speech bubbles

Community Fibre maintains active social media accounts on both Facebook and Twitter. This is good news for customers who might prefer to contact Community Fibre through a live chat like functionality. Whichever option you choose, social media is a great way for customers to reach Community Fibre.

Community Fibre on Facebook

You can easily contact Community Fibre on Facebook by going to its Facebook page and clicking on the blue Send Message button, then type your message and wait for one of the Community Fibre customer service team to respond. Community Fibre posts content every few days, on average, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long for a reply.

Community Fibre on Twitter

Like its Facebook profile, Community Fibre also keeps its Twitter account active with regular updates about its latest offers and other topics related to broadband services. There are two options to choose from when contacting Community Fibre on Twitter:

  1. Public Tweet
  2. Private DM

If you want others to be able to see your message then you can simply add @CommunityFibre into a regular tweet - this is a great way of capturing the attention of Community Fibre as they will likely respond quite quickly, especially if your message is regarding a complaint!

Alternatively, if your message is of a sensitive nature, then you can send a DM by going to the Community Fibre Twitter profile and hitting the envelope icon.

Is Community Fibre Any Good? If you're wondering whether or not to have Community Fibre installed at your London property, you should read the lastest reviews in our Community Fibre Review Guide before you decide.

Community Fibre Online Support

woman using laptop

Community Fibre live chat is available via its website. To use it, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Community Fibre website
  2. Click Help in the menu at the very top of the page
  3. Click on the orange icon marked Chat at the bottom left-hand corner
  4. Enter your name, email address and message
  5. You will also need to choose the department you would like to chat with from the list:
    • Customer Service
    • Sales
    • Technical Support
  6. Click Start Chat

You will be placed into the chat queue and it will show you how many people are ahead of you. This number will change as you get closer to the front of the queue. Once a Community Fibre live chat agent joins the chat, they will be able to assist you.

Also, Community Fibre has an extensive FAQ knowledge base. This is one of the most complete and thorough FAQ pages we’ve seen from broadband providers. To use the knowledge base you will first need to choose what your issue is, the choices are:

  • I Want To Be A Customer
  • I Have A Technical Query
  • I Have An Account Or Billing Enquiry
  • I Have A Business Query
  • I Have A Tv Or Phone Enquiry
  • Agent Knowledge Capture

The last option there is only for employees and agents of Community Fibre, so avoid clicking it as you will need a special username and password.

Once you’ve chosen the first option, you will be taken to another page with a list of different articles related to the main topic. If you don’t find what you are looking for right away, you can click an orange button to show more articles, if there are any.

slim man sitting computer

Another way to use the knowledge base is to simply use the search box. Type your question and you’ll see a list of articles that could answer your question. We’d advise you to be quite specific as it relies on keywords in the articles to give you answers. For example, our example search “How can I connect to my router?” gave us 101 results with articles such as:

  • What happens if I move my Mesh routers?
  • Can I get extra routers/extenders to broaden the range of my Linksys Velop WiFi network?
  • How do I reset my router?
  • How can I get a WiFi 6 router?
  • How do I set up port-forwarding on my router?

None of the top results were what we were looking for. Whereas “router connection” returned 92 results and the top article was the closest to what we wanted: “What are all the ports and sockets on the back of my router? Where do I connect my devices?”

Community Fibre Postal Address

If you would like to write to Community Fibre you will need the postal address. Below is the Community Fibre postal address you can use to write to the provider:

Community Fibre Ltd
Level 3, 83 Baker Street

Community Fibre Email Address

Unfortunately, Community Fibre doesn’t have a direct email address for customers. Instead, you can use the contact us form on its website as an alternative to email. You will need to include the following information when using the Community Fibre contact form:

  • Your email address
  • Reason for contact
  • Your message
  • Any attachments you might have

Where is Community Fibre Based? Community Fibre is based in London, at present, they only provide broadband services to the areas of Greater London. If you don’t live in London, you might want to compare broadband providers that are available to you to ensure you get both the fastest broadband, as well as the cheapest broadband deal for your home.

Is Community Fibre Broadband Down?

If you’ve got broadband from Community Fibre and it's not working you will need to check if it's a problem with just your connection or if the area you live in is affected by a Community Fibre outage. The easiest way to check is by going to the Community Fibre Service Status page on its website. From there you can see what issues have been reported and when it's expected to be resolved.

If you don’t see anything listed in your area, you should first reset your router to see if that fixes the problem - most of the time it will - if your problem persists, use one of the contact methods we’ve listed above to speak to a technical support advisor at Community Fibre who will be able to run some more diagnostics to get you back online.

How to Complain About Community Fibre

If you’re not satisfied with the service you’ve received from Community Fibre, what can you do about it? Below we’ve listed the steps you should take to make a complaint to Community Fibre.

Complain About Community Fibre Via Social Media

The first step, if possible, is to take to social media and let Community Fibre know that you’re not happy. If you’re using Facebook, you can send a private message to Community Fibre. But if you use Twitter, you can choose to send a private message or make your complaint public by simply adding @CommunityFibre to a regular tweet - making a complaint public on Twitter will probably yield better and quicker results as the provider will want to be seen as proactive in resolving any customer complaints.

Get in Touch With Customer Services

If you don’t use social media or haven’t had your complaint resolved yet, you should contact Community Fibre customer services directly using one of the methods above. You will be able to make your complaint over the phone and Community Fibre will try to resolve it right away. If your complaint is more serious, it might need to be passed to a manager to investigate and get back to you.

Complain in Writing

woman reading letter

You can also make a Community Fibre complaint in writing, we’d recommend that you send your written complaint with registered or signed-for delivery so you have proof it was received. You should be as detailed as possible and also make sure to mention what you’d like done about your complaint. In any written communication with Community Fibre, you should also note down the following in your complaint to ensure your Community Fibre complaint is dealt with as efficiently as possible.:

  • Your Community Fibre account number
  • Billing and/or installation address
  • How you’d like to be contacted

Complaining About Community Fibre to The Telecommunications Ombudsman

If your complaint hasn’t been resolved after eight weeks, you are entitled to escalate your complaint to the Telecommunications Ombudsman. It’s important to know that the Ombudsman will not take any action if eight weeks haven’t passed unless you’ve received a “deadlock letter” from Community Fibre. After the eight week deadline, you will not need a deadlock letter to escalate your complaint to them.

You escalate your complaint to the Ombudsman in the following ways:

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