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You only need one Scottish Water contact number for all your Scottish Water contact needs. Scottish Water doesn't have a robot system either, which means the Scottish Water phone number could be the easiest company you will ever call.

Scottish Water Contact Number

Unlike other water suppliers who have too many contact numbers to count, there is only one Scottish Water contact number for customer service and billing. However, it is open 24 hours a day and is a freephone number. There is also an option for deaf or hard-of-hearing customers to use the Scottish Water text relay service.

Scottish Water Contact Phone Number Opening Hours
Customer Helpline 0800 077 8778 24/7
Text Relay Service 18001 0800 0778 778 24/7

Speak to a Human at Scottish Water


The Scottish Water contact number is a one-stop-shop and is one of the easiest water companies to get through to. After they read you a pre-recorded message, Scottish Water will ask you to hold and wait for a Scottish Water customer service representative to answer your call.

You can set up a new bill, check your billing information, submit a water meter reading, or report any problems all on the same Scottish Water contact number. If you are setting up your water bill for the first time, check out our How To Pay Your Water Bill guide to see what payment options are available to you.

Unsure how your bills are calculated? Sometimes water bills can be a bit confusing to understand. Consult our UK Water Rates guide to understand how your bill is calculated.

Scottish Water Email Address?

You can email Scottish Water if you would prefer not to use the Scottish Water contact number via the phone.

The Scottish Water email address is: [email protected]

Scottish Water Emergency

If you have a Scottish Water emergency, you can call the Scottish Water contact number to report your Scottish Water emergency. Alternatively, you can use the Scottish Water emergency portal if you would prefer not to call the Scottish Water contact number.

The portal is very easy to use and gives you several options to make sure they escalate your report to the right department to be fixed as quickly as possible.

On the Scottish Water emergency portal, you can report issues such as the following:

  • Water leaks
  • Water supply problems
  • Wastewater issues
  • Storm drain and sewer hole issues
  • A loss of water supply

You can also use the Scottish Water emergency portal to report anything else of concern with the general enquiry option on the Scottish Water emergency portal.


To use the portal, you will need to provide:

  • Your last name
  • An email address
  • If anyone in the property has Covid-19 or is self-isolating

The Scottish Water emergency portal also asks you for more information, which is optional, such as:

  • Your first name
  • The postcode and address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Landline phone number
  • An explanation of the issue

Whilst this extra information is optional, we highly recommend you at least detailedly explain the issue, as this will help the Scottish Water emergency team solve the problem quicker.

How Do I Write to Scottish Water?

letter and pen

Customers who need to write to Scottish Water, instead of using the Scottish Water contact number, can send their correspondence to Scottish Water at the following address:

Scottish Water
PO Box 8855
EH10 6YQ

Text Updates

You can receive free SMS text message updates about maintenance to the water supply in your area from Scottish Water by texting Update and your postcode to 82228. For example, if you live in Edinburgh, you might text Update EH9 1YX. Scottish Water will then let you know if there are any issues with your water supply that are affecting your postcode.

Scottish Water Live Chat

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At the time of writing, there is no option for Scottish Water live chat, only the Scottish Water contact number. Instead, you can message Scottish Water on Twitter or Facebook to live chat with them about your issue.

Scottish Water Facebook Messenger

To contact Scottish Water Facebook Messenger, you can login to Facebook and search for Scottish Water. Once you’re on their page, you press Send Message. This will open Facebook Messenger on your phone or Facebook Messenger chat if you’re on a computer.

Send Scottish Water a Facebook Messenger message and they’ll get back to you as quickly as they can.

Scottish Water often posts updates on Facebook, so we recommend you follow them to see any updates about your water, such as burst mains or repairs, that are causing disruptions to your supply.

Scottish Water Twitter

Getting in touch with Scottish Water Twitter is as easy as sending a tweet. You can either choose to send them a direct message (DM) or you can publicly post and tag them in your tweet. Their Twitter handle is: @scottish_water and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter also, by following them you can receive any updates about their service or supply problems.

Worried you're paying too much for your water? Water customers up and down the country pay different rates for their water services. Unfortunately you can't get a smart water meter in Scotland yet, but you can double check you’re paying the right amount with Scottish Water by consulting our guide on the Average UK Water Bill.

How Do I Complain to Scottish Water?


If you are having any problems with your water meter or your bills, there is a three-step process to make a complaint to Scottish Water. Unfortunately, you can’t switch water suppliersswitch water suppliers so you will have to let Scottish Water deal with the issue.

The first step is to make your complaint through their customer service department. You can do this by calling the Scottish Water contact number on 0800 0778 778 or you can email Scottish Water at [email protected].

You will need to provide details of your complaint and Scottish Water will try to resolve your complaint immediately. If Scottish Water cannot resolve your complaint, they will schedule a time to call you back.

The next step, if they do not resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, is to contact the Scottish Water Service Review Team. They are a dedicated team dealing with customer complaints and do not take phone calls.

You can email them at [email protected] or you can write to them, the address is:

Service Review Team
Scottish Water
PO Box 8855
EH10 6YQ

You will receive a written response within five working days.

Finally, if the Scottish Water Service Review Team can’t resolve your complaint, you can speak to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO). The SPSO is an independent organisation that provides mediation between customers and service providers, such as Scottish Water.

You can take your complaint to the SPSO only after you have followed the first two steps of the Scottish Water complaints procedure. Do not take your complaint to the water regulator Ofwat as they will not be able to help you. Ofwat only regulates the water industry in England and Wales and only deals with anti-competitive behaviour.

We recommend you ask Scottish Water for a deadlock letter. A deadlock letter states they can find no resolution to the complaint from either party.

You can contact the SPSO by phone or post, and they have a lot of information freely available on their website.

  • Phone: 0800 377 7330
  • Website:
  • Post: Freepost SPSO - you don’t need a stamp

How Do I Report My Water Off?

water tap

If you are experiencing a water outage with Scottish Water, the first thing you should do is check to see if the water outage is scheduled or not before calling the Scottish Water contact number. Water companies often schedule maintenance and require that your water is shut off temporarily.

Luckily, Scottish Water has an easy way to check whether your water off is part of maintenance by using their interactive map and simply typing in your postcode. On the interactive map you can check:

  1. Roadworks
  2. Supply Issues
  3. Improvements
  4. Flash Flooding

If you’re experiencing a water outage and there is no sign of it on the interactive map, then you should call the Scottish Water contact number 0800 0778 778.

Scottish Water Blocked Drain

water drop

If you are having problems with a blocked drain, the response from Scottish Water will depend on the nature of the drain blockage.

Scottish Water has the responsibility to clear the blockage if it has been caused by a public sewer. If the drain blockage has been caused by extreme weather then Scottish Water will come and attend to the sewer flooding.

There are two main types of flooding incidents which may occur:

  1. Internal - where wastewater has entered your property through sinks and toilets overflowing or if flooding has come through doorways.
  2. External - where wastewater has flooded your garden but has not entered your property.

Scottish Water isn’t responsible for clearing a drain blockage if it is a problem with your private plumbing and pipework.

If you do experience flooding or drain blockage, call the Scottish Water contact number 0800 0778 778.

Scottish Water Complaints: The Steps

Here's an infographic of the main steps when complaining to Scottish Water so you know what to expect when getting your issue resolved from calling the Scottish Water contact number to SPSO.

Scottish Water complaints process infographic
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