ASDA Mobile Top Up: How Is It Done?

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If you’re looking to top up your ASDA Mobile Pay As You Go phone or getting a PAYG (Pay As You Go) sim card then it’s worth taking a look at all of the different top up options on offer. You may even find a top up method that saves you time. Can you top up with ASDA Pay As You Go online? How can you top up your PAYG sim? Selectra answers your questions below so keep reading to find out more.

Who needs to top up their mobile phone credit monthly?If you’re a pay monthly contract holder you will not need to perform a mobile phone top up every 30 days or so as this will be done automatically as part of a contract you have with your mobile phone provider. If you’re a Pay As You Go customer with ASDA Mobile, or you’re looking to become one, then this is the article for you. Happy reading.

ASDA Mobile top up methods

So you’re ready to top up your ASDA Mobile phone and get to texting, calling or surfing the web, but how is it done? Unlike some of the other major mobile phone carriers there are no online top up portals or apps provided by ASDA. You will need to perform your top up over the phone in some way, shape or form like it was done in the pre-smartphone era.

Top up method How it’s done
Via text message Text 2732 with the code of the bundle you want. For example if you’re after the £10 bundle you would text '10' to 2732. To set your bundle to renew every 30 days add the word AUTO to your text message e.g. 'AUTO10' to 2732.
Using a top up voucher Purchase a voucher at a checkout or kiosk in one of ASDA’s many stores or any of the shops that display the green top up logo. Once you've got your voucher call 2732 from your ASDA Mobile. Next, you’ll need to select option 1, then select option 2 and enter the 16 digit code displayed on your voucher.
Using a top-up card These cards come included in the ASDA Mobile SIM pack. You can load a top-up card at the checkout at an ASDA store or any store with a top-up logo.
Using your debit or credit card Top ups require registration of your debit or credit card over the phone. You can do this by calling 2732 from your ASDA Mobile phone. Once this is complete you can call 2732 and select option 1, option 1 and then option 1 again to top-up.

ASDA Mobile top up bundles

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So you know how to top up, but how much talk, text and data will you need to get by? If you choose the wrong top up amount, don’t fret, you can change your top up bundle from month to month. If you’re happy with the bundle you choose you can actually set it to auto-renew, meaning that when you run out of credit your next payment will be triggered and you’ll have new talk, texts and data in no time.

Check out what you will get for each ASDA Mobile bundle price point below:

  • For £5: 500MB Data, 200 Minutes, Unlimited Texts
  • For £7: 2GB Data, 300 Minutes, Unlimited Texts
  • For £10: 4GB Data, 600 Minutes, Unlimited Texts
  • For £12: 5GB Data, 800 Minutes, Unlimited Texts
  • For £15: 8GB Data, 1000 Minutes, Unlimited Texts
  • For £20: 12GB Data, Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts
  • For £25: 15GB Data, Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts

To learn more about these price points you can read through our dedicated article on ASDA bundles. [block:telecoms_mobile_deals_content2]

Troubleshooting: ASDA Mobile FAQs

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If you still have any doubts about ASDA top up then you should take a look at the common questions we receive about the ASDA Mobile network below and you’ll most likely have your questions answered.

How can you check your phone balance?

To learn how much phone credit you have left just text 'BAL' to 2732. Alternatively, you can also call 2732 from your phone and select option 1 and then option 4 on ASDA’s automated service. Doing this is completely free of charge of course.

How do you cancel your ASDA Mobile bundle?

Flexibility is one of ASDA Mobile’s main selling points, so naturally, if you’ve made up your mind about switching providers then you can do so easily. Simply stopping any future top ups you have scheduled will be your first and only port of call on this.

If you wish to cancel a recurring Bundle top up you can text 'ENDBUN' and the number of the bundle to 2732 free of charge. So if you have a £10 recurring bundle you would text 'ENDBUN10' to 2732 for example. If you have a recurring auto-top up you can text 'STOPAUTO' to 2732 for free.

How do you get your ASDA sim?

If you need a PAYG SIM from ASDA there are several ways of going about getting one. The first is to head to one of ASDA’s many shops across the UK.

Does your ASDA Mobile top up expire?

Your credit won’t expire, provided that you use your phone once every 180 days your credit will remain available as will your account. Make sure to do this if you’re an infrequent phone user but you want to keep your account going.

How can you set up a recurring or auto top-up?

To set an auto top up the first thing you’ll need to decide is if you want a recurring top up to happen every 7, 10, 14 or 30 days. Alternatively, you can set it for a specific date between the 1st and 28th of each month.

You will need to call ASDA first on 2732 to register your payment method in the form of a credit or debit card. Once you have done this the provider can set it up for you, and you’ll be good to go.

Keen on ASDA Mobile?Use our handy guide to the ASDA Mobile network to help you get the most out of the provider. If you want to compare lots of different UK phone providers, check out all of the UK mobile carriers we’ve researched so that you don’t have to.

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