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Want to know if AXA is the right travel insurer for you? We think AXA premiums offer flexible levels of coverage with excesses that won’t break the bank. Find out more about all of AXA's travel insurance UK features, including the all-important length of coverage they offer. Plus, you can read all about AXA Travel Insurance reviews and see how their prices compare to other providers.

Why do I Need AXA Travel Insurance?

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There are any number of incidents that could ruin your hard-earned holiday. However, don’t despair. The best way to protect yourself is to take out travel insurance!

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) reported the average medical claim on travel insurance surpassed £1,300 in 2018, proving that medical expenses are the most expensive risk of all issues related to travelling. As an example, the cost of an air ambulance alone from Majorca could cost more than £25,000!

A bill like that is sure to ruin your holiday, so make sure you’re covered for every situation. AXA’s travel insurance offers extensive coverage (not just medical) at fairly reasonable prices. Check out the following reviews, then we’ll break down AXA’s travel policies and prices so you can see if it's the right provider for you.

AXA Travel Insurance Reviews

We’ve searched far and wide to bring you customer reviews on AXA Travel Insurance. These may help when choosing your policy. However, remember to always consider the following important factors when buying travel insurance:

  1. Levels of cover.
  2. Essentials the policy covers.
  3. Number of days covered.
  4. Pre-existing medical conditions (if relevant to you).
  5. The activities you need included.
  6. Price.

Now that you know what to look for, let’s get started and see what customers have to say about AXA.

Feefo reviews are across all of AXA Insurance and not just its travel insurance division. From 47,600 customer reviews (up to 2019), 35,210 gave AXA five stars, and overall Feefo awards AXA a 4.6/5 rating. Customers on Feefo generally praise AXA’s customer service, claiming it is efficient and helpful.

“Smooth Travel. Easy application procedure for Travel Insurance. Information provided in a clear concise manner. Would use them again in future.” - Trusted Customer (Feefo)

In contrast to Feefo, we found mixed reviews on TrustPilot and

On TrustPilot, AXA Travel Insurance was rated as bad by 96% of customers and the rest gave it a rating of poor. There are only 46 reviews though, which is not exactly representative considering how many people buy travel insurance through AXA. However, it is still worth noting that the majority of the complaints are focused on how long it takes AXA to respond to claims. The general consensus of reviewers was that it is difficult to get through on the phone and emails are not responded to in any hurry!

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Customers on gave AXA Insurance 2.8/5 stars. While there are more reviews on this site than TrustPilot, totalling 692, these don’t just relate to travel insurance but to all of AXA Insurance. Of the total respondents, 46% would recommend AXA Insurance.

Where we could see responses relating to travel insurance, time taken to respond to claims was a common theme again. There were plenty of positive comments around customer service, but it is not clear which ones relate to travel insurance.

Quote by anonymous on - “Terrible service and call time! Was rudely told that the claims department have a waiting time of up to 2 hours if I was happy to hold on. Absolutely useless.”

Overall, we found that the reviews vary hugely across different sites. No travel insurance policy is one size fits all, and what’s important to someone else may not be critical for your needs. Our best recommendation is to shop around based on your essential criteria (price, service, specialised cover etc.).

AXA Travel Insurance Policy Types - What’s Best for You?

AXA offers two main types of policies. These plans are:

  • Single trip travel insurance: covers you for up to 120 consecutive days if you are 65 or under, and up to 60 days if you are 66 - 70 (the length varies between the level of cover you choose). However, many insurance companies will cover you for much longer. If you're lucky enough to be planning an epic long trip, shop around, and make sure you're covered from take-off to landing. LV Travel Insurance, for example, provides cover for up to 366 days on a single trip policy.
  • Annual multi-trip travel insurance: covers you for multiple holidays of up to 45 days per trip throughout the year. This could be a great choice for you even if you are only planning on getting away twice in the year. This policy is not available to anyone aged 75 or over at the start date of the policy.

Let’s look in more detail at what the standard single and annual multi-trip policies cover. You can tailor a package to suit your needs depending on the level of cover you want. AXA calls these different levels Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze is the most basic and Gold offers the most comprehensive cover.

These plans offer the following essential cover:

Cover for
Emergency medical and repatriation cover
Personal accident cover
Up to £10,000
Up to £20,000
Up to £30,000
Cancelling or cutting short your trip
Disruption or delay to travel plans
Personal liability limit
Legal expenses

One awesome benefit we have found with AXA policies is that emergency dental cover is included as standard on all policies. That’s one less thing to worry about for no added cost!

AXA Travel Insurance Baggage

Across all the policy levels we have mentioned, the personal belongings and money payouts are generous, even for basic cover. For a Bronze policy, the maximum insured is £1,500, Silver policy is £2000 and Gold policy is £2500. There are some conditions to be aware of though:

  • You can only claim for sports equipment if you have taken out sports cover and specified the activity (e.g. snowboarding).
  • If you lose money or an important document and it’s not stored in a safe location (e.g. safety deposit box) this will not be covered.
  • The single item limit is £200 (Bronze), £250 (Silver), £500 (Gold).

The single item limit means the maximum amount you can claim on any one item.

All insurers include exceptions and these will vary across different companies, so make sure you read the policy wording and don’t get caught out! We know some of the wording can be tricky to get your head around. That’s why we have created a handy guide to understanding travel insurance to make things simpler.

AXA Travel Insurance Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

It is always important to declare any pre-existing medical conditions when you take out a travel insurance policy. If you don’t, you may not be covered if you make a claim. AXA Travel Insurance will cover many conditions at no extra charge. It always pays to be upfront, especially as there may be no extra cost! We recently heard a story about a couple visiting Mexico who missed out on their medical insurance because one hadn’t declared they use an inhaler.

AXA has advanced medical online screening, or you can ring an agent (see our contacts page for details). The online medical screening will take place when you complete your quote online. The first few questions simply require a yes/no. Then you need to state your condition and answer the questions relevant to that condition.

Optional Extras

You’ve chosen your adventure, now choose the package that’s right for you. AXA Travel Insurance UK gives you lots of optional extras to choose from. This is great, particularly if you are planning anything adventurous because standard policies are notorious for excluding these activities. There are four juicy extras you may want to consider:

  1. Cruise cover upgrade.
  2. Winter sports.
  3. Golf travel.
  4. Adventure cover.

AXA Travel Insurance Cruise Cover Upgrade

If you are going on a cruise you may wish to upgrade your cover so you are protected against specific cruise-related incidents. This cover will also increase your limits on certain items such as valuables and baggage. If your dream is to take to the seas and travel on a luxurious cruise ship then this is a good option for you.

Cruise cover upgrade
Cabin confinement
£1,000 total (£25 daily)
£1,200 total (£30 daily)
£2,000 total (£50 daily)
Additional pre-paid charges cover*
Additional baggage limit
Additional valuables limit*
Additional single item limit*

*These limits would be in addition to the cover you receive as part of the standard policy.

AXA Travel Insurance Winter Sports

We all know someone with a horror story about a snow vacation, whether the resort was closed due to bad weather or the all too common knee injury. AXA winter sports cover will cost more than a standard insurance policy, but with good reason. If you plan on hitting the slopes this season, don’t forget to purchase your policy before you head off (before the avalanche blocks the roads!).

Winter sports cover
Ski equipment
£1,500 (£500 single item limit)
£1,500 (£500 single item limit)
£1,500 (£500 single item limit)
Ski equipment hire
£300 (£30 daily)
£300 (£30 daily)
£300 (£30 daily)
Piste closure
£100 (£20 daily)
£100 (£20 daily)
£100 (£20 daily)
Lost lift pass

AXA Travel Insurance Golf

Another useful addition you may wish to purchase is golf cover. Its purpose is to insure you against any unused green fees or damage to your golf clubs. It’s as easy as one, two...tee! Here are some of the key benefits of AXA golf insurance:

Golf cover
Golf equipment total
Hire of golf equipment
£200 (£40 daily)
£200 (£40 daily)
£200 (£40 daily)
Green fees
£1000 (£200 daily)
£1000 (£200 daily)
£1000 (£200 daily)

AXA Travel Insurance Adventure Sports and Activities

AXA will cover you for 70 sports and activities as part of a normal single-trip or annual multi-trip policy. Some of those listed include hot air ballooning, scuba diving, windsurfing and white water rafting. Many of these sports would not be covered as standard by other insurers, so if you’re planning an action-packed adventure why not check with AXA first? After all, you might be able to have your dream day covered at no extra cost.

For those sports not covered as standard, AXA includes additional cover for certain adventure sports. If you want to be covered for a particular sport that is not included as standard, contact AXA Travel Insurance to see what they can do for you.

AXA Travel Insurance UK Prices

As we mentioned before, no travel insurance policy is one size fits all. To compare prices, we have done a comparison for an annual AXA policy including Europe for a 35-year-old woman with no pre-existing medical conditions.

Overall, AXA Travel Insurance is not the cheapest but you will receive better coverage in many areas than cheaper policies provide.

You can also consider taking out family travel insurance for up to 10 people. This could save you precious holiday money, and offers you peace of mind that all your loved ones are taken care of. AXA have made this easy to do so why not get a quote? We tried this online and once you have entered your own details and destination you simply select ‘add traveller’!

What Excesses do AXA Travel Insurance Charge?

For claims where an excess is applied, the following amounts relate to each policy level:

Bronze Policy
Silver Policy
Gold Policy

Excess fees charged are comparatively low, which could be high on your list of priorities. Excesses across different companies vary from £0 - £250 or more!

An excess is the amount that you have to pay yourself if you decide to make a claim on your policy.

AXA Travel Insurance Promo Code

Want to save money on your policy, leaving more for your holiday? At the time of writing, TopCashBack is offering cashback if you purchase your insurance through TopCashBack Compare. The discount rate you earn will depend on the details you enter. Once you complete your quote through TopCashBack Compare the amount will be displayed.

AXA Travel Insurance Claim

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As you would expect, AXA has a dedicated emergency assistance phone number open 24 hours a day, every day. If you need to get in contact urgently, call +44 (0)1737 815626.

The best way to register your claim is through your online AXA account. See how to do this in our AXA Insurance contact guide. The relevant team will then follow this up with a call or email. Details you will need to log your claim include personal details, your policy number, information surrounding the nature of your claim, plus any supporting evidence (e.g. a medical or crime report).

AXA Travel Insurance UK has an excellent claims payout rate. Despite the reviews we mentioned at the top of the page, AXA paid over 94.2% of travel insurance claims made between May 2018 and April 2019. The average amount paid was over £855.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) recently revealed that the average claim in 2018 reached £800, the highest amount on record. This seems in line with the payouts that AXA reported for their claims paid.

If you need to make a complaint, for any reason, you can find the relevant contact information on our AXA contacts page (coming soon).

How do I Cancel My AXA Travel Insurance?

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Cancelling your policy depends on the type of policy that you have purchased.

As part of your statutory right, if you change your mind within 14 days of the start of your annual multi-trip policy you are able to cancel it and be fully refunded.

You can cancel your single trip policy at any time prior to the start date. You will receive your payment in full. AXA does not offer any refund for cancellation of annual multi-trip policies after 14 days or for single trip policies after the start date. You can find the contact information for cancelling your policy on our AXA contacts page.

Data and information correct as of August 2019.

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