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EE Customer Service: Let Us Help You

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How do I get through to EE customer services? And what kind of customer service can I expect? These are important questions to consider, whether you’re an long-standing customer or new to the EE family. We’ve put together the essential guide to EE customer services to help you resolve your queries as quickly as possible.

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How do I speak to EE customer services?

First up, that all important customer services phone number. Unfortunately, there’s not just one EE customer service number - no self-respecting telecoms company would make it that simple to contact them! There are different phone numbers depending on whether you’re an existing or potential customer, and if your query is to do with mobile phones or broadband. Don’t worry, we’ve got all the numbers right here, so look no further.

EE broadband customer service number

People who have a query about their EE broadband and home phone contract can contact EE customer services from their EE landline on 0800 079 8586. Calling this number from an EE landline is free.

Alternatively, if your landline is with another provider you can reach EE broadband customer services on 0207 362 0200. The cost of the call will depend on your phone provider. Here’s the summary of all the EE broadband customer services phone numbers:

EE customer service: broadband queries

  1. From an EE mobile phone: 150
  2. From an EE landline: 0800 079 8586
  3. From any other provider: 0207 362 0200
  4. Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8am - 9pm; Saturday and Sunday, 8am - 8pm

EE mobile phone customer services

For EE mobile customers, it’s straightforward enough. To call EE customer services from an EE mobile phone, simply dial 150. This number is free for pay monthly customers as long as you phone during their opening hours (see below). Pay as you go customers, unfortunately, are charged 25p per minute to contact customer services, no matter what time of day the call is made.

What if you’ve got a query about your EE mobile phone but you’ve lost your mobile, or it’s not working, or there’s some other reason why you can’t use it? Don’t worry, you can call EE customer services from a landline or a non-EE phone. See below for details:

EE customer service: mobile phone queries

  1. From an EE mobile phone: 150
  2. From an EE landline: 07953 966 250
  3. From any other provider: 0800 079 8586
  4. Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8am - 9pm; Saturday and Sunday, 8am - 8pm
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EE customer service online

As well as contacting EE by phone, there is some customer service help available online through the ‘Help’ pages on the EE website. There are a few steps to go through; the first step is to specify if your query is about bill payments, home broadband or mobile phone handsets. Whichever option you click on, the subsequent steps are very similar. Let’s take ‘billing and payment’ as an example.

After clicking on ‘billing and payment’ you’ll see three options: Pay my bill; Ways to top up; and Broadband and home phone bill. Clicking on any of these will take you to a full-length online article which should answer your questions.

If you don’t find the information you’re looking for, simply go back one step and choose the ‘Get in touch’ option. There you’ll find details of the phone numbers (see above) as well as how to find your nearest EE high street shop.

EE complaints number

It’s always stressful when your relationship with your broadband provider or mobile phone company goes sour. That’s why it’s so important to be able to get in touch with a customer service representative who can help to resolve the situation quickly and efficiently.

To make a complaint about anything to do with EE mobile, whether it’s billing, top-up or handsets, this is the number you need: 0800 079 0126.

For EE broadband complaints, call this number: 0800 079 0125.

Lines are open for both types of complaints at the following times:

  1. Monday to Friday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  2. Saturday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
  3. Sunday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Contact EE customer services from abroad

There’s nothing worse than having phone or internet problems when you’re travelling so it’s best to be prepared and get these numbers saved in a place you’ll always be able to access:

  1. To discuss broadband (or EE TV): +44 (0) 207 362 0200
  2. To discuss 4GEE mobile WiFi: +44 (0) 7953 966 250
  3. For mobile phone queries: +44 (0) 7953 966 250

Just remember the opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8am - 9pm; weekends, 8am - 8pm (UK time).

What are people saying about EE customer services?

Now you know how to get in touch with EE customer services, what can you expect from them when you do make contact? We’ve done a bit of digging on your behalf to find out if EE customer service standards are up to scratch.

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EE customer service instore versus shopping online

Customers tell us that there is a lack of communication between the online store and the EE shops on the high street. Buying a mobile phone or 4GEE router online and being able to choose to collect it from the high street branch is a great idea in theory, but someone needs to remember to tell the customer that their order has arrived in the store so they can go to pick it up.

Yellow speech bubbles

We’ve heard a few of these stories about customers not being contacted about their orders. It’s not clear if the fault lies more with the online side or the staff in the branch but whatever way you look at it, it gives the impression of inefficient customer service and endless frustration for customers.

Friendly and efficient, or rude and unhelpful?

As with so many of the big telecommunications company, EE customer services reviews and experiences are a real mixed bag. For every tale of rude, unhelpful staff who couldn’t care less, there’s another account of wonderful service from EE sales advisors who will bend over backwards for their customers.

Even in different branches of EE shops the standard of customer service varies widely. We’ve heard from customers who have been unhappy with the service in their nearest EE branch but delighted with the staff when they go to another EE shop in the same town.

So we would say, if you don’t get the standard of service you expect in the first EE high street shop you go, try the next one and you might be pleasantly surprised.

The standard of customer service from the advisors on the phone is equally unpredictable. Looking at the customer feedback it seems that it comes down to the luck of the draw whether your call will be answered by someone who listens carefully and goes the extra mile to resolve your query, or someone who’s grumpy and not interested in helping customers.

EE broadband customer service reviews

While we don’t want to explore all the ins and outs of EE broadband connectivity here - see our EE broadband page for those details - it’s important to get some idea of how EE customer services deals with home broadband issues.

First of all, the bad. Customers report having difficulty getting helpful answers to simple questions about broadband setup when they contact EE customer services. They say the typical response is a ‘copy-and-paste’ style email which does little to answer the customer’s original query.

There is further negative feedback about technical support for EE broadband issues. Customers say they are left for too long without internet access when their EE broadband goes down, customer service agents and technicians do not communicate with each other and overall the service appears to be a disappointment for many people.

Having said that, other people are full of praise for EE customer service advisors, both instore and on the phone, who have made the broadband switching process as smooth as possible. Even when problems cannot be resolved quickly, many customers have been offered some form of compensation while they wait. For instance, EE might give customers extra mobile data for free while broadband issues are being fixed, which certainly helps to keep people happy.

EE mobile customer service reviews

EE has many mobile phone customers who have been with the company since long before the amalgamation of Orange and T-Mobile that created EE.

These long-standing customers report very mixed experiences with EE. Some say the service has worsened drastically since the merger, while others say that they’re still happy with the service after being with the company for 20 years.

Some of the problems EE mobile customers have experienced are being badly advised about mobile contracts and handset upgrades from staff instore and call centre advisors. On the other hand, there’s plenty of evidence from loyal customers of many years’ standing that the standards of customer service have always been consistently high.

So who’s right? Keep reading to get a more impartial, independent view of EE customer service.

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Complaints to Ofcom about EE

Ofcom is the UK telecoms regulator and part of its job is to deal with complaints from customers who have originally complained directly to telecoms providers but the issues have not been resolved to the customers’ satisfaction. This means that it’s a bad sign if Ofcom receives a lot of complaints about your broadband provider or mobile phone company.

However, Ofcom’s recently published complaints data is great news for EE customers. It reveals that, out of all the broadband providers in the UK, EE came joint top with Sky for having the lowest number of customer complaints. For complaints about landlines, EE had the lowest number, and for mobile pay monthly complaints, EE was only beaten by Tesco Mobile.

Overall, EE appears to be doing something right. Perhaps the customer services advisors on the phone or on the shop floor are not consistently doing a great job, but the EE complaints department is clearly managing to nip customers’ problems in the bud before the issues need to be escalated further to Ofcom.

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