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Iresa Energy: Reviews, Contact number, Tariffs & Login

NewsIresa has become the latest small supplier to cease trading as of 27th of July 2018. Ofgem, the industry regulator, has said that Iresa’s 100,000 customers would not see an interruption to their electricity and gas supplies. Octopus Energy has been allocated as the new supplier for customers.

Iresa Energy was once the UK’s cheapest gas and electricity provider. However they have infuriated customers by hiking their monthly direct debits unexpectedly, taking one off payments and has a backlog of complaints to deal with. This prompted Ofgem to intervene, and as a result, Iresa has been forced to continue not taking on any new customers in 2018.

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Iresa Energy Reviews

Iresa Energy reviews are mostly complaints about this small energy supplier. They have frustrated a lot of users with their long call wait times and even cutting people off after they had been holding on for over an hour.

The mounting number of complaints against Iresa were caused by insufficient customer service representatives to handle all the calls. This prompted Ofgem, back in April 2017, to force Iresa Energy to close their doors to new customers until they got their complaints handling under control. A spokesman for Ofgem said “We told Iresa they needed to resolve this problem and have asked them to explain to us how they will ensure that it is easy for their customers to contact them and provide them with a level of customer service they are entitled to.”

Iresa reviews mostly complain about call wait times. Some customers reported having to wait in line for more than 2 hours to get through to customer services. Others reported that once getting through to a human, they were put back on hold again only to have the phone put down on them.

Don’t think that you’ll have better luck by emailing them either, as some customers said that they’ve been waiting more than a month for a reply. It seems that your best option is still to call them and contacting your provider should be your first port of call, but you may have more success complaining through the energy ombudsman.


A utility company bill with a lightbulb and coins scattered across it
Iresa Energy received complaints from customers about its billing. Source: Iresa Energy

The biggest reason for complaining was billing. Customers were angry because some of them are owed a lot of money by Iresa Energy. Like many households, these customers don’t have smart meters that send your energy usage automatically to the energy provider, therefore giving you accurate bills. So what Iresa does is bill you based on an estimate of your energy usage.

It seems that Iresa Energy underestimate a lot of customers’ gas and electricity usage and undercharge them from day one. This goes on for the first few months of their contract and when Iresa check their meter and discover the actual amount owed to them, they inform customers that they have to pay the difference.

Customers were happy to pay the difference and continue using the service. So Iresa upped their direct debits and in some cases took one off payments. Customers who had the correct amount debited from their accounts were fine with this.

A man and a woman looking surprised at some documents
Customers were repeatedly overcharged by Iresa on their direct debit. Source: Disqus

However, the vast majority of bad reviews report that after paying, Iresa either took too much or continued to charge the customer a higher direct debit that meant they were not overpaying for their energy. This resulted in many customers being owed money by Iresa which they were unable to get back because their customer service couldn’t cope.

One customer summed it up by saying, “Can’t comment on customer service as they have failed to provide any since Sept [2017]. Very good and quick at unjustifiably increasing DD by 20% when account is already in credit though”.

If you are owed money by Iresa and have not been able to get your money back yet you should first try and contact them using their phone number first thing in the morning when wait times are lower.

Selectra's adviceIf you have had a problem with Iresa Energy UK, the first thing to do is to contact them directly. It's recommended you speak with them on the phone number below rather than email as you'll get a quicker response. However, if like many others you are unable to resolve the problem, we recommend you contact the Energy Services Ombudsman.

Worst Energy Supplier in the UK

In a further blow for the small supplier, Iresa Energy has been named the worst supplier in the UK in 2018 by watchdog Citizen's Advice.

The company came last out of 31 energy suppliers after receiving a record number of complaints.

Citizen's Advice reported that in 2018 Iresa had 9000 complaints for every 100,000 customers. This was five times more than the next company on the list - Toto Energy.

It also scored lowly on nearly every other category such as billing and customer service on the telephone.

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Gillian Guy, Citizens Advice's chief stated, “Iresa’s low score will come as no surprise for its customers, who have had to put up with continued problems. These include inaccurate billing, long phone queues and even being blocked from switching to a new supplier.

“It’s vital now that Ofgem does more to protect consumers from poor customer service. The regulator’s upcoming review of licensing rules must do two things: make it easier to stop unprepared suppliers from entering the market, and take poorly performing companies out of the market faster.”

Ofgem Extends Ban on Iresa

The ofgem logo and byline
Iresa Energy is banned from taking on any new customers. Source: Iresa Energy

As mentioned above, in light of its terrible customer service ratings and failings in 2017 Ofgem imposed a provision order banning Iresa from taking on new customers, taking one off payments and increasing direct debits.

Iresa took a number of measures to try and get the ban lifted such as extending their call centre hours, improving their call waiting times and responding to customer emails more quickly.

However, these measures have not been enough and in 2018 Ofgem stated that the provisional order will remain in place until Ofgem feels that there has been a considerable change.

If Iresa Energy continues to perform badly, Ofgem will have no choice but to revoke its license.

Tariffs & Prices

Iresa offer a variable tariff and one fixed rate tariff with the name Flex 5, both of which are available to customers with an existing Economy 7 meter. Payments for the service must be made via direct debit only. Customers who want paper bills will have to pay a £10 fee per year.

Iresa also offer a prepayment tariff with the same name for customers who are pay as you go (PayG).

Iresa Energy currently do not offer the following tariffs:

  • Smart meters
  • Feed-in-tariffs
  • Warm home discount
  • Economy 10/Heat wise meters

Iresa Energy aren't currently taking on any new customers so you won't be able to contract a tariff with them. However, you can find a list of prices for your region in the table below.

Our Power Variable Rate Tariff
Electricity Unit Rate
Yearly cost of Electricity
Standing Charge per day
Gas Unit Price
Yearly cost of Gas
Standing Charge per day
Northern Scotland 12.06 373.86 20.65 14.49 3 375.00 16.96 14.09
Southern Scotland 11.73 363.63 17.66 13.81 2.87 358.75 16.96 13.57
North East EN 11.64 360.84 13.43 13.22 2.65 331.25 18.22 12.83
North West EN 11.62 360.22 16.27 13.54 2.84 355.00 15.45 13.27
Yorkshire 11.84 367.04 13.43 13.42 2.8 350.00 17.11 13.30
Merseyside & N Wales 12.45 385.95 18.75 14.66 2.79 348.75 16.38 13.18
East Midlands 11.52 357.12 12.72 13.02 2.84 355.00 14.00 13.10
West Midlands 11.51 356.81 13.28 13.07 2.87 358.75 16.23 13.48
East EN 11.53 357.43 13.33 13.10 2.74 342.50 14.92 12.81
South Wales 12.14 376.34 16.84 14.12 3 375.00 16.05 13.99
London 11.97 371.07 13.52 13.56 2.69 336.25 15.42 12.66
South East EN 11.91 369.21 18.01 14.03 3.03 378.75 16.53 14.16
South West EN 12.66 392.46 18.63 14.85 2.9 362.50 17.11 13.71

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Iresa currently do not supply energy to businesses.*

Account login

With Iresa you can check your gas and electricity usage online by logging into your “Iresa Customer Account”.

There’s no need to sign up, just type in your email and your password that you should have already in a previous email. Alternatively, if you have forgotten your credentials, you can reset them by clicking ‘forgotten my password’.

Once you are in, you will be able to do the following:

  • Check your usage history
  • See your online bills
  • Submit meter readings
  • Amend your personal information



Iresa Offices Nottingham
Iresa Offices Nottingham. Source: Google

Iresa is a relatively new UK energy provider based in Nottingham and starting trading in 2016. It was founded to help provide cheap electricity and gas to customers by cutting down operational costs and passing these savings onto the consumer.

The Director of Iresa Limited, Adeniyi Oladeji, created a system of reducing operational costs for the company and passing that saving onto the consumer. He hoped to achieve this by eliminating the administration costs of leasing 3rd party software used to track users and generate bills by creating a proprietary softare. The upshot of which is the reduction of costs in the long term and secondly, a reduction in operational costs of administering pay-as-you-go tariffs to bring them in line with Direct Debit tariffs.

Iresa was known for providing the cheapest electricity prices on fixed and variable rate tariffs in 2016 but have received numerous complaints that forced Ofgem to step in and stop Iresa taking on new customers. They also have low review scores.

Smart Meters

Iresa Energy are currently rolling out smart meters to all their customers.

Smart meters help customers keep track of how much they are spending in real time. They are also help companies make sure that bills are accurate by sending meter readings directly. This will surely be beneficial to Iresa as they have had so many problems with inaccurate bills in the past.

The company have confirmed that they will be installing SMETS1 meters and not the new generation SMETS2 meters. The main difference between the two types of meters is that SMETS2 meters are compatible between different suppliers. Currently, if you have an SMETS1 meter and you change supplier you will lose the functionality of your smart meter.

If you want to find out more about smart meters you can check out our ultimate guide.

When you get your smart meters will depend on your postcode and you will need to contact Iresa to find out exactly when they will be available in your area.

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Fuel Mix

Due to it being such a new energy provider Iresa has yet to publish its data for their fuel mix.


General enquiries

Customers have had lots of problems contacting Iresa Energy by phone and email.

Since the Ofgem investigation, call waiting times are less. However, we would recommend if you are a home user and want to get your enquiry dealt with as soon as possible, it’s best to give Iresa a call first thing in the morning on their customer service telephone number: 0115 727 0982. They have reported average wait times of an hour and sometimes they cut you off.

We would also recommend that customers avoid contacting the company by email as they have a huge backlog of emails that they still haven't dealt with and are still not deemed as satisfactory in this area.

Their customer service team is based in the UK and they can also be contacted at their postal address in Nottingham.

Send a letter to...

Iresa Limited
The Quadrant Business Centre
Nuart Road
Beeston, Nottingham

Social Media

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Iresa Energy don't have a dedicated phone number for complaints but you can get through to the complaints department via the general number above.

On their webpage Iresa recommends that you can send a complaint by logging in from your online account. Alternatively you can send them an email by clicking on the address below. You can also call them or write them a letter.

However, due to the poor management of email we would recommend that if you have a complaint the best way to contact Iresa Energy is by telephone as you will get your problem solved much quicker.

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