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Utility Point - Tariffs, Reviews, Account Login & Contact

Utility Point is an independent energy supplier, based in Poole, that was launched in 2017. Although extremely new to the British energy markets, with customer numbers pretty low, their mixture of rock-bottom prices and top quality customer service has not gone a miss. Their average cheapest tariff can be upwards of £300 cheaper than Big Six suppliers.


Due to Utility Point’s customer base still being extremely limited, so is the amount of reviews. As such, we’ve provided what little there are along with a review of our own.

The two main points that were made about Utility Point were regarding their ease of switch and extremely low prices. It appears that Utility Point have put a large emphasis on their customer service, with high customer satisfaction ratings, even from their small customer base. The really test will be, of course, what happens when their customer numbers go up: will they be able to maintain the same level of customer satisfaction?

Tariffs & Prices

Although Utility Point is a new player in the market, they still have a number of tariffs that are updated every month. As such, the best way to get an up to date quote for your gas and electricity bills would be to compare online. Utility Point’s three main tariff types are:

  1. Flexi Online
  2. Just UP
  3. Save UP

These are available to all domestic residences throughout Great Britain; however, prices will change depending on where you live. This is because of local distribution charges that are incurred as default no matter who the supplier. You can see below a premade tariff in all areas of the country for one of Utility Point’s tariffs.

Below you can see the Tariff Label Information (TLI) for Utility Point’s ‘Flexi Online’ tariff:

Flexi Online (Feb 18)
Region Elec price per kWh Elec yearly price Elec TCR Gas price per kWh Gas yearly price Gas TCR Dual Fuel Yearly
Northern Scotland 12.5166p 11.02p £428.24 2.9454p 13.90p £418.91 £847.15
Southern Scotland 11.1154p 11.02p £384.80 2.9717p 13.90p £422.20 £807.00
North East EN 11.5083p 11.02p £396.98 3.0274p 13.90p £429.16 £826.14
North West EN 11.4448p 11.02p £395.01 3.1014p 13.90p £438.41 £833.42
Yorkshire 10.9205p 11.02p £378.76 3.1201p 13.90p £440.75 £819.51
Merseyside & N Wales 11.9021p 11.02p £409.19 3.0041p 13.90p £426.25 £835.44
East Midlands 10.8297p 11.02p £375.94 2.9084p 13.90p £414.29 £790.23
West Midlands 11.0905p 11.02p £384.03 3.0026 13.90p £426.06 £810.09
Eastern EN 11.0566p 11.02p £382.98 2.9614p 13.90p £420.91 £803.89
South Wales 11.6887p 11.02p £402.57 2.9641p 13.90p £421.25 £823.82
Greater London 10.9665p 11.02p £380.18 3.2278p 13.90p £454.21 £834.39
South East EN 11.5953p 11.02p £399.68 3.0884p 13.90p £436.79p £836.46
South West EN 12.3252p 11.02p £422.30 3.0669p 13.90p £434.10 £856.40

From the above we can see that Utility Point’s prices are extremely cheap. At time of writing (Jan 18), the cheapest tariff on the market is OneSelect’s ‘Secure 1 Year Fixed January 2018’, which costs an average of £69.17 per month, whereas Utility Point’s tariff costs around £69.55, according to their website. This is just 38p more expensive per month!

Utility Point do not yet offer any dedicated 100% renewable energy tariffs nor have they released any officially published fuel mix details. Fuel mix data will appear here when Utility Point post details regarding this matter.

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Account login

If you are a new or existing Utility Point customer and would like to login to your online account, you can do so by clicking the link below. You should be given your login credentials upon registration with the energy supplier; however, if you have forgotten any of your login credentials you can simply click ‘Forgotten Password?’ on the main login screen. Through your online account, you will be able to:

  1. View and pay your bills
  2. See past usage information
  3. Submit meter readings
  4. dit personal information

Click the below link to login to your Utility Point account:


For whatever query you have, you can contact Utility Point through a couple of methods. If you would like to talk about switching to Utility Point or you have any account queries, you can either give them a call via the telephone number provided below or send them an email. Alternatively, if you would like to write them a letter, their postal address is also listed in the box below.

blue telephone

Utility Point contact number
Please check with your provider if you don't know how much a call will cost.
03455 57 78 78
Monday to Friday: 9am-6.30pm; weekends: closed

Send a letter to...

Utility Point Arena Business Centre
Holyrood Close
BH17 7FJ

Send an email to...

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