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Energy Providers in the United Kingdom

What's the situation?

Since the energy markets were privatised in 1990 by the Thatcher government, the UK's gas and electricity markets have been open to competition. This has led to the formation of an 'oligopolic', restricted marketplace fronted by the 'Big Six' Energy companies.

The Big Six

The 'Big Six' refers to the six energy companies that currently hold around 85% of the market share in the UK. These include: British Gas, EDF Energy, Npower, E·ON, SSE, and Scottish Power. Although these companies have enjoyed a largely uncontested reign over the last 20 years or so, there now exists a desire to overthrow the habitual, more-expensive, 'Big Six' companies. This has been done by the market inclusion of a select few independent energy companies.

Independent Companies

For the first time since the solidification of the 'Big Six' (which them themselves were formed from already established gas and electricity boards), there has emerged a handful of new competitors in the energy market that are in close competition with the 'Big Six'. Four of these independent energy companies now hold 8% of the market share. These four companies are First Utility, Utility Warehouse, Ovo Energy and Co-operative Energy.

Domestic Tariffs
Business Tariffs
The most popular energy supplier in the UK. Gas network was formed from regional gas boards in 1973. Currently have a 23% market share. Standard, HomeEnergy Connected Kit, HomeEnergy Capped, HomeEnergy Fixed.
Owned by the French 'Electricité de France', EDF was chiefly birthed from a collection of pre-existing electricity boards after privatisation in 1990, including 'London Electricity Board'. It currently holds a 12% market share. Blue: Price Freeeeze, Blue: Price Protection, Standard Variable. Fixed for Business, Freedom for Business, New Start.
The worlds largest investor owned gas and electricity company. Based in Coventry. The lowest earners based on revenue in 2015 out of the 'Big Six'. Currently have a 15% market share. Eon Energy Plan, Eon Energy Fixed v20.
Based on the post-privatisation energy company 'National Power'; after various takeovers it eventually resulted in the Npower that we know today. It currently holds a market share of 10%. Intelligent Fix, Online Price Fix, Feel Good Fix, Standard Variable.
Formed in 1998 from the two public sector utility authorities ‘North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board’ and ‘Southern Electricity Board'. Currently supplying around 8.4 million customers nationwide with a market share of 15%. SSE Fixed v2 & v9, SSE Fix & Shop v2, Standard.
Formed from ‘The South of Scotland Electricity Board’ following privatisation, Scottish Power now provides energy to over 5 million customers in the UK. It currently has an 11% market share. Help Beat Cancer Fixed, Online Standard, Online Fixed Saver v2, (Online) Fixed Price Energy.
The UK's largest independent energy supplier, supplying over a million household and business contracts across the UK. They currently have a 3% market share. First Fixed v14 Online, First Fixed +, First Fixed 2020, First Variable.
Started around kitchen table, Ovo Energy is one of the 'Big Six''s biggest competitors with around 670,000 customers and a 2.4% market share. Better Energy, Greener Energy, Simpler Energy.
Founded relatively early in 1996, Utility Warehouse's business model is set to be more like a savings club. They currently hold a market share of 2%. Value, Gold, Double Gold Fixed.
Birthed from the 'Midcounties co-operative', it is technically owned by its members, each sharing part of the profits. It currently has over 250,000 customers with a 1% market share. Co-op Online v2, Co-op Fix & Fly v2, Pioneer Variable, Eneco Highlands Wind, Eneco Mearns Wind.

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